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The One Who Rose to the Occasion, July 2016 Author Spotlight


Greetings! Welcome to The Review Board. This month for the TRB Author Spotlight, we are taking a deep look at all things Rose … C. Desert Rose, that is. Conducting this interview is Ms. No Labels Unleashed.

No Labels

So, sit back and enjoy while Ms. No Labels Unleashed and Author C. Desert Rose dig into her history and books.


Explain the symbolism of your name.

Well truthfully, it’s just a spin on my real name.

However, I like to also think of it as a description of me. You see, I’ve had a rough life. Not one that I am keen on speaking about any time soon, to be sure. However, I love the metaphor inside of my pen name that goes in conjunction with my persona.

The Jasmine flower was the first flower found in the deserts of Persia. It grew against all odds, and flourished. In complete contradiction to what surrounded the Jasmine flower–barren wasteland–she pressed against her natural affliction and blossomed nonetheless. The translation of Jasmine into Persian is Desert Rose; A name and a meaning.

While the letter C is just the first letter of my first name, I usually think of it in the terms of past suffering. To me the C stands for crying.

So my pen name, to me, means “crying desert rose”. While I’ve known much pain and suffering in my lifetime, and have cried more tears than I care to elaborate on, I’ve pressed against the odds and come out on the other side shining.

Perhaps, now my pen name means “Celebrated Desert Rose” for the hardship is now behind me.

Out of all of your short stories, which was the most enjoyable for you to write?

I would have to say “Her A to Z” which was my short story contribution to “Concordant Vibrancy 1: Unity”.

It’s a romantic comedy, which isn’t my typical genre, but it has so many fun elements:

  • The average American girl who doesn’t understand why she is still single.
  • Her funny-not-so-funny thoughts on the dating world and where she stands in it.
  • The ambiance of everyday bachelorhood from a female perspective.
  • The pet with a funny name.
  • The overbearing mom.
  • And finally, the OUT OF THIS WORLD man.

All great stuff.

I suppose it was fun to write because at the time I was writing the story I WAS the heroine and she was me. Due to that, I was able to insert myself in the story and write everything in the way that she would. Just, total fun. Moreover, it enlightened me in that I should probably write more romantic comedies.

Random Question 1: Preferred getaway … Beach house or log cabin?

Log cabin, for sure!

Why? Because I could lock myself up in a quiet, peaceful place and write to my heart’s content. There is just something so profound about the Log Cabin environment. It sings to me and ignites my creativity. So, without a doubt or second thoughts, Log Cabin!

Is there a genre you have thought of attempting but never have? If so, which is it and why?

Hmm … well, there IS one, but I HAVE attempted to write in it … ONCE.

That would be essays.

I wrote one single, solitary essay for “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” and having done so really kindled my desire to write more. Even write a book of them, perhaps, some day. The things is, I’m not sure how good I am at them. I would love to be able to give the world my outlook on many subjects. The questions are (1) would the world want them? (2) Would they make any sense? LOL

What began your fascination with angels and demons?

Oh, my! This is a really long story, but I’ll try my best to make is as quick as humanly possible.

I grew up in a VERY, VERY orthodox and strict church; forced to attend by my highly religious, clinically narcissistic and insane, fanatic, nut of a mother.

In this church EVERYTHING was a sin. When I say everything, I REALLY mean everything.

Think of it in terms of a cultist mind-frame, married with an Amish like lifestyle, coupled with nun/priestly practices, minus the statues.

While, that’s a long story in and of itself, I’ll get down to the nitty-gritty, if you will.

It was THERE that I learned of the subject of angels and demons. And while I did not agree with this churches practices, I was fascinated with the subject of there being higher beings that manipulated our lives and in one way or another, took care of or oppressed us.

Also, I had a friend in school (which I wasn’t permitted to have, but had anyway) that claimed to be a psychic-medium. She professed to being able to see and interact with spirits, angels and demons.

While my mother’s religion taught me that such a person was possessed by the devil, I was both curious and enthralled. I wanted to learn, understand and just know more … about all of it.

It was the curiosity and the intoxication of the taboo that led me to look deeper into the subject and learn all that I could. So, I did.

Which Fate’s Endeavor tale is your favorite? (You are free to mention WIPs if it applies.)

I would have to say that the last book in the series is my favorite, although it’s still in production. It encompasses all of the elements introduced in the prior installations. Not only does it tie each book together, but it is also the glue to the entirety of the Fate’s Endeavor Universe.

My favorite character in that book is Lucy, although that’s all I’ll say about that. Just know that she is (at the risk of sounding cliche) AWESOME!

Describe as best you can what it is like when you are in the zone.

Imagine, if you will, all of the walls of the tangible which surround me both figuratively and physically disappearing. In their place, 4 walls of pure, brilliant white manifest. I am surrounded by a luminescent white, in a magical and magnificent room; it’s just me and my computer.

Once I’m there, my characters’ voices come to life, and I hear them clearly speaking into my ear, telling me their stories. With their voices, the white walls turn into screens–much like monitors–which play out the scenes, like a movie.

Suddenly, I’m no longer me, nor am I in that room, but somewhere along the line I’ve morphed into the character and am where he/she is, doing what he/she is doing, BEING them in every which way.

It’s just plain magic, to be sure.

Random #2: The sexiest characteristic on a man of interest is …

Strong silence, tenderness and intelligence.

Hmm … Like Azriel, actually. *giggling*

Do you have any future writings outside of the Fate’s Endeavor series?

Not at the moment, other than the anthologies that I’m always are part of. Those being the Concordant Vibrancy Collection and the Divergent Ink Collection.

What do you feel is the most misunderstood thing about you?

Wow, there are so many things that people misconstrue about me.

Some people take my initiative to connect as obnoxious behavior. Or my eagerness to complete a project as greediness. Then, if I opt to stay quiet so that I’m not misunderstood, all of the sudden I’m antisocial and/or grumpy.

I have clinical depression. When I’m in a depressive slump, I don’t really like being touched by people I don’t trust. It’s not, by any means, a manner of disrespect to anyone, it’s just how I am. Some people read that as me being “holier than thou”.

If I were to be completely honest, I’d have to say that I’M ALWAYS being judged and misunderstood. That has to do with many things; people not taking the time to get to know the real me, and the issues I have with immediately trusting people. What most do not understand is that I have trust issues because of a past filled with abuse and neglect. Perhaps if people took the time to ask, they’d learn and understand.

Random Question #3: ice cream, candy or chocolate?

OOOOOH! It’s a tie between ice cream and chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, trumping them both. What can I say? I love sweets. LOL

Finish this sentence: I wish authors would quit (what) to other authors because (why).

Wow, this is a good one. Let me think, because there are so many things that authors should quit doing.

I wish that authors would quit trolling other authors because in the end THEY look bad.


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