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Unleashed Speaks on Introducing Economic Actualism


Introducing Economic Actualism by David Billings
Barnes & Noble | Website

Disclaimer: This copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Economic actualism uses three simple principles to:

Reduce economic damage
Recognize frustrations
Reap actual benefits
Reward actual production and
Regain your life’s vitality.

A book of discovery from the focal point of our society and our lives.

Greetings everyone! The Review Board here to share our thoughts on Introducing Economic Actualism by David Billings. Here to share her thoughts, the Unleashed One.

No Labels

Unleashed Speaks

For this review, I’m going to approach it from two different perspectives.

(1) The mind of a student
(2) The average reader


The mind of a student

As I was reading Introducing Economic Actualism, it was like being in a classroom. The instructor was in the front of the room, and with the combination of textbook and Powerpoint slides, giving lessons on each point made. However, it wasn’t like a course that is divided into two parts, or even one that covers an entire semester. It streams like the type which can be covered over a summer school session, yet one has to make sure that study of the syllabus is done prior to attending the first class. If not, one may be lost because there is not a whole lot of fluff—just overview, every once in a while, a definition and example, and the point.

In this regard, there are a lot of pros this book has to offer. There is a ton of information that has been well documented, yet the length of the publication is not daunting.

The average reader

Unless one is well versed in the trends of economics previously, a reader will have moments where he will stop in order to define some of the terms. The author operates under the premise that a person reading the book will know these terms already. In addition, it would have helped more “down to earth” language could have been used with not just the definitions but also with the examples given. This would have given even more punch to the author’s concepts and allowed the talking points to resonate with an audience that may be more street smart and less book smart. There are also moments where the book slips from being informative to being preachy and going on tangents—almost taking away the ability for the reader to decipher the information in his own way and come to supporting Economic Actualism of his own accord.


Unleashed Verdict: 6.5 out of 10 TRB Stars
(3 in spots utilizing a 5 Star Scale)

I recommend this read for people who have been following economic trends and how internal and external forces have shaped how it function in today’s world … those individuals who are frustrated with the status and hungry for change. As for the average reader, look at your own risk but be forewarned: you’ll spend an equal amount of time looking up terms as you will reading the book without previous knowledge of this epidemic.

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