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Mini Truth on The Cleopatra Affair

24893829The Cleopatra Affair by Eric Vinc3nt
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Fictional Mystery



It’s August 2010 when freelance spy Tristan Boumann accepts what should be an easy gig for him: a fact-finding mission concerning an American archeologist assassinated in Cairo. But Tristan’s discovery of the victim’s connection to a former lover leads to an ominous dovetailing of Egyptology, CIA origins, and contemporary geopolitics. Galvanized by the spell of Egypt’s famed Last Pharaoh while haunted by his family’s tarnished past, Tristan must race to avert a global catastrophe his investigation threatens to unleash.


Hello and welcome once again to The Review Board. Today. we plan on entertaining you the Mini Truth’s thoughts on “The Cleopatra Affair” by Mr. Eric Vinc3nt. This novel can stand alone but is technically the 3rd installment in a series. Without further ado, Mini, take it away.

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

Where do I start?

86388Tristan Boumann, the main character has issues, but that doesn’t stop him from roving off onto a dangerous adventure. As a matter of fact, he likes it. To a certain extent Boumann reminds me of Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon, only not as melancholic or suicide-prone.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack a smidge.

In the summer of 2010 Tristan is given a mission to unearth the facts concerning an American archeologist assassinated in Cairo. Tristan thinks the job is easy enough, I mean, all he has to do is gather some intel. What could go wrong, right? Wrong. When Tristan finds out that the dude that got GOT was connected to one of his former love interests, Tristan finds himself nosediving into a convoluted scheme. The puzzle involves Egyptology, the origins of the CIA, and contemporary geopolitics. The story is a serpentine enigma, all intertwined into a very fast adventure.

cooltext171865152117275Maybe … just maybe, this story isn’t for me. I didn’t think it was terrible, but it also wasn’t great. In other words, to me, it didn’t stand out enough to gush over the story.

Allow me to give you my reasons why.

  1. Simply put, I just wasn’t captivated enough. If I were to be completely honest, the writing seemed elementary to me. There was nothing that stood-out in context of the writing style. It just was.
  2. I kind thought that the main character Tristan, was an ass. And, not in a good way. He was just obnoxious, if you ask me.
  3. While the descriptiveness of the cultures, places and events were well explained, that just wasn’t enough for me.

I suppose if I were to explain my disdain in laymen terms, I’d say that the way the story was written was just inchoate.

While the story had a steady tempo and there was no syntax errors that I could see, I just really wanted more. For those reasons, “The Cleopatra Affair” by Eric Vinc3nt get 5.5 TRB stars from me. That will translate into 3 on other platforms.



Well, there you have it folks, the long and the short of it. Thanks again for stopping by The Review Board. Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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