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Controversial Thoughts: 2015 Review in Books

Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today, Mr. Controversy will take a peek back at 2015 and give us an overview of his Year In Books.

Mr. Controversy

Controversial Thoughts

Here are the books that I considered were the “Reads Worth Raving About”.


The Colors Trilogy: K.R. Raye’s trilogy about 3 best friends who not only take on college life and the real world, they take on their budding personalities as well, stood out as my front runners with fireworks. This trilogy came SO VERY CLOSE to getting an overall THIRTY STAR review from me: an impressive achievement for any writer. I cannot wait to see what else comes from Mrs. Raye!

Here is the book that made me think “What the Hell is This?”


Rex Randall and the Jericho Secret: there was a story within these pages, yet I am clearly recalling how terribly constructed this story was created. There were so many flaws to the point where I compared this story to a toppings overloaded pizza: not edible, and cannot be consumed. I was very disappointed with this story, and remembering it is stirring up a lot of negative vibeswithin my spirit right now.

One book that had me  “On the Fence” was:


Overload Flux: a futuristic story that has a lot of promise. Despite this book beginning slowly, there is a decent tale to be read. As I said in my review, it may not be for everyone, but it is worth the time and read.

Well, that’s my year in books. Thanks.


Thank you Mr. Controversy and thank you, dear follower. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for visiting The Review Board.


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