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Unleashed (with a sprinkle of Controversy and Truth) Speaks on Hell In A Cell

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the Media edition of The Review Board. Today, we will dish on the 2015 WWE Hell in a Cell.

Note: One match that was supposed to occur at Hell in a Cell was Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. However, Randy Orton got injured, so that match got removed from the card. 

Predictions will now be placed on the table. Normally, I would do a separate segment for the results and reactions but to save time, I will keep everything together.


Kickoff Show:
Neville, Cesaro, and Ziggler vs. King Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev

Mr. Controversy: Didn’t chime in
Mini Truth: Neville, Cesar and Ziggler
Unleashed: Neville, Cesaro, and Ziggler 

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: I don’t necessarily have a reason but I do like the increased interest in Cesaro as a competitor. The question is will the WWE catch on and get him where he needs to be. 

Mini: I chose this group because of the amazing amount of agility from Neville, and Cesaro’s speed and strength  I have never been too keen on Ziggle so he wasn’t even in the equation. 

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: This match was full of excitement. The one who stole the show wasn’t even Ziggler but the high flying Neville and the true “Superman” Cesaro. The reason why I’m such an advocate of Cesaro is because he has speed, agility, strength and stamina. Yet the only missing ingredient is not the WWE Universe getting behind him (if one hasn’t picked up on the support, you’re either deaf or blind) but the powers that be in the WWE. Okay, that is for another post. In my mind, Ziggler and Rusev was just the supporting cast while the other four put in the work. I was all right with that, because I’m a little weary of both playboys, truth be told. 

Mini: I agree with Unleashed in that the match was very exciting. I was particularly swayed by Cesaro. I just think that he has tons of potential and I would really like to see the WWE get behind him more. Nevertheless, the entire match (with the exception of the interactions of Rusev and Ziggler) had me on the edge of me seat. Well done.

Winners: Neville, Cesaro, and Ziggler

Unleashed enjoyability: High 

Mini enjoyability: High


US Open Challenge for the United States Championship:
John Cena vs. Mystery Opponent

Mr. Controversy: Mystery Opponent
Mini Truth: John Cena
Unleashed: John Cena 

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: I’m not certain what mystery opponent they can put in front of John Cena that he hasn’t faced on Raw and defeated.

Mini: Being that I didn’t know who the mystery opponent was and the fact that I know Cena’s abilities, I was leaning toward Cena for the win … yet, again.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: The WWE was full of surprises when a motorized wheelchair riding Zeb Coulter came out as John Cena awaited his opponent for the U.S. Open Challenge. For those of you who may have forgotten Zeb, he was the spokesperson for a group known as The Real Americans; can we say “We the People”? In that spiel, he was against anyone who couldn’t prove themselves as a true American—think Arizona and “Papers Please”.  

Now, Zeb has gotten a change of tune and a new wrestler to show for it. Well, he’s not exactly new. Apparently the WWE has settled things with Alberto del Rio, so I’m already giving side eye as to how this whole match is going to go down. 

Mini: I, for one, had no idea who the old man in the wheelchair was or the guy that came out with him, but from the moment I saw him I was inclined to dislike him. I’m not sure why that is. I can say that the fight was full of surprise and I hadn’t expected to see Cena in such compromising positions.

Winner: Eight minutes later, a new U.S. Champion in Alberto del Rio.

Unleashed: Things that haven’t changed as far as how I feel about Alberto del Rio: (1) I still don’t like the character. (2) His move set hasn’t changed much to where I’m interested in it. 

Things I do like: Zeb being his microphone if you will (I would have nightmares about some of del Rio’s promos) 

Things that were apparent: (1) This whole having Alberto del Rio just show up and win a belt is WWE kissing his culo because they knew their actions towards him when he was in the company before was not exactly on the up and up. (2) Zeb’s change of heart and Alberto’s return looks like a political play by the WWE to match the current climate—tell me that someone picked up on it. (3) This was one of the suckiest US Title defenses John Cena has ever performed 

Unleashed Enjoyability: Damned to hell, because Low would be too nice of a word

Mini Enjoyability: Low. I wasn’t all that impressed with DelRio and frankly p’o’ed at Cena for letting himself get beat. In 2 words: Just NOPE!

1st Hell in a Cell Match:
Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Mr. Controversy: Bray Wyatt (Wyatt Family interference) 
Mini Truth: Roman Reigns
Unleashed: Roman Reigns 

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: Well, there’s a variety of reasons. (1) I know that one of the stipulations was that the Wyatt family was barred from ringside, which gave a bit of advantage to Roman. (2) I wanted Roman to get some type of vindication against Bray to put some type of closure to this feud. In this pick I was torn because although Roman is the better choice to build his stock up and get the crowd behind him, Bray needed the win just a little more, since his character is in a bit of limbo. 

Truth be told, I was bored for the first six minutes or so, until the weapons came out. It just seemed initially that Bray and Roman didn’t know what to do but just knew they had to stretch out the match. Once they got into the groove then I started paying attention to the action. 

Mini: I have one reason and one reason only for picking Roman. That is because IT IS ROMAN REIGNS! That is all I have to say about that.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Unleashed Enjoyability: Medium

Mini Enjoyability: High. I really liked the edge of your seat feel of this match. I dug it.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

Mr. Controversy: The New Day
Mini Truth: Dudley Boyz
Unleashed: The New Day

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: If the WWE decides to keep the belts on The New Day, it shows they have faith in keeping a certain skin color as champs for a while. 

Mini: I was more inclined to believe that the Dudley Boyz had this match because I’d seen their sportsmanship in the past and became a fan almost immediately.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: There’s not much going on with these two teams that I haven’t seen before. The Dudleys are in terrific shape and have been holding their own since their return. Yet, the scenario where they almost get it, but some level of cheating always gets in the way routine is getting a bit weary. 

Side Note #1: You mean to tell me The New Day can’t get a new trombone to play? 

Side Note #2: Big E must not ever use “Caucasian” and “Kamala” in the same sentence again.

Mini: I was a little upset when the match finished. I felt cheated, actually. I expected more from both teams. More of what? I wasn’t all that certain, but their showmanship fell flat in my opinon.

Winner (and still the champs): The New Day

Unleashed Enjoyability: Low-Medium 

Mini Enjoyability: Low.


WWE Championship Match:
Seth Rollins vs. “Demon” Kane
(stipulation is that corporate Kane gets fired if Seth does not defeat him) 

Mr. Controversy: Sheamus (after he cashes in on Kane) 
Mini Truth: Seth
Unleashed: Sheamus (after he cashes in on a weary Seth Rollins) 

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: Truth be told, I don’t care about this match, but I’d rather say goodbye to corporate Kane because the “Corporate Kane/Demon Kane” angle is a bit whack. On the same token, I’m clamoring for a cash in. So I am willing to deal with a Seth Rollins win, if Sheamus snatches the title from him and becomes the new champ. 

Mini: In the time I’ve been watching the WWE I’ve become very family with Seth Rollins antics, and I just knew that he’d do something to get that win.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: There was some pretty decent action in this one but the very thing Mr. Controversy, me, and a lot of other people were holding their breaths on didn’t happen.  That was the only angle that really interested me, since Seth Rollins has beaten Kane before. 

Mini: For a moment, I held my breath, hoping that Kane might actually take this one. So, with that said, it is apparent that there was some (if not many) good things going on in this match. Enough, at least, to keep me watching.

Winner (and still WWE champ): Seth Rollins

Unleashed Enjoyability: Medium 

Mini Enjoyability: Medium


Divas Championship Match:
Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella
(no Team PCB or Team Bella allowed at ringside) 

Mr. Controversy: Charlotte (Paige interference) 
Mini Truth: Charlotte 
Unleashed: Charlotte

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: They need to give Charlotte a chance, and quite honestly, I’m weary of any Bella (Nikki or Brie) holding any gold. 

Mini: My reason for picking Charlotte was simple. I can’t stand Team Bella and frankly wanted to see Nikki lose.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: What an impressive Divas match! Nikki is acting like the female version of John Cena the way she’s doing all of these power moves. Seriously, it looks like someone has been working with her because new moves have been added to her arsenal. She really gave Charlotte a great fight, so at the end result, one can honestly say these two things: “Much respect” and “You earned it”. 

Mini: I do agree with Unleashed. The match was impressing. I was biting my finger nails the entire time. Good stuff.

Winner (and still Divas champ): Charlotte

P.S. I am not buying the whole Paige changing her stripes. She just wants the belt to stay on Charlotte for this reason—she believes she has a better shot of beating Charlotte.

Unleashed Enjoyability: High

Mini Enjoyability: Med-High


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Kevin Owens vs. Ryback

Mr. Controversy: Kevin Owens 
Mini Truth: Undecided
Unleashed: Kevin Owens 

Reason for pick:

Unleashed: Ryback still seems to have a bit of residual from some of his past injuries. Rather than put the belt back on him and risk him having to drop it again, it just makes more sense to keep it on Kevin, even though I’m not sold on him. 

Mini: I had a really hard time on this one. While I really wanted Ryback to win, I wasn’t sure what Owens might’ve had up his sleeve in order to prevent that. So, I was truly unsure of who I thought could win this match.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: I don’t have a whole lot to say about this match. Nothing stood out, except for this one thing: A certain someone won the match clean.  

Mini: Not much to say. I mean, it was a match … that’s about it.

Winner (and still IC Champ): Kevin Owens

Unleashed Enjoyability: Low-Medium 

Mini Enjoyability: Low

P.S. Let’s find a new feud, shall we?


2nd Hell in a Cell Match:
Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Mr. Controversy: Brock Lesnar
Mini Truth: Brock Lesnar
Unleashed: Brock Lesnar 

Reason for Pick:

Unleashed: I know that some of you may think I’ve jumped ship. Don’t get it twisted—I still don’t like Brock Lesnar. Yet, for this whole storyline to make sense and have the proper closure, Brock is the one that has to win it. Undertaker, I love you but it’s time for you to Rest in Peace. 

Mini: While I was a real advocate of The Undertaker, I have to admit that The Beast Incarnate is exactly that. He’s unbeatable, period. I would have loved for The Undertaker to win, but I knew that he wouldn’t for no other reason than the fact that he was going up against Lesnar.

Summary of Action:

Unleashed: This wasn’t even a match. This was a beat down, a blood bath, everything that Brock Lesnar and Undertaker promised. It did not disappoint. 

Mini: I’ll put it to you this way … I yelled, I screamed, I talked to the television, I jumped, bit my nails, swallowed hard. I mean, this was an all out bloodbath. IT WAS AWESOME!! 😀

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Unleashed Enjoyability: Match—High; Aftermath—Bullshit

Mini Enjoyability: High, until the damn Wyatt Family came barging in. Stupid-heads! #GrrFace

Unleashed: Match wise, a fitting end to this feud, but I was not an advocate of what happened to Undertaker while the crowd was giving him respect. 


So, the Wyatt family, including the guy that used to be a big ass Rosebud—Braun Strowman—decide to crash the send off and send Undertaker off in their own way. 


Number of Predictions Correct: 

Mr. Controversy: 5 Correct (pre-show counted)
Mini Truth: 5 Correct (pre-show counted)
Unleashed: 6 Correct (pre-show counted)

Rating of WWE 2015 Hell in a Cell Overall

 Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 TRB Media Stars


Despite the unanswered questions that popped up at this pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell did all right. The actual Hell in a Cell bouts made a strong showing, the majority of the storylines’ closings seemed sufficient, and a match normally touted “the Bathroom break” was one of the matches that was the “one to be seen”. In that, I’m very proud of the Divas.

Thanks for checking out the Media segment of The Review Board. Feel free to like, subscribe, and share. Have a great day!


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