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Harmonious Truth Speaks on Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels


The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels by Twe Stephens
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NOTE: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb: For billions of eternities, Heaven was a no-want perfect society of peace and brotherhood, unbelievable technology, and towering cities reaching miles into the sky. Then there was the smart powerful misunderstood one that sends it all crashing down as war erupts and evil is birthed.


Hello and thank you for visiting The Review Board. Today Harmony Kent and Mini Truth will be giving us their thoughts on “The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels”. First with her thoughts is the one and only, Harmony Kent.

Harmonious Kent

Harmonious Takes

While this book is written in alternating POVs, and many of the character changes get their own clear section, more than a few do suffer from unannounced head-hopping, which makes for confusing reading at times.

Add to that the nonsensical sentences due to incorrect word usage that abound throughout the narrative, and the whole thing falls to pieces. For example: ‘… with joy as the craft screamed passed the red planet.’ Which, of course, wants to be ‘past’ not ‘passed’. Likewise: ‘… as muscles cramped taunt against waves of …’ Where ‘taunt’ wants to be ‘taut’.

Then we move onto the extremely passive writing style, the overwhelming abundance of ‘ly’ adverbs and adjectives, which also translates into telling not showing, and messy dialogue tags such as ‘crooned’ etc., and this is a book to give me the wildest kind of headache. When I read a sentence like the following, I want to curl up in a dark corner somewhere and never read again: ‘The craft stopped suddenly, instantly, and silently as red and blue exterior neon lights blinked stoically in the utter desolation, peering brightly through the frozen icy whiteness.’ Apart from being wordy and overly long, it has so many descriptives in there it’s dazzling. Not to mention that only eyes can peer, not inanimate lights.

With the unpolished writing style and the numerous basic errors, it appears to me that this book hasn’t been given even a read through post penning, let alone being polished and refined into a finished novel.

Also, one of my absolute hates is when an author rates their own book, and this one has on Goodreads. Please, no. Seriously, what star rating are they going to give other than five? This just adds insult to injury when the read is such a let-down.

A book should never be published in this state, which is a great shame, as I can see vast potential in the story premise, and the writing is intelligent once you get through the morass of issues. While I hate giving reviews as poor as this one, I hate even more being asked to read a book that hasn’t had any care taken to deliver a good product. I would feel even more annoyed had I wasted hard-earned money on it. As it is, I’ve wasted a lot of hours of my life that I could have dedicated to more rewarding and purposeful pursuits. It gets one out of ten TRB stars, which is basically half a star out of five on other rating scales. If I could, this would get zero out of five, but I have to give it one for posting purposes.


Now, on to Mini Truth with her hypothesis on “The Universes of God” by Twe Stephens.

Mini Truth

Truthful Takes

This look right here. ↓↓

The best way to start this review is to just give an example or two.

Reconsider, contemplate, and ponder our words; in the eternities past, prosperity and harmony without one complaint existed until the baring of teeth was revealed.

Let’s take a really good look at this sentence, shall we?

“Reconsider, contemplate and ponder” ALL MEAN THE SAME DAGGONE THING! Then there is the unnecessary use of the semicolon when this sentence could have easily been 2. Then, there is the part that says, “the baring of teeth was revealed.” By its own nature when teeth are shown they are revealed, so the part that says “was revealed” shouldn’t even be there.

Many suffered as Luciah took advantage of his high office, stature and rank; for no one before this could have imagined the existence of deceptive verbiage, half-truths and outright lies.

Well, looky there … “high office, stature, and rank“, same thing. “Deceptive verbiage, half-truths, and outright lies“, same thing again. Oh, and there is that pesky semicolon once more for no reason whatsoever.

This is like me saying, “I read this terrible, shoddy, ridiculous and awful book; the writing should have been better.

Hold on, let me talk a little bit about the premise. I guess that’s important.

Take everything you ever learned in Bible Class, throw in some Ancient Aliens and a little bit of Star Wars or even Star Trek, and BOOM! The recipe is complete.


On to my thoughts.

Almost exactly two years ago The Review Board read and reviewed “Phantasy” by one Mr. Marlowe. It was an adventure, to be sure. “The Universes of God: Chronicles of the Angels” is just as bad, save the even worse spelling, grammar and punctuation of “Phantasy.” Suffice it to say that this will not be a good review.

Here is what you get when indulging in this read:

  • The excessive use of synonyms, ALL INSIDE OF THE SAME SENTENCES, mind you.
  • The excessive use of semicolons. At least one per sentence throughout the entire read.
  • Terrible syntax, as a whole.
  • Passive writing.
  • Boring characters and too many to boot.
  • Unbelievably silly plot and background.
  • The desire to turn the Bible into an intergalactic adventure, which would have been nice, had it been executed well.

This story is like plowing through fifteen feet of snow during a blizzard. Hard to get through is an understatement. I would rather have my teeth pulled with no anesthesia. I kid you not, and this statement is as true as my very existence, reading this book ALMOST—I repeat, ALMOST—massacred my love for reading and writing.

I may sound a little cruel, but I can only speak my truth, and there it is.

“The Universe of Gods: The Chronicles of the Angels” is getting 2 TRB stars from me. One, to give the author the props for having even attempted to write such a profound book. I do believe that the IDEA—and the idea alone—would have made for a great story given the proper execution. And two, for being SLIGHTLY better than “Phantasy”. This will translate into one star on other platforms.


I have got to be honest and say one last thing. I don’t even know if this book is worth salvaging. It’s just so bad that even trying to make it better seems like a moot point. I’m sorry.


Wow. Well, that was a rough ride. Nevertheless, let’s go ahead and tally up the score.


The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels” has gotten a total of 1.5 TRB Stars.

Thanks again for visiting The Review Board. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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