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Mini Truth Speaks on When the Shoe Fits

shoefitsWhen the Shoe Fits by Mary T. Wagner
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Essays


When a hard fall from a tall horse landed Wagner—then a freelance writer and a soccer mom with four young children—in a body cast for three months, she didn’t take it as a sign to ease back on the throttle. Instead, she changed careers, went to law school, took a job as a criminal prosecutor, and bought her first pair of spike heels. And THEN she started writing again. Wagner’s first three collections of her slice-of-life essays—“Running with Stilettos,” “Heck on Heels” and “Fabulous in Flats”—earned numerous national and regional awards, including an Indie Excellence Award and a silver IPPY. Both “Heck on Heels” and “Fabulous in Flats” were finalists in ForeWord Review’s BOTY Awards. Her legal experience has been similarly eclectic, ranging from handling speeding tickets to arguing cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court…sometimes in the same week!

In essays here ranging widely from “Turbo Dating—the Year in Review” to “Riding Pillion,” “The Limoncello Diaries” and “Angels in the Snow,” Wagner’s signature writing style combines humor, insight, and grace under pressure. Whether reflecting on subjects as diverse as motherhood, the view from the back of a Harley, the impending loss of a parent or the therapeutic effects of a post-divorce bonfire, Wagner’s inspiring and empowering essays resonate with universal experiences of love, life and reinvention. A must-read for any woman who’s asked herself “is there at least one more goal I can shoot for?”… and then answered “YES!!”


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today on TRB Mini Truth will be sharing her thoughts on “When the Shoe Fits” by Mary T. Wanger with us. Without further ado, Mini, take it away.

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

I’ve always loved essays. Mostly because they tend to be a great demonstration of the intricate musings of the human mind, something that has always fascinated me. Ms. Wagner’s collection is no exception. I enjoyed most of the essays very much. With discourses such as “Wildflower Seeds and Beer”, “Ripple Effect” and “The CatBird Returns” Ms. Wagner demonstrates deep thought and humor.

I think my favorite story was “Chain Reaction”, where the author speaks on the how and why she obtained her first chainsaw.


I always find it a bit hard to speak on essays as I would a story book as with essays you are entering into a completely different realm. They are neither stories nor biographies, but a hybrid of both. Essays are the mind and life of the author, but more than that, they are the insight and soul of those who write them.

My grandmother used to say “Every mind is a world” and she couldn’t have been more right, because, you see, all experiences are not interpreted equally by all people. This book, “When the Shoe Fits” is a great example of that.

“When the Shoe Fits” speaks on the inner workings of a sometimes giddy, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes brutally honest mind.

I was amazed at the path that one can take in life after an enormous event, such as, in this case, a divorce. When Mary got divorced a wide array of occurrences happened, and in writing about them, Mary speaks on her independent growth.

Lots of the pieces reminded me of journal entries, while others where like short stories. It was a very entertaining collection. While 38 disquisitions might sound like a lot, they are actually very easy going reads and for about 90% of the book, you’ll find yourself giggling.

With that said, I give “When the Shoe Fits” 9 TRB Stars. This will translate into 4 stars elsewhere. While I was not completely blown away by the content, as it was very down to earth, I was certainly entertained. Furthermore, I would recommend it to people that enjoy essays.


Well folks, there you have it. 9 TRB Stars for “When the Shoe Fits” by Mary T. Wagner.

Thank you for stopping by The Review Board and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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