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Mini Truth Speaks on Gravitas

25055762Gravitas by Lynne Murray
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Science Ficiton


Trapped in the Forbidden Zone with a Dangerous Aphrodisiac Overdose
Sybil from Planet Valkyrie carries a risky amount of Gravitas, a top secret aphrodisiac embedded in the Ritual Jewelry around her neck. Before she can trade it, she is attacked by an angry warrior from slave-holding Planet Roggr. Sybil lands on Earth—in the Forbidden Zone. Rescue is impossible, all portals are sealed. Can she protect herself, shield her hazardous cargo and find a way home before the Gravitas destroys her?


Hello and Welcome to The Review Board, where reviewing is our game. Today, we have Mini Truth giving us an overview of “Gravitas” by Lynne Murray. Without any further ado, Mini, take it away.

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

This is one of those moments when I’m torn with a book. It has both its good qualities and its not so good elements. Following I’ll give you a quick break down of the story.

cooltext171862076142797“Gravitas” is the story about a Valkyrian lady by the name of Val-Sybilla—Sybil for short—who was sent out on a mission to trade the Gravitas to the highest bidder. On Sybil’s home planet people are large, women are the stronger and more revered of the species, and Gravitas is the most treasured commodity available. Gravitas is a potent aphrodisiac made of pheromones, and only Valkyrie has it.

While at, what I want to call, an “Otherworldly Flea Market” Sybil is attacked. This causes her and her ex-husband and her enemy to fall through a portal to the Forbidden Zone; Earth.

The thing about Gravitas is that everyone can feel its affects which causes those around Sybil to lose their minds to lust and desire. This ultimately causes a wide range of issues, the largest of which is the test to see if Sybil will lose her mind altogether.

Since the story is relatively short it is hard to say anymore without giving away too much of the premise. With that said, I’ll go into my thought of this story in the form of Pros and Cons.



  1. My favorite part of the story was the originality in plot.
    ~ Valkyrie is made up of large and tall people; deemed overweight here on Earth.
    ~ Women are the strong force/sex on Valkyrie; ladies have many husbands and are the fortitude of the planet. Men are 2nd to them.
    ~ There is a female Goddess.
    ~ The idea of Sister Travelers was really cool, too.
  2. The syntax was well executed. I did not find anything that I could consider wrong.
  3. You loved to love the heroine and loved to hate the villain, even though at the end the villain has a bit of a change of heart.



  1. For some strange reason the “alien” elements of this book were not so alien. There were Humanoid Aliens like The Guardians (what humans consider angels), the Roggarians and many more, and yet, their demeanor rang highly familiar. I kept thinking to myself, “There is no way this is alien.” This included many of the Valkyrian characteristics and traditions.
  2. Sybil had professed to being a Learned Woman when it came to Earth Culture, yet when she came to Earth she knew practically nothing. That seemed strange to me.
  3. The story was a bit short in descriptiveness. There were things that I would loved to have “SEEN” for myself, but was left wanton.
  4. There were moments when I thought that the story was unnecessarily complicated.
  5. I was on the fence as it pertained to the idea of ACTUAL Personal Demons. I would speak more on this but if I do I would be giving away a large part of the story. Suffice it to say, that I found this element strange as it read more like a Paranormal Fantasy than a Science Fiction, and also because they became a very big part of the story which seemed to take away from the main premise.
  6. The ending was WAY TO ABRUPT.
  7. For some reason a large portion of the book—or at least what stood out to me like a sore thumb—was dedicated to pregnant women. It felt obsessive, if I were to be honest.
  8. Lastly, the cover didn’t do a very good job of representing the content of the story.

I think that when writing a Space Opera type of Sci-Fi, the ceaseless perimeters of the imagination are at your fingertips. Basically, Space Opera gives you the ability to create a world from scratch and make it EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT, not limiting it to Earthly boundaries. I felt like that was where the author failed. She was too confined to Earthly borders and in so doing dropped the ball in being able to elaborate on a world that readers knows nothing about.

All that having been said, I give “Gravitas” by Lynne Murray 6 out of 10 TRB stars. This will be translated to 3 stars elsewhere.


Thank you, Mini, and THANK YOU, dear reader. So there you have it. “Gravitas” by Lynne Murray has gathered a total of 6 TRB Stars. It was great having you with us. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Have a wonderful day.


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