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Unleashed (Featuring Mr. Controversy) Speaks on Money in the Bank 2015


Greetings everyone! Unleashed here. Normally, I would do the whole why, along with the prediction spiel. This time, I’m going to do things a bit differently.

What is going to happen this time is the matches will be presented in the order they appeared. I will include the predictions of myself and Mr. Controversy, leaving out my “why”. The winner will be highlighted in red. Then, I will do my thoughts on each match, along with my Enjoyment Quotient.

Truth v Barrett Kickoff

King Barrett vs. R. Truth

Unleashed Pick: King Barrett
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: King Barrett

Winner: R Truth

Thoughts on Match: When they went back and forth with having King Barrett lose to Neville, I understood because Neville is coming in from NXT and it would serve to make him appear very impressive. Yet, I do not understand why he is losing to R. Truth. Did he replace Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel as WWE’s comic relief? I’m not pleased at how Barrett has been utilized since he got back.  Although he’s a king, he’s really being made to look like the Court Jester.

Enjoyment Quotient: Tepid

WHC Ladder Match

Randy Orton vs. Neville vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. Kane vs. Roman Reigns
(Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

Unleashed Pick: Roman Reigns
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Sheamus

Thoughts on Match: I was thrown off that this particular match was first. Then, I debated whether it was because it was going to set up a Kane win to cash in on Seth Rollins, due to all of the dissention within the Authority. The trek towards the end left me with more questions than answers, but I’m jumping the gun here.

Neville, Sheamus, and Roman Reigns performances were impressive. Randy was in to ensure some cool RKO’s would be given. I did expect a bit more from Kofi Kingston but perhaps since he is definitely heel, then some of the crazier antics are more suited for him when he was face. Who’s to say?

Just when it looked like my pick (Roman Reigns) was going to ensure victory, then that Spider Walking Bray Wyatt had to come in and target him.

Look, it’s not that I mind seeing Bray Wyatt, but the feuds they are putting him in have to make sense. Wasn’t he beefing with Ryback not too long ago? Why did that feud end so quickly? If anything I would have expected him to interfere in the Intercontinental Championship match, not Money in the Bank. Otherwise, WWE Creative is just setting us up for another Bray Wyatt feud we could give two shits about. What kind of lame ass reasoning will they come up with to drive the feud? (sighs)

Plus, it make me feel like that Roman is back to proving himself, since WWE were acting too overzealous in their attempt to make him the man of the company.

Enjoyment Quotient: Sizzling (but disappointed in the ending)

Bella v Paige

Nikki Bella vs. Paige
(Divas Championship)

Unleashed pick: Nikki Bella
Mr. Controversy pick: Nikki Bella

Winner: Nikki Bella

Thoughts on Match:

Side Note 1: It was very touching to see Paige dedicate this match to the late American Dream Dusty Rhodes, who recently passed away days before the PPV.

Yet, I am very confused what they are doing with her character. One moment she is acting like she wants to be just like AJ Lee, the next she is acting like the “Anti-Diva”, now she wants to be the spokesperson for “all divas”.

Side Note 2: Why are all the women crowded around one television? Aren’t there other televisions for them to look at? #justsaying

I watched all eleven minutes of this match closely to see if there was going to be some classic twin magic. The Bellas certainly did not disappoint. Yet, this time, the referee counted the 1,2,3 , making Paige believing she had beat Nikki Bella. Brie decided to come clean, showing her two distinct tattoos and removing the stuffing from her bra. Even so, Nikki is slightly thicker than Brie, so I don’t understand how no one can tell. But that’s beside the point.

At that very point, Paige should have been declared the winner via disqualification. I heard no announcement as it pertained to the match getting restarted. I say that to say this: Nikki should not have been given opportunity to hit Paige with an elbow (looked more like a closed fist to me upon replay), pin Paige, and get the victory.

Enjoyment Quotient: Tepid

Ryback v Show

Ryback vs. Big Show
(Intercontinental Championship)

Unleashed Pick: Ryback
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: Ryback

Winner (via Disqualification): Big Show (Ryback retails IC Title)

My thoughts: Believe it or not, the Divas Title match was longer than this match. This was a shame because Ryback was actually trying out some wrestling moves. It made me think of what Jim Ross said on his Twitter, about the comparison of Ryback to the Ultimate Warrior, in reference to his Intercontinental Championship reign. I think Ryback was attempting to show us there is a lot more to him than just power, so I was intrigued.

Until Miz, who was sitting out near commentary, decided to get involved in the match. Yes, he attacked both men but why Big Show first? Because, although Miz is mad at both, it’s safer to attack “The Big Guy” than “The Bigger Guy”.

Enjoyment Quotient: Potential bubbling but Miz’s involvement made me rather watch paint dry

Cena v Owens

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
(Champion vs. Champion)

Unleashed Pick: John Cena
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: Kevin Owens

Winner: John Cena

My thoughts: This was the match of the night. It was terrific to see how each champion held his own. I am not quite sold on the Kevin Owens Kool-Aid, not because I don’t see Kevin’s potential but because I am a fan of those that are more of the total package (like Neville). Everything from start to finish was solid, and even those who were chanting “John Cena sucks” gave Cena respect towards the end. It was cool to know that this Cena/Owens saga has a part three, since Owens attacked him at the end of the match after Cena wanted to give Owens his respect at the end of their fight. I’d like part three to be reserved for Summer Slam but WWE may get overzealous and put it for the next pay per view.

Enjoyment Quotient: Ecstatic

The New Day v PTP

The New Day vs. Prime Time Players
(Tag Team Championship)

Unleashed Pick: The New Day
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: The New Day

Winner (and new Tag Team Champions): Prime Time Players

My thoughts: After complaining about the Prime Time Players not being utilized enough, someone apparently listened. The two of them put on a good match. Although I fear that since technically Kofi wasn’t wrestling and Xavier was, the titles might get snatched off PTP via technicality. Yet, if that doesn’t happen, then WWE is breaking ground: having an openly gay black man rock the Tag Team Title. It doesn’t bother me but some old school folks may make it “a thing”.  I’m proud of Darren Young’s “John Cena looking” tail. #justsaying

Enjoyment Quotient: Pleasantly surprised, mainly because I honestly think WWE wouldn’t put the belts on PTP not too long after making them more active on the roster.

Side Note #3: Am I the only one missing the Usos?

Rollins v Ambrose

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
(Ladder Match for WWE Championship)

Unleashed Pick: Dean Ambrose
Mr. Controversy’s Pick: Seth Rollins

Winner: Seth Rollins

My thoughts: After all of this tension within the Authority, I wanted it to lead to something more. Dean and Seth do operate well off of each other, yet I’m starting to get a bit weary of this feud. Also, with Sheamus being Mr. Money in the Bank, I can’t help but wonder if Sheamus in the new recruit in the Authority (the new Plan B, if you will). With the way Seth was popping off how he didn’t need anyone weeks ago, it’s too convenient that HHH and Stephanie still supposedly have Seth Rollins back.

Enjoyment Quotient: Not as high as Owens vs. Cena but somewhat decent

Prediction Results: Mr. Controversy and I tied at two picks that were correct.


Unleashed Verdict 3 out of 5 Stars

No amount of “Fight Owens Fight” or Dedication to the American Dream could get this to five stars. Some of the endings to the matches, particularly the IC match, were absolutely atrocious. Dusty Rhodes was a man who appreciated the story telling component of a match, so I am not so sure that he would be pleased on that front, although the people who originated from NXT did do him proud on this showing.

Thanks for checking out the Media segment of The Review Board. Feel free to like, share and subscribe. Have an awesome day!


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