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Unleashed Speaks on The Companion


The Companion by Michelle Knight

Note: The cover above is not the cover that was submitted to The Review Board, along with the copy for honest review. The cover we received and the one still showing on Amazon is the one below.

Warning: This book deals with erotic content.

TheCompanion-Alternate Cover

Blurb (courtesy of Amazon): All she wanted was to make other people’s lives better. All they did was make her life worse.

A chance meeting was all it took and she was introduced to a different way of life. When it came to society’s way or the highway, she had never considered what might come of choosing the highway.

This is the journey of a woman into sexual enlightenment. Follow her transition from vanilla to ‘the scene’ – it is a highly erotic journey and depicts a path that countless women have travelled down in the past and countless more wish they had done so. Maybe now is their chance to follow Susan as we discover her own passionate, submissive journey into the freedom she was so hungry to find.


Hello everyone! Welcome to The Review Board. Today we put spotlight on The Companion by Michelle Knight. Here to share her thoughts, The Unleashed One.

No Labels

Unleashed Speaks

Confession: I am one of the Board Members who has an openness to reading different things, even stuff I do not really understand. The BDSM world is definitely one of those things. When delving into The Companion, I went into this with expecting the unexpected. It warned at erotica, which I’ve never had a problem with. As a matter of fact, my standard is pretty high—given that erotica is one of my favorite genres.


On the erotica scale, this did nothing for me. Yes, it had some scenes in there. Some going into a great amount of detail on how to achieve that position outlined on the book cover. Unfortunately, the way it was written did not stir me. No, it doesn’t have to have a great deal of cursing … in fact, I’ve read stories where I was moist with no profanity needed. The author does have to paint a picture that is less instruction manual and more leading me into the location and have me be a voyeur.

What The Companion  does is a combination of giving a peek into the dominant/submissive lifestyle and nudging at misconceptions. For people who think this special relationship is simply about sex, they are sadly mistaken. There are challenges to society’s blueprint that are every day happenstances. In my opinion, it takes a lot more strength to be a submissive than a dominant because of the control that is relinquished. With that, I give a nod to Susan (Mark’s “L”) for her decision.

Side Note: I’m too much of a control freak. That dominant thing, though … never mind, where was I?

However, that’s all I give Susan props for. I had a difficult time believing the naivety of her character. All I picked up on is that she had a rough time saying “no” to people but little else to suggest that this alternative lifestyle was the only way to make her better. I didn’t find Susan’s visits to her therapist convincing. It was a poor lead in to the pub scene and her encounter with Gary.

For me, Mark wasn’t a very convincing dominant, yet he wasn’t a character I hated either. He just had trouble coping with the loss of his last companion. Mark and Susan’s coupling in some spots, played more like teacher/student than master/slave. Although the elements of love and care were implemented closer to the end of the story, it was mainly through narrative and not so much in dialogue.


Unleashed (and overall TRB) Verdict:
7.5 out of 10

This was a difficult book to rank. It’s not a bad read but it’s not one that I’d pick up again. Yet, it could serve as a read for people who want a glimpse of what the BDSM life looks like, told from someone who has experience.


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