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Mr. Controversy Speaks on The Sisters

the sistersThe Sisters by Don Sloan
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


In this book, written in the style of Stephen King,, two young people on vacation in a small New England seacoast town battle unspeakable horror and solve a hundred-year-old mystery. Fourteen Victorian mansions whisper dark secrets among themselves, and a dangerous shadow roams up and down the wide, wintry boulevard in search of new prey.

In this gripping horror and suspense novel, Nathan and Sarah must battle the mysterious dark forces that inhabit the fourteen Victorian houses that lie along Beach Avenue. They are The Sisters, and they whisper terrible secrets to each other — ensnaring the young couple in a web of terror and suspense.

Who is The Keeper, and what is his connection to the malicious Shadow that wreaks unspeakable violence and mayhem up and down the oceanfront? Can Nathan and Sarah, who somehow discover love amid the violence, defeat this century-old abomination? Don’t read this book at night, unless you want nightmares.


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Thank you for visiting. Today, The Review Board examines “The Sisters” by Mr. Don Sloan. Heading this review is our very own, Mr. Controversy.

Mr. ControversyControversial Takes

You need to remember that the work will always be here, but you may not be.

By George, does THAT sentence speak to me …!

This two hundred and fifty-nine page paranormal thriller, “The Sisters”, written by Don Sloan looks into the experiences of 2 Philadelphians; Nathan Bedford Forrest and Sarah Claymore. Nathan and Sarah’s chance meeting occurs during their respective 2 week vacations in the city of Cape May, New Jersey during the dead of winter.

Teenage cuteness and innocence is apparent here. Their chemistry is obvious, as these adults begin a journey of uncovering secrets about the New Jersey sea city. It has them wonder what truly happened within this city’s limits.

Ghostly voices are heard in their dreams, and strange anomalies are seen in the houses and dreams, as well. Other peculiar occurrences pique the interests of Nathan and Sarah as they discover things that are better left covered.

The story flips between present day as well as past events, which contributes to the overall telling of the story. It may be a bit difficult to follow at first, but once you comprehend the rhythm, it is very easy to understand.

In the realm of describing the visuals and environments; spot-on! I could actually feel the wind whipping, smell the Sea Air, and envisioning the ghostly presences that were mentioned throughout the book. This was very pleasing to my senses. Especially, the thought of the food!

This paranormal read is very intriguing as it kept me turning the pages. Also, bonus points for having Philadelphians as the main characters; I am a Philly Guy, born, raised.

That being said…

There were more than 10 instances where the word “and” began a sentence. Specifically, where third person narrative is used. This contributed to a grand total 3,125 occurrences of the word. It includes words that have that specific set of letters—in that sequence—in words such as “hand and understand”. Having “and” beginning the dialogue of a character COULD be acceptable, citing that it is the characters speech pattern.

On the flip side, the story is well constructed, spelling looks great, and very nicely done overall. Given the descriptive nature, Mr. Sloan’s “The Sisters” is certainly a book worth reading and recommending.


Survey Says: 8.5 out of 10 stars


The Sisters will leave you with a sense of feeling that there’s more than meets the eye whenever you set foot into another home that has been inherited by one of your family members. If a story like this can give you that feeling whenever you walk into a house, then you know the author did a very good job of telling a compelling story.

Nicely done, Mr. Don Sloan!


Thank you Mr. Controversy for your thoughts on “The Sisters” by Don Sloan. Also, thank you, dear reader, for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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