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Truth Unleashed on Disaster Handbook

22178752Disaster Handbook by Robert Brown Butler
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Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Abbreviated Blurb:

If a disaster ever damages your home and leaves you without power and pure water, this reference will see you through those dark hours. Absent of “survivalist” extranea, this practical primer describes how to prepare for a disaster in advance, be safe as it happens, and repair anything afterward. It further describes … How to store and use all the foods, tools, and other “calamity commodities” you will need when misfortune comes knocking on your door. How to perform those everyday tasks that keep you alive -cook, wash the dishes, clean your clothes, bathe, go to the bathroom, and keep everything sanitary. How to fashion all kinds of household items in simple and useful ways. How to deal with disasters at home or at work, in a public building or while driving, in a plane crash or train wreck, on a sinking ship or in the vicinity of a shooter. How to defeat disasters without generators, weapons, and wilderness survival skills. When disaster strikes, far more citizens realize the need for teamwork and try to help each other -and would rather be known as Samaritans than Survivalists. This veritable bible of disaster preparedness contains 216 pages of inspiring text and 200 eye-popping pictures that open with a concisely expansive two-page-wide table of contents that leads you straight to what you’re looking for, is innovatively formatted with slanted columns of text that ease your reading, is enriched with heavily bulleted to-do lists that quicken your search for information, and closes with an extremely detailed index -all of which can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, your business colleagues, your friends, even strangers whose fate is suddenly woven with yours in any misfortune you may face.


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today Mini Truth and No Labels Unleashed bring you the an inside look at “Disaster Handbook” by Robert Brown Butler. First up …

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

Anyone that knows me, knows this …

I am not a fan of self-help books.

With that being said, I’ll go into my thoughts on “Disaster Handbook

Although, I’m not a fan of self-help books, the “Disaster Handbook” showed me that there IS a self-help book out there that I like. Why? Because it isn’t your average self-help book. The “Disaster Handbook” isn’t the typically preachy, presumptuous, finger-pointing, book that tells you the innumerable things you’re doing wrong. What it IS, is a manual that gives you (in one place) all of the “need to know” information on how to handle a natural disaster.

Disaster Handbook” starts with a sort of introduction that breaks down what a natural disaster is and how to categorized the “before, during and after” effects of one. It looks at ALL … and what I say “all“, I literally mean, EVER SINGLE THING a person can think of that effects one’s way of life due to a natural disaster.

What is beautiful about this book is that fact that the author sets a foundation for the reader—a before, during and after, sort of guide that directs you in a very clear-cut, no nonsense way. YET, it is fun, informative and interesting, and more than anything, keeps you knowledgeable and engaged.

At the end of the book one finds tools that the author has taken the time to insert; a notes sections, an emergency card section and things of that sort. Stuff that you can pull right out and utilize. Not, that I would want to. I don’t want to ruin a signed copy. LOL


I can honestly recommend this book for the “do it yourselfer” and the person that just wants to know what to do if something horrible should happen. I mean, honestly, “Disaster Handbook” is the bible of “what to do during a disaster” books. There isn’t anything you can think of that isn’t in this book. The author thought of it all. The best part, the one I appreciated the most, were the images/diagrams. For people like me those are worth a million dollars because we need visuals to go along with the literature.

Apart from some tiny grammatical errors and an extremely long blurb (too long if you ask me), “Disaster Handbook” is a book that every person should have on their book shelves. The interior of the book is visually appealing, well put together and fun to follow. The cover, however, I think could have been a bit more attractive. Besides that, I know that I’ll be keeping my copy close by and I am sure that I’ll be using it frequently, going back to it time and time again.

Something I would love to suggest to the author is that he take the time to turn this into an eBook. It would be worth his time.

Survey Says: 9TRB Stars.

blackdividerLast with her thoughts is the Unleashed One.

No LabelsUnleashed Speaks

Genre: Non-fiction (Theme: Guidance)

Note: This autographed paperback was sent by the author in exchange for an honest review.

When I received this request, I admit to being a bit hesitant. Some of the nonfiction guide books I’ve encountered (key word “I’ve”) tend to exude the following things:

  1. Condescendence—“I know all; the rest of you are peons”
  2. Presumption—Using language such as “all”, “always” or “never”, not leaving any room for “some”, “sometimes” or “every once in a while” things of that nature
  3. Target Audience Mismatch—Writing a book that is supposed to be for “the common man” but using all types of advanced language, to the point where one has to have a dictionary and thesaurus on standby. The downside of showing off the fancy vocabulary is that the reader is so busy trying to decipher what is meant that the enjoyability of learning the points of the actual book is missed.

With 1-3, I have to gauge how much it impacts my overall score. I do take into account whether a nonfiction book is well-researched, along with the quality and quantity of the information provided.For some books, not by much; for others, it marked the difference between “okay”, “good”, and “fantastic”.

With The Disaster Handbook, I am proud to say I did not have to worry about any of those three points.

Although the presentation—the appearance of the inside pages—may throw structure sticklers for a loop, it was pleasing to my eyes. Because it wasn’t the typical continuous straight line of text in spots, it caused me to pay more attention to the content I was reading.

The author did a phenomenal job in citing his resources—including the websites and individuals he used for his pictures. Some of you may probably be thinking, “Unleashed One, that should be common sense.” However, you will be amazed at how many out there will document text but miss the boat on websites and picture sources. Not saying that it’s intentional but it does happen.

I also liked the extra sheets provided at the back to jot down emergency phone numbers as well as the cards one could make copies of and cut out.

The Disaster Handbook starts off with a very powerful example—one involving Hurricane Sandy and what disasters could have been avoided if common sense was used. This was a strong segue into the crux of what this book is all about. No fluff, just purpose, delivered in a way that is easily understood along with diagrams to help a person every step of the way. There is no such thing as a stupid question, nor there be any need to ask one— for even what a person conceives as the most elementary of items, the author defines them before explaining how to execute each practice.

In my opinion, this is more than a handbook—for a person who’s on his or her own, this serves as a great source of empowerment and boosts one concept of capability. The author should applaud himself for producing a publication that one should have on hand, right next to a dictionary, thesaurus, a book of worship and the Yellow Pages.

Educational, detailed, practical, and with a down-to-earth cadence, my verdict on The Disaster Handbook is 9.5 stars.


Thank you Mini and Unleashed One! Now, let’s tally up the score and see what is the final outcome.

The “Disaster Handbook” had accumulated a total of 9 TRB Stars.


Thank you once again for visiting The Review Board. Don’t forget to follow, like and share. Have a wonderful day!


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