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Harmony Kent Speaks on A Human Resources Manager Memoir

humanA Human Resources Manager Memoir by Sara Elbaroudi

Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Non-Fiction Memoir


The memoir is basically targeting young professionals of all areas, it is basically a summary of my career life so far which is around the span of 9 years. All HR related concepts & practices mentioned in the memoir have been studied, explained, & examined by HR professionals as well as academics all over the world, who have more experience and depth and whom we can always refer to for deeper or yet more technical aspects of HR; those are also mentioned in lists as references in this memoir. The purpose here is to guide young professionals whether in HR or any other domain through the beginning or even mid way through their career and to share with them a real life experience with all its ups & downs. It is also to challenge them and enlighten them in every possible way.


Greetings and welcome to The Review Board today we will be entertaining you with some feedback by Harmony Kent on A Human Resources Manager Memoir by Sara Elbaroudi.

Harmonious KentHarmonious Thoughts

To start: the book cover does nothing whatsoever for me. It has no imagination put into it at all. Unfortunately, this sets up what to expect from the rest of the read. English is, obviously, not the writer’s first language, which makes for a confusing read much of the time. Take the following as an example:

‘I always thought HR is interacting with the people, and it sure is, but when I joined the department the amount of paperwork to be done was enormous, the intern program started to kick in, by which the feeling of neglect and insignificance hits in yet the drive to prove oneself opposes.’

While it starts out reasonably okay, it comes unravelled by the end. Spelling errors abound (chocked instead of choked, etc.), and the narrative jumps about all over the place rather than giving the reader a sequential series of points/developments they can follow. In short, this book fails utterly to live up to its promise of ‘challenging and enlightening [young professionals in all areas] in every possible way.’ The best thing I can say about it is that it is only 90 pages in length, and so, mercifully short. It gets zero TRB stars out of ten, which means it is utterly unbearable. For rating purposes on other scales, I give 1 out of 5 stars.

4.5 stars

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