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Unleashed Speaks on WWE Fast Lane 2016

fastlaneofficialposterWWE Fast Lane 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the Media segment of The Review Board. Today we discuss WWE Fast Lane. Here to share her thoughts, the Unleashed One.

No LabelsUnleashed Speaks

Confession: There were a few things that had me down, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to tune in to WWE Fast Lane.

  1. The streaming hiccups of the Royal Rumble last month.
  1. The way that the Royal Rumble ended (this whole spiel with Triple H as champion)
  1. The construction of some of these storylines
  1. Also I was doing a bit of a cleaning project at my house and wasn’t sure I’d be at a stopping point in time.

However, since I got it accomplished … here we are.

I’m going to do this review similar of the way I did the Royal Rumble—showcasing what I think were stellar matches, along with what could have been better.

Note: These may not be in the order that they appeared on the PPV.

Stellar Matches

WWE-Fastlane-2016-Divas-Tag-Team-MatchSasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs. Naomi & Tamina

Well, it was only a matter of time before Team B.A.D. broke down. Who knew a simple “I’ve got this” would lead Sasha to “get got”? Yet, that about sums up the catalyst which led Naomi & Tamina to turn on Sasha. For me, it is cool because I always saw Sasha as more of a singles competitor than a team player. Although there was friction displayed between Sasha & Becky, they worked together very well to get the job done against Naomi & Tamina.

A few side notes: 

  • Naomi’s ring attire was bad ass. 
  • I wish they’d quit dressing Tamina like a motorcycle chic or the revamped version of Chyna. Tamina is not only powerful but beautiful. 

kevinDolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens 

The Monday prior to the Fast Lane PPV, Stephanie McMahon placed Dean Ambrose into a Fatal 5 Way to defend the Intercontinental Championship. Yes, technically Dean Ambrose wasn’t pinned but you can lose the championship even if you aren’t. That is what makes it … um, fatal. So, Kevin Owens pinned Tyler Breeze (yes you read that correct) to have the Intercontinental Championship once again.

Have you ever looked at a feud and somehow forgot how the whole thing got started? Well, I’m at that point between Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens. Despite that, it didn’t stop the match for being a display of grit vs. endurance, along with speed vs. power. It definitely kept my attention.

Side Note: Kevin Owens sure loves talking a lot of trash to Michael Cole. Should Michael Cole come out of retirement to battle Owens? The match probably wouldn’t last long but it would inspire some giggles.

rybackandwyattsRyback, Kane, and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family

I know, shocker! I thought this was going to be a bathroom break too. Think of it—a lot of these feuds the Wyatts have been in lately have no purpose; it’s as if they are bored. Also, matches that have the Big Show in them—we can synchronize our watches as to how long they typically ask. The main factor in this match was to really get people sold on Ryback, to let people see what he could do. Although he still isn’t my favorite guy to watch, I see quite the improvement in his set—even a few moves were added.

This loss for the Wyatt family makes one wonder what is next for Braun, Luke, and Erick (along with Bray). However, it also makes one wonder what is really next for Ryback. His reign as Intercontinental Champion wasn’t a lot to gab about. I guess we will have to wait and see.

stylesvsjerichoAJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been opposed to AJ Styles being a part of the WWE. It’s just that I worried about whether his star power would be utilized in a grand way. One thing that is getting weary is this whole “rookie spiel” they keep saying about AJ Styles, when technically he’s a ring veteran and has wrestled all over the world. Just because he’s new to WWE doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a rookie. This was a solid match through and through.

The match that should have been on the actual PPV

kalistovsdelrioKalisto vs. Del Rio: 2 out of 3 Falls for the United States Championship

When the announcement originally came out, it seemed as if this match was going to be on the PPV. Yet, it got amended to where it appeared on the Fastlane Kickoff. Considering that Fastlane itself went south after the Divas Championship match (more to come on that in a moment), WWE made a huge mistake. Not because I’m crazy about Del Rio (he bores me to sleep) but because great resiliency was shown by Kalisto. Also, that would have been better than wasting time seeing a live ad segment featuring the New Day, Edge and Christian and the League of Nations.

Waste of Wrestling Space


I know I am going out of order but sometimes, it’s just better to see a bullshit match that stupid shenanigans.

There was one point in the pay-per-view where Edge and Christian came out, since they have a new show on the WWE Network. While they were talking, the New Day came out. To make a long story short, the New Day was talking trash about everyone, particularly the League of Nations. So … the League of Nations comes out … more trash talking. I’m like, “Is this going to be an impromptu match? What the hell is going on?” Nope! This went on for a good ten minutes, possibly fifteen. Man, I could have been watching a match—like the Kalisto vs. Del Rio one that was dumped on the Kickoff show.

Could have been better

divaschampionshipBrie Bella vs. Charlotte—Divas Championship match

The nostalgia was there—Daniel Bryan not too long ago announced his retirement. The pop was there for Brie Bella, even the “lucky gear”. What put the biggest damper on the match was the ending. It just looked strange how Brie Bella had enough adrenalin to hold Charlotte in a submission move while her knee was hurt, but the moment Ric Flair provided the distraction and Charlotte was able to put on the Figure 8, there was an almost immediate tap out.

Side Notes: 

  • Ric has become way too distracting in Charlotte’s matches. I liked it better when he wasn’t always escorting her to the ring. Ric I dig you—just don’t dig you that much. 
  • Charlotte’s promos need work. She just doesn’t seem quite comfortable talking trash—at least not as much as her father. Perhaps she has to work on getting in touch with her inner cutthroat. However that’s what happens when you initially bring someone in as a face and then switch the persona to match her Hall of Fame father’s.

triplethreatRoman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar:
Triple Threat Match to face Triple H at Wrestlemania

There were some good moments here and there—like when Dean and Roman piled everything included the kitchen sink (okay, that’s an exaggeration) on top of Brock Lesnar so it could just be the two of them competing. Despite the shenanigans, it was hard for me to be fully invested. If Dean was going to lose the Intercontinental Championship just six days prior, one would conclude that he’s being set up to pursue the big prize more aggressively. Yet, there’s this back and forth between further dissention between Dean and Roman vs. their “Bromance” as it’s being nicknamed.

Where is all of this going? It’s like John Cena version two … strangely enough. I know many people have compared Roman Reigns to John Cena, and although there could be some similarities—particularly in the polarizing department—there are some differences.

I believe the initial disdain for Roman Reigns was an end result to how people felt in regards to the fiasco involving Daniel Bryan.  On that, I feel like Roman was treated like a red headed stepchild—it really wasn’t fair. Also, there are people who aren’t quite sold on him and have concluded that the WWE is trying to shove Roman Reigns down their throats—like a kid who doesn’t like lima beans or liver.

I think the WWE should let the fans like and dislike who they want.

In the past, one was either marketed as a face (good guy, couldn’t be tarnished, always cheered) or a heel (bad guy, always cheating, getting booed). That is no longer the build of what audiences out there are responding to. It’s not as frowned upon when the “good guy” has gotten fed up and snaps, nor does it seem out of the norm anymore for a person marketed as a “bad guy” gets cheered. The problem is that WWE Creative (or maybe it’s the higher ups) has become very active in switching people’s personas (heel to face, face to heel)—so much so, that before we get used to a wrestler acting one way, he or she gets switched up.

Speaking for myself, there are wrestlers I won’t stand behind no matter how many times the character’s revamped (Alberto del Rio and Miz, just to name a couple) and other wrestlers I’ll always cheer on (Randy Orton and Roman Reigns, just to name a couple) in that aspect as well.  I’m not as fickle as the “Universe” out there.

Let me get back to WWE Fastlane . It is time for me to render my verdict.

3starsUnleashed Verdict: 3 out of 5 Stars (according to the TRB media scale)

WWE Fastlane started out rather strong yet for me the whole Edge and Christian spot, the weak finish to the Divas match and the Triple Threat not living up to the hype did damage. Before that, Fastlane was standing at about 4.5. Oh, well. There’s always Wrestlemania—fingers crossed.

Thanks for checking out The Review Board. Feel free to share, like, and subscribe. Have a terrific day.


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