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Mini Truth Speaks on Last Stop Freedom

laststop3Last Stop Freedom by Ann Nolder Heinz
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Historical Fiction


A desperate flight from brutal oppression—and everything to lose if it fails…

Two women, one white, the other black, find themselves trapped in bondage on a South Carolina plantation in 1850’s America. Their unique friendship gives each the strength to endure until circumstances threaten not only to rip them apart but to place their very lives in jeopardy. They undertake a harrowing flight with the aid of the Underground Railroad. Will slavery’s powerful tentacles hold them? Or will they find the freedom they crave…


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today, Mini Truth will be giving us an inside look at “Last Stop Freedom” by Ann Nolder Heinz.

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

First, the premise.


I think it’s important to elaborate a bit on the story-line as the blurb doesn’t do much to explain the story. This Historical Novel focuses on the 1850’s during a time where Slavery was a way of life.

Julia and Fanny are two friends in a time where they weren’t even considered equals. Julia saw past their skin color, while Fanny demonstrated an intelligence that most white people did not believe a black woman was capable of having.

Julia is from a humble beginning, having been the daughter of a preacher man from a small town. Julia’s mother died when she was still young, causing Julia’s father to try to raise her by himself. He did the best he could in bringing her up to be a godly woman, and capable wife. However, his shortcomings manifested in the fact that Julia remained naive in many things. One of those things were “the real world”.

Fanny, the daughter of a slave that she’s never met, was too a slave herself. Fanny’s mother also died, having succumb to a terrible fate. Fanny, never knew the experience of what home or family felt like. Bouncing around to various masters, finally Fanny saw herself being purchased by Nathaniel, Julia’s husband to serve as Julia’s handmaiden.

Julia and Fanny have many parallels in their lives; they were both misfits, they were both smarter than the average person, they were both motherless, they were both strong. As things would have it, Julia and Fanny became the best of friends.

Living through love, love lost, trails, tribulations and successes, these two woman form a massively strong bond. More than anything, “Last Stop Freedom” is a story of true friendship in a time of unparalleled hardships.

My-ThoughtsOverall, “Last Stop Freedom” is a good story. It could be a powerful one with a few adjustments. Following, I’ll give my critiques on what things I thought were great and what things I thought could have been better.


  1. The Writing & Writing Style:
    This book was well written. It quickly became clear that the author has a way with words. Particularly, in the way she represented the ear both in narrative and dialogue. The writing we good and authentic.
  2. Storytelling:
    The way the story was narrated spoke volumes as to how talented the author is. I have no doubt that writing is this person’s calling.
  3. The Characters:
    Each character was very real and believable. Some you loved and some you loved to hate, and others still did an amazing job at being supporting characters. Never once did I feel as though any character took the spotlight away from the main characters.


  1. Balance is Key:
    There were times when I felt as though there was no real balance in narrative. I’ll explain.
    This story is VERY long. But, I found that a lot of the length had to do with the EXCESS in details on some thing. Yet, the dilemma existed in the fact that I found too much depiction/description on things that didn’t quite need them, but NOT ENOUGH of it on things that did.
    For example: When describing places and things the depiction was SO DEEP that it was detailed to a fault. Yet, when chronicling certain events, there wasn’t enough information at times.
  2. Depth of Emotion:
    There were moments when I would have LOVE to “FEEL” the characters’ emotions. Like, when Julia first met Nathaniel, or when she moved to his home, or when Julia met Fanny. Or even, what Fanny truly felt about being orphaned. There were so many things that I would have loved to feel, but instead I was told. So, sometimes I felt as though the story lacked in the emotional facet. However, a story like this is supposed to shine in that realm.
  3. Cover:
    Rarely do I speak on book covers, but when it’s necessary I do. I feel like “Last Stop Freedom” is a book worthy of an amazing cover. And yet, both covers that I saw for this book were less than par. This is one of those few occasions when I wish the author had invested a bit more money in getting the book represented the best way possible. This is a story worth reading, yet I know not many will pick it up solely because of the cover.

Having said those things, I think “Last Stop Freedom” is a good book with TONS of potential. With a few adjustments this is a story that anyone who loves Historical Fiction would enjoy. Moreover, it’s a story that will stay with you for a while.

I give “Last Stop Freedom” 7.5 TRB Stars. This will translate into 4 stars elsewhere.


Well folks, there you have it. Thank you, once again, for stopping by The Review Board. Don’t forget to share, like and follow. Have a wonderful day.


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One comment on “Mini Truth Speaks on Last Stop Freedom

  1. Ann Nolder Heinz
    September 3, 2016

    Mini Truth, you reviewed my historical novel Last Stop Freedom several weeks ago. You thought it was a good book with several caveats, namely a “blah” cover and the length and excess of description minus enough emotional content. As it happens, my small independent publisher is going out of business at the end of the year, so I will be taking all of my books to the various outlets myself. This is a perfect time to make some changes, which I have already begun to implement. My question is this: if I make the changes as you recommended, would you be willing to take another look at the new book? I would love to know whether I have implemented your suggestions as you envisioned them.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ann N. Heinz

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