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Controversial Truth on Time For A Change

28856417Switch: Time For A Change by Sandra LaMorgese
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Memoir


Switch is a book unlike any other, it has something for everyone. Will it push you out of your comfort zone? Most certainly. Are parts of it shocking and risqué? Of course! But will it also take you on an eloquent and meaningful journey of self-discovery, honesty, and love? Absolutely.
In her memoir, Dr. Sandra LaMorgese (and her dominatrix alter-ego) take readers on a wild ride through a story that begins with struggle and defeat, but ultimately transforms into a tale of fulfillment, success, and happiness—all because of a year spent working in one of the most famous BDSM dungeons in New York City.
Her on-the-job stories will make your jaw drop, and her stream-of-consciousness descriptions of her first days down in the dungeon will have you laughing out loud. Most importantly, though, in Switch, you will meet a person who faced challenges just like yours—dreams that looked unattainable, a love life that felt unfulfilling, and a future that seemed full of uncertainty. You will listen in on every epiphany during the difficult times of transition, and you will witness the beautiful metamorphosis that brought her to a place of true success, love, and peace.
Through Sandra’s vulnerability, bravery, and unfailing sense of humor, you just might find the same courage that she did—the courage to live authentically and to finally create the life of your dreams.


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today TRB will indulge you in Mini Truth and Mr. Controversy’s thoughts on Switch: Time For A Change by Sandra LaMorgese. Without further ado, here is Mr. Controversy.

Mr. ControversyControversial Thoughts

Sandra Lamorgese PhD, “Switch: Time for a Change” from Edge Play Publishing is a memoir and educational/informational book explaining the details of a intensely personal decision of Dr. Lamorgese to live the life of a Dominatrix as she explores her sexuality.

Split into 3 sections, this 137-page meoir begins with Dr. Lamorgese explaining how she made the decision to go from an overworked and underpaid self-employed woman of holistic healing to becoming a person who took life by the horns and became the thing she never thought she would do or consider. On another note, a lot of stories are similar to Dr. Lamorgese’s, some are sans being in the profession relating to holistic healing. Dr. Lamorgese speaks on how people desire to live healthier, yet are not willing to do the work. She is what Phillip Brooks calls “Straight Edge”: a person who doesn’t indulge in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or anything that can chemically harm the body in any fashion. Living a life of cleansing practices, it wasn’t until the fateful decision to walk the avenue of BDSM which would turn her world on its ear. Providing her with a degree of satisfaction that made her overworked life transform into a life of being a dominant woman in her mid-50’s, she was paid handsomely for the choice she made. At that point Dr. Lamorgese took on the name Mistress Vivian.

My review will be brief and swift.


It isn’t every day that anyone could make a choice for the better because we often fear the worst in any and all decisions. How are we to know that a different course would be in our best interest? Dr. Lamorgese/Mistress Vivian did something that not too many people are willing to do—take that one leap of faith and see what happens. Dr. Lamorgese made an highly personal decision, stuck with it, and it paid off in dividends. Dr. Lamorgese’s life-changing revelation opened not only her eyes but many doors while she explored herself—in her opinion, I can only assume—and learned many things about her mind and body that she would have otherwise never known through traditional/conventional means.

The journey that Dr. Lamorgese takes in “Switch” is a proverbial manual on how to explore yourself while trying not to pass judgment on the lives of other. Think about it, how many people who are very close to you live a secret life as a Domme or a Sub? You would not know UNLESS they are that comfortable telling you, or you discover it by circumstance.

Dr. Lamorgese/Mistress Vivian’s story kept my attention as I read through it with sheer investment. Her words kept me enthralled as her trials, tribulations, successes and failures painted a vivid picture of her lifestyle.

As a reviewer, “Switch” is indeed a page turner that has great potential to keep the most curious of minds fascinated and intrigued. The structure of Dr. Lamorgese’s story from beginning to the end had me looking forward to a sequel, should it come. I would like to be able to say five years from now how Dr. Lamorgese’s life story has progressed.

As I read “Switch”, I am reminded of a former associate, from several years ago, who liked a particular picture of me and said that I COULD be a Dominant in a BDSM setting. Granted, I have downplayed her words. However, after reading “Switch”, I may have to look into that a bit more.

Survey Says: 8.5 out of 10 Stars.

Switch: Time for a Change” is not for the lighthearted or squeamish because the situations within the covers. And of course, it’s NOT kid friendly. If One can see beyond the uncomfortableness, there is indeed something to explore, consider, and quite possibly indulge. Despite this story not being for everyone, it never hurts to open your mind and give this story a chance. I did, and I am glad.


Mini TruthTruthful Takes

Dr. Sandra LaMorgese gives you an interesting ride in this memoir about her path to self-discovery and ultimate fulfillment in the world of BDSM.

cooltext171862076142797I’m struggling to find the right words to describe this book. So, I suppose the best route would be to share certain parts of it with you.

Dr. LaMorgese was a woman who yearned to find wholeness in her life so she practiced medicine, meditation, yoga, proper nutrition, organic living, exercise and wellness. But, even with that she felt a hole in her life that she couldn’t quite fill.

Through a series of events Sandra ultimately discovered Tantric Sex and the completeness that came with entirely letting loose and succumbing to your bodies carnal desires. Dr. LaMorgese describes the taboo thoughts of society in that regard, but how, in her effort to find self-gratification she had to push aside people’s strident opinions and do what she needed to be whole. Somewhere down the line, this search ultimately led her to attempt to find a job in the realm of BDSM. Already being higher up in age, the company with whom she desired to work, at first, didn’t take her seriously until her tenacious attitude finally convinced them to give her a shot. It was then and only then, that Dr. LaMorgese found what she had long been looking for—wholeness of being in the form that made her happy, BDSM.

Sandra recounts her trials and tribulations, along with her achievements and discoveries. And, in the end, teaches the reader a lesson: Do what makes you happy. Period.

cooltext171865152117275I did not love nor hate this book. It was good, not great. Written alright, but not fantastically. Nevertheless, it was informal, if not, entertaining. My favorite bits were when Sandra spoke about Mistress Vivian. Particularly, how she chose the name of her subsequently highly respected alter-ego. Also, the one encounter she has with a client who went to her moaning about how he did not feel loved by his wife and how life was empty. In that instant, she cut him short and told him to “shut the hell up“. She then went on a tangent about how she wasn’t there to feel sorry for him and that he needed to do what she said, period. I thought that was hilarious.

Other than that, I did expect a little more excitement, which I didn’t get. So, to make a long story short, I am giving Switch: Time For A Change by Sandra LaMorgese 6.5 TRB Stars. This will translate into 3 Stars elsewhere.


Thank you Mr. Controversy and Mini Truth. Now, lets go ahead and do the math …

It looks like “Switch: Time For A Change” has garnered a total of 7.5 TRB Stars.


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