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Truth on the Side: Mini Truth Speaks on Letters To Nan


Letters to Nan by Matthew Wooding

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


James has always had a special bond with his Nan, from their summers in the garden to their raspberry blowing at the television. When James is offered the opportunity to follow his boyhood dream in Europe, he can’t wait to tell her. But she has news for him as well – she’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He’s hesitant to leave, but when she hands him a ticket to England, he knows he has to go. He promises to write her every week to help her keep him in her memory. She promises to never forget. Seven years later, James stands at the door of the nursing home, wondering if Nan will be anything like the woman he remembers, and if she’ll remember him…


Hello, and welcome to The Review Board. Today on Truth on the Side, Mini Truth speaks on “Letters To Nan” by Matthew Wooding.

Mini Truth

Truthful Takes

Letters To Nan” is a heartwarming story about a man who has a close bond with his grandmother, but consequently loses her to Alzheimer’s Disease.

James is your guy next door, born and raised in Australia. A lover of car racing and his grandmother, James eventually grows up to pursue his dream of being a race car driver. However, it is around that time that the family gets hit with the horrifying news that Nan has Alzheimer’s Disease. Subsequently, James is leery about departing to England in order to follow his aspiration as he worries that when he returns to Australia his grandmother may not remember him.

Letters To Nan” is a short story—sitting at only 80-some-odd pages—which clearly depicts the events of life before, during and after a family member suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The reader cannot help but grow irrevocably attached to the characters of James and Nan, and immediately these people set their space in a soft spot in your heart. Needless to say, “Letters To Nan” will make the reader experience a gambit of emotions, and it’s a sometimes wonderful, sometimes heart-breaking journey.

Apart from the premise, I do have some alternate thoughts about this story—most of the methodological in nature.

  1. I honestly, would have loved to have seen this book properly edited as it has many instances of syntax errors.
  2. The interior presentation should have been a bit more polished.
  3. I truly feel that each letter should have been a chapter of its own and presented in a “journaling” type of way. That is to say, give it a more personal effect.

With those things being said, “Letter To Nan” is a lovely story, that made my eyes well up by the end. It also taught me a lot about Alzheimer’s Disease—things I would’ve never known otherwise. I do recommend this story to anyone that has a family member suffering of Alzheimer’s Disease and wants to know that he/she is not alone. However, you are fairly warned that they grammar and punctuation aren’t the best. If you can overlook that, then this book will be of immense comfort.

Survey says: 7 TRB Stars.


7 out of 10 TRB Stars

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