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Unleashed Speaks on The Angel Ultimatum


The Angel Ultimatum by Alexander Mann
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Note: This work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Is the explanation for creation untenable? Angels are created, only to fight a war, humans are created, only to fall, religion is created, only to fail, so all is flawed. Enter, “The Angel Ultimatum,” which is to, “make sense of creation, or else.” Inside we exchange the untenable explanation of creation, for the tenable explanation of the creation of individuality.

**The cover indicates that there is a film in development to go along with the book. The last date touted was 2015. I researched on the author’s profile on IDBM to see if the film had been released yet but I didn’t see any news.**


Hello everyone! Welcome to The Review Board. Today we share our thoughts on “The Angel Ultimatum” by Alexander Mann. Without further delay, the Unleashed One.

No LabelsUnleashed Thoughts

With the exception of when TRB first opened in 2013, every year, there has been a request to review a book about religion. Religion is a topic that gets feathers ruffled—from believers to non-believers. Yet, with this topic, I leave my mind a blank slate … I have to, in order to maintain objectivity as a reviewer. I say that to let all of you know that I have not declared that any one religion is greater than the other, nor am I one to say there is no religion. I am not one to dictate a person’s belief system.

The Review Board does not want to take up the Religion debate. There are plenty of other sites and individuals taking that task on just fine.

What the author does with this work, in short, is take certain passages in the Bible (the one he quotes from is the New International Version of the Bible) and invites the engagement of logic by asking a series of questions which render the passages … to put it nicely, confusing.

What I admire about this read is the author’s approach. He does not go out of his way to make those who are believers dumb, nor does he shame them into accepting an alternate point of view. Alexander Mann’s delivery is like sitting down at a round table for a discussion, even a book club meeting.

Imagine this

A group of people are gathered together to discuss a book … in this case, the Bible. Each person talks about what a passage means to him or her. Most people got the same interpretation of that passage, except for three. Two of the people have the look of confusion but don’t want to say anything out of fear. Alexander Mann is that one person that interjects, “Hey, but I have a question?” He makes asking the question okay, and he leaves the reader to decide.

There was conciseness without a lot of filler and theatrics. He balanced presenting the information and presenting his series of questions—one didn’t overtake the other. This work kept me engaged, so chapter length was not noticeable to me. His sources were also well documented.

However, there are a few cons.

(a)    There were a few moments where there was too much repetition. I know the author was going for emphasis to get his point across but a couple of chapters pushed the envelope.

(b)   In the copy submitted to me, there were a few spelling misses, like “Angels” being spelled as “Angles” (like in geometry).

(c)    The cover was a bit boring in comparison to the material inside.

Unleashed Verdict: 8 out of 10 Stars


If you are the type of reader who is open minded to different schools of thought as it pertains to religion or spirituality, or even one who doesn’t believe and wants to cite possible reasons why, The Angel Ultimatum can serve as a welcoming, elementary introduction.

Thank you for checking out The Review Board. Feel free to share, like, and subscribe. Have an awesome day!


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