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Mr. Controversy Speaks on Angel War

angelwarAngel War by Philip Dodd
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Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Note: This copy of the work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Greetings everyone! The Review Board here to share its thoughts on Angel War.  With no further delay here is Mr. Controversy.

Mr. Controversy

Controversial Thoughts

Phillip Dodd’s 315 page novel “Angel War” may sound like something that Peter Jackson and George Lucas dreamed up and or may have even collaborated on. It is a biblical inspired read about The Father and the angelic children He created.

First, let’s read the blurb:

From an early age, Azel, the Prince of the White Castle of the Angels of Light, plans what he calls his great rebellion against the Father. After his self transformation into a four legged, scaled beast, he names himself the Dragon. At the head of his rebel angel army and his dragon flocks, he brings war to the angel lands. His intention is to dethrone the Father and rule in his place. Khem, the Child of the White Mountain, vows upon his Silver Sword to be his slayer. The lonely, perilous path of the dragonslayer, he takes. At its end, he stands alone, to challenge the Father’s foe to combat.

Before we go any further, I need to clean up this blurb a little. The blurb felt a bit long to me. The excessive use of commas are both apparent and unnecessary. Also, the use of “he” is to the point where confusion as to the word’s designee is skewed. On top of that, one sentence feels awkward in its structure; likened to the speech pattern of Yoda from “Star Wars”:

Azel, the Prince of the White Castle of the Angels of Light, plans what he calls his great rebellion against the Father. After his self transformation into a four-legged scaled beast, he names himself “the Dragon”. At the head of Azel’s rebel angel army and his dragon flocks, he brings war to the angel lands: intent on dethroning the Father and ruling in his place. Khem, the Child of the White Mountain, vows upon his Silver Sword to take the lonely and perilous path of the dragonslayer. At its end, Khem stands alone to challenge Azel to combat.

The Father and His many children set forth to created the earth, name the animals, the plants, and other heavenly bodies as they are unaware that there is one headstrong child of the Father who is looking to do things a bit differently (sounds like the long-warring Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers).

There are archangels, angels, wardrobe specialists, builders, gardeners, a POSSIBLE sighting of the Four Horsemen, and more who are presented within these 315 pages.

I’m going to take a page out of No Labels’ and Mini Truth’s books and do a bit of Pros and Cons. Not my particular style, yet it is needed for this review and this book.


-The interesting concept of having the Father create 12 men and 12 women with NO MENTION of Adam and Eve until later in the book. For me, this tells me A LOT that is going on in Mr. Dodd’s mind. Namely, “If Adam and Eve, as well as the Father as per the story the Father was a child once, WERE NOT the first to walk the earth, then WHO WERE?

A fantastic talking point where, based on personal experiences, NO RELIGIOUS OFFICIAL could provide a solid answer to satisfy my curiosity. In this, even if this is fantasy fiction, “Angel War” can very well make people think and wonder what is or isn’t true about the world in which we live. In all of that, we are made to think about the stories that were told to us by those we trust(ed) in regards to The Holy Bible.

That’s all I have for Pros.


-The Father is more human as opposed to the Father who is Fair, Unbiased, Impartial, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.

Spoiler Alert!

Case in point, when the Father speaks about exacting vengeance on those who didn’t abide by His words. That isn’t wisdom, that is human instinct when one is jilted. This is a damaging piece of writing that can arguably destroy the entire goal that Mr. Dodd tried to achieve when writing this story.

-The story is hardly engaging, despite a look into how the angels worked, were robed, how they interacted in a fashion that is similar to our earthly interactions, and a mutiny by Azel and rogue angels. This is due to the repetitive nature of stating who people are, what they are wearing, where they are. Sadly this is something that happens A LOT, and in multiple paragraphs when only one paragraph and one thoroughly detailed description of the written items would suffice.

Comma overkill which resulted in many bouquets of comma misuse.

-Elongated sentences could have been condensed for a smoother reading experience.

-Inconsistencies that severely conflict with the inspiring King James Bible, like the aforementioned “Father was a child” example. If that was the case, WHO ARE HIS PARENTS?

For me, I take a bit of issue with angels marrying each other, especially when the Father created men and women by way of asexual reproduction. This is to say that they were brothers, sisters, or even clones perhaps. If this is the case, that would imply that the theory that incest and cloning are acceptable forms of populating the world.

It reminds me of a supercharged blog that I wrote a few years ago speaking on Darwinism v. Adam and Eve. I made A LOT of people mad with that one, and still do to this day. All I am saying here is that this story is working in my favor in the realm of proving my point that incest was acceptable in those days, and frowned upon these days.


I am Catholic. Not the most devout Catholic, but Catholic enough to know that incest is bad. I am also Darwinian enough to know that incest is MOST LIKELY being practiced in this day and age as a means of populating the World in which we live. Don’t believe me? Think it through: how did ALL of these people come into existence and SOMEHOW we are all connected? Human is the True Race: skin color be damned

I do understand that this is a writing of fiction and some items can be stretched; at times to a convoluted state. As it is in this case where a King James inspired read implies that DINOSAURS lived in the valleys and on the plains. As well as the White Circle Spaceship which proved that the Father and His angels had a fascination with space exploration WELL BEFORE technology would come into existence, and more.

At the same time, Dodd’s “Angel War” was inspired by the King James version of The Holy Bible, and marriage between angels (I DO BELIEVE) is not included in The Bible unless I missed some verses along the way that would prove otherwise.

Character wise, it is interesting to see that archangels have near identical powers as the Father. Then again, that doesn’t surprise me. Archangels are the most powerful types of angels. Sadly, in truth, they are not as powerful as the Father.

In regards to personalities of the other characters, they seem dry and one dimensional. There is dialogue, yet there is no sizzle when it comes to who they are as individuals. They feel clumped together and just … there.


Survey Says (and overall TRB Rating)
1 out of 10 Stars

Philip Dodd’s “Angel War” is a fantasy write that did not live up to expectations. With the combination of flaws, comma misuse and overkill, a storyline that is convoluted, as well as the lack of extra proofreading and editing, I CANNOT in good faith recommend this book. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that you WILL be severely disappointed, if not as disappointed as I when I finished this story.

Thank you for checking out The Review Board. Feel free to share, like and subscribe. Have a terrific day.


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