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Unleashed Speaks on Don’t Join


Don’t Join (Command Must Be Obeyed)
by Azubike A. Ahubelem

Note: The copy of the book I received from the author in exchange for an honest review is the comic adaptation of the Nigerian book of the same title.

For details about the book the comic adaptation is based on, please check out details about this book on Goodreads.

Hello everyone! In this installment of The Review Board, we take a look at the comic adaptation of Don’t Join by Azubike A. Ahubelem. Without delay, the Unleashed One.

No Labels

Unleashed Speaks

In short, Don’t Join is a story about Uche, a young man forced to join a violent cult gang.

The visuals of this comic were very easy to follow, and I could tell the illustrator invested the time to really capture the emotions and ambiance of each scene. Some of the English seemed a bit rough but perhaps it was due to translation.

The one thing I missed out on was the opportunity to really get into the meat of the premise. It was as if I was on the outside looking in—seeing curtains of different characters’ development without divulging too much detail. Yet, the ending was a bit of a cliff hanger. In my mind, I could hear the narrator saying, “Stay tuned for the next episode.”


Unleashed (and overall TRB) Verdict: 8 out of 10 Stars

This comic is off to a terrific start, so I definitely can see this as Chapter One in a saga that maps out the full impact of the novel with the same name. If he continues with this comic adaptation—and I recommend that he should—this could definitely be a visually teachable tool: a realistic insight to the dangers of gangs so they Don’t Join.

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