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Harmony Kent Speaks on Otto Black

23975508Otto Black by Alexandru Parvu
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Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


The Novel takes place in a fictional universe, on the continent of Latikon, in an area known as the “Wes Lands”, or the civilized lands of that continent.

The story of the book follows Otto, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Roux, known as Tudor, and the consequences of his father’s failed rebellion.

At first Otto tries to avoid the fate of all traitors and flees from the kingdom his father tried to usurp, helped by unexpected parties.
But changes in the political landscape of the continent makes it obvious that he can’t run for long and he certainly can’t hide.

As such he decides to use his small fortune to return to his homeland and like his father, to try to usurp the throne of the kingdom. But it does not take long for him to realize that he has become the puppet of stronger men than him. With the consequence that his rebellion like that of his father fails at the sword edge of the king of Valagard’s allies.


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today we take a trip into the world of “Otto Black” by Alexandru Parvu. Leading the way …? One, Harmony Kent.

Harmonious Kent

Harmonious Takes

With a fictional universe that has a medieval feel to it, complete with elves, dwarves, and suchlike, this book has all the makings of an epic fantasy. The difference would be its anti-hero: a dark and brooding and altogether unlikeable figure. It’s impossible to find something about him you want to root for, and there is no light at the end of this tunnel. So, if you’re into pitch-black-kind-of-dark fantasy, then this book could well be for you.

Unfortunately, the sheer amount of errors prevented me from getting into the story. Grammar, punctuation, using the correct words for context, and that kind of thing are important to me. If you mean ‘consciousness’ then please don’t say ‘conscience’. Although the two may (sort of) sound similar, they mean vastly different things. Also, all dialogue needs punctuation. Just because something is within speech marks, doesn’t mean you can do away with commas and full-stops.

As a reader, I feel undervalued and cheated when an author takes this little care with their book. Am I not worth the effort? A lot of the issues that plague this book are basic and would take paltry effort to put right. When I come across a book peppered with this many mistakes, I have to wonder why bother to write and publish it at all?—If you care that little for the finished product. Sorry for the rant, but this truly is my biggest pet hate when it comes to books. Especially ones that could be good. Ones that promise and, yet, don’t deliver.


It doesn’t help that this is such a long book—over 400 pages. When the reading is this hard-going, those 400+ pages feel like a thousand. Now, I am a verified Bookaholic. I go to BA (Bookaholics Anonymous) meetings and have all the badges. I’m also a glutton for a good fantasy. So I looked forward to getting around to this read. If I get too many more books like this one to read and review, I won’t be needing those meetings anymore. This is cure enough.

Also, the book cover does nothing for me. Had I seen this on the shelf, chances are high that I wouldn’t have picked it up. And if I had, I would have put it down again before I’d finished the first page. Usually, I try and find something positive to say, and not to rant too heavily, not wishing to offend the author (or anyone else for that matter), but this time I just cannot remain silent. If the writer cares this little about the book, then why should I?

Okay, so the ‘something positive’ would have to be the story idea. It has a promising plot that can be built upon. That’s somewhere to start. For this, it gets 4 out of 10 TRB stars, instead of 2. Which equates to 2 out of 5 stars on other rating scales. There is imagination here, just that a lot more care needs to be taken before it becomes a finished product.

4stars4 Stars

Well, that just about covers it. Thank you Harmony for your views on “Otto Black”, and thank you, dear reader for visiting The Review Board. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Have a wonderful day!


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