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WWE Survivor Series: A Mixed Bag on Its Purpose and Legacy


Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here.

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Usually, I would go through the card—shouting predictions, how much I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the matches, along with a ranking.

If you guys are curious

Predictions wise I was accurate on all except for Roman Reigns. Guess I got tired of wanting a “cash in” and not getting it, so I didn’t expect WWE to come through this time.

I enjoyed the bulk of the matches, torn feelings on the ending with Roman Reigns.

Rating Wise: 3.5 (wasn’t quite moved to give it a 4) out of 5 Stars


Moving on

I am doing something different, since many of you probably wondered why Survivor Series came and went, and another PPV has come and gone (which I will share my thoughts on within the next couple of days) … yet, I hadn’t spoken about Survivor Series until just now.

In its prime, Survivor Series was one of my favorite Pay Per Views. I liked it because it was different—the challenge to see if having common enemies would be enough to get the job done, even if it meant certain people weren’t team players or just couldn’t stand each other. The way the stories would fall out in tag team situations were great. The debut of The Undertaker back in 1990 is one people still talk about … 25 years later.

As time progressed, there has been more focus on the creation of solo talent—where forming a tag team is used for the following:

(1) The particular talent didn’t take off as quickly as anticipated so the person is placed with someone who is a veteran

(2) A veteran talent wants one more hurrah before he retires

(3) Certain formations of the wrestler needs work, like mic skills, so one is placed with a talker or one who has a bit more charisma

However, I don’t think that every wrestler has the potential to be a solo superstar.

Seeing a tag team that likes staying a tag team is a very rare thing. Finding individuals that just have a natural chemistry: even rarer. It’s tough to find teams like Demolition, the Powers of Pain, the Road Warriors (Legion of Doom), the Rockers, the British Bulldogs, and the Hart Foundation—just to name a few. I know with the last three I mentioned, Davey Boy Smith, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels went on to have incredible careers as solo wrestlers, yet they had chemistry with their partners to where it just felt like magic.


It begs the question—will Survivor Series, although it is one of the original four PPVs, get placed on the chopping block?

If all of the “tradition” of this PPV continues to be drained, I believe it will get the boot. Every year, there are less of the tag team elimination type matches and more singles bouts, so it almost appears as if Survivor Series is no different than the minor PPV’s.

What is the fun in that?

Then, there are other PPV’s—Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules and Tables, Ladders & Chairs—that have to find some way to be sellable in a PG era. This may work for those who have not been watching wrestling for long. Yet for those who were brought up when wrestling was “a bit riskier” (putting it lightly), the execution is laughable. Therefore, those pay-per-views in particular, are entertaining but only in that way, if little else.

Although I did enjoy Survivor Series, despite not liking how glory was snatched from Roman Reigns at the end, it made me wonder if this was Survivor Series’ last hurrah.

There was a lot of focus on the 25 Years of The Undertaker, and if Survivor Series is the last time we see Undertaker, then it may make sense to the WWE to retire Survivor Series around the same time they retire the Undertaker.

If so, I will be a fan that will shed a mixed bag of tears.

Thanks for reading. Have a terrific day.


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