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Corners of Controversy featuring June Author Spotlight K.R. Raye

Hello and welcome to The Review Board. Today we bring you an exclusive interview of K.R. Raye author of the Colors Trilogy.

Hosting this interview is our very own, Mr. Controversy.

Mr. Controversy

Thank you Mrs. Raye for giving me an opportunity to have a sit down with you today!

colorsoffriendship1. How long have you been writing?
I started reading at age 3 and writing at age 4, but I started writing professionally in 2001.

2. Who and/or what inspires you to write?
There’s no one person in particular that inspires me. I just love writing as much as I love reading. It’s something I’ve always done. Sometimes the easiest way to express yourself or work through the feelings you want to convey, is by writing them down first.

3. When I was assigned to “The Colors of Friendship,” I was hooked since the first paragraph that I read and needed to read the other two books! How did “The Colors” trilogy come to mind?
People always say write about what you know and I hadn’t seen many titles on three college friends, especially with two girls and one guy as best friends. Then I love to throw in racial differences just to spark conversations and dialog.

4. By the time I finished your trilogy, a few items came to mind that made me smile because (in my opinion) I saw a few Easter Eggs. Did you happen to put a few Easter Eggs in your “Colors” books?
Easter eggs are always a fun way to keep readers engaged and sometimes readers actually find additional meanings or red herrings that we as authors didn’t even intend!

5. The characters in “The Colors” trilogy were beautifully written to the point that I felt a wide range of emotions! Who18753963 and/or what inspired the three protagonists Melody Wilkins, Imani Jordan, and Lance Dunn? Who and/or what inspired Kevin?
For all of my characters, I’m very careful not to base them on friends or family. So they are always a mix of what I see, hear, or experience in life, coupled with fictional characteristics, and sprinkled with a small dash of reality. For Melody, I wanted to take all of the hopelessly romantic women I met and amplify her with a cheerfully optimistic, naive demeanor. Lance is a product of a lot of jocks that I know that are good guys enjoying life, but not taking much too seriously..until it really matters. Imani, is the closest thing to reality-based as there is about 5% of my best friend, 5% of me, and then 90% fiction comprising her character. Kevin, believe it or not, is mostly inspired by a few episodes of Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Tyra Banks!

6. I have learned that you have won a few awards for your books. When you won your awards, what went through your mind when you were tapped and recognized for your achievements?
This has been the most amazing and blessed time of my professional writing career! When you write for the joy of it and then discover that readers and the literary community appreciate and love your work…well, it just doesn’t get much better than that feeling.

7. After writing “The Colors” trilogy, did you think about writing a fourth book: an epilogue if you will?
Readers have requested a prologue novel to learn more about Kevin and an epilogue trilogy to cover Melody, Imani, and Lance in their 30’s-40’s or their children. Currently, I’m working on a Young-Adult, Sci-Fi trilogy, so the Colors saga will have to wait for a little while.

8. I have noticed that you are a screenwriter as well! Could you tell us more about that avenue please, and what works of yours out for which we should look?
I have two award-winning screenplays (one drama, one horror) that were optioned early on, but languished in varying stages of production. Readers keep telling me that they’d love to see The Colors Trilogy on the big screen, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

9. Do you happen to have a favorite snack that is always on hand while you write?
Mmm, I’ll have to consider munching on a favorite snack in the future, but for now the only thing that I have to have on hand when I’m writing is music. You’ll see a list of my favorite artists in the acknowledgements section of the books.

colorsoffriendship10. As I said in my review of your third book “True Colors,” you have restored my faith in the “there are still good authors out in the world” department. Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are just starting their literary paths, as well as those who are still walking their literary paths?
The saying “practice makes perfect” comes to mind. Keep writing, reading, and learning from others. Writing takes persistence, so keep at it every day to hone your craft!

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