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Cherries of Information: December 2016 Author Spotlight

Hello, and welcome to The Review Board. Today, we’d like to present you with the December 2016 Author Spotlight featuring Jonathan Douglas Duran.

Conducting this interview today is our very own No Labels Unleashed.

No Labels

No Lables, take it away.


Jonathan, thank you for joining us today on The Review Board and congratulations on being chosen as the December Author Spotlight Feature. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

  1. Random Question #1: Are the blanks on your Amazon Author Page intentional? If so, elaborate on the reasoning behind it?

cherriesinthesnowYes, the blanks are intentional. I thought it was funny, sort of a ‘’choose-your-own-adventure’ author bio. I dislike writing about myself in the third person, which always makes me feel as if I’m trying to sell myself, so this was just my attempt to take the piss out of a somewhat affected practice.

  1. Does it ever feel challenging to compose any of your short stories? Why or why not?

Certainly – all art contains some inherent struggle of one kind or another. Although, I must admit the stories collected in Cherries in the Snow all came fully formed and were quite easily coaxed out of my head and onto the page.

  1. What inspired you to write Cherries in the Snow?

Lipstick… no kidding. There is a color of lipstick called “cherries in the snow” – I heard a beautiful woman say the name and the phrase struck me. 30830925After letting it percolate in my head for a while, and being the morbid personality I am, I found myself thinking not of cherries in the snow, but rather, blood.  The mental image and therein the idea of sullying something natural and pure with manmade physical horror was compelling to me. The titular story in the collection popped into my head almost immediately thereafter.

  1. Which activities do you enjoy during your spare time?

I enjoy reading and creating/appreciating art in a myriad of mediums.

  1. Tell the reading audience about your future works.

The majority of my current output is screenplays — I’ve been finishing up various television pilots and feature films. My next prose projects on the horizon (that I keep putting off) are another collection of short stories, this time a collection of “funny” ones titled Sad Harmonic, Tragicomic and my long-suffering novel Partridge Flesh, which I’ve recently started working on again with a renewed vigor (I began writing it ten years ago…).

  1. What do you believe is the biggest misconception regarding surrealist literature?

3601153That it’s nonsensical. In the purest form of the movement, Surrealism is a political and social ideology first and foremost– a fact that’s been buried under years of people co-opting the name to stand in for anything psychedelic or weird.

  1. Fill In The Blank: The best American film ever made is City Lights because of Chaplin’s limitless genius.
  1. What imprint do you believe visual art makes in today’s world?

Good art can transform hearts and minds — that always remains a constant.

  1. Random Question #2: If there were a zombie apocalypse, would you be

(a) the person screaming in terror, paralyzed by fear (b) the person saving his own behind or (c) the ruler coming up with a game plan to fight off the 25503879zombies?

Explain your answer.

I’m the over-prepared type, planning for every eventuality. The victory is in the preparation.

  1. Out of all of your roles in life, which role do you take the greatest pride in and why?

27310301I take great pride in my role as a person who has not prostituted his principles and ethics to make a quick buck or take the easy way. Someone who can live and succeed in a society without demeaning himself or losing sight of what one finds to be fundamentally important in life.

Thank you!


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I have an appreciation for the unique, love for all types of art, and fierce attractions to brilliant intellectuals (from book smarts to street smarts). Lover of humanity but feel humans have lost their way, just trying to stay true to myself as conformity threatens to take me away. Simply one head, many crowns: Author. Reviewer. Columnist.

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