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Unleashed (featuring Mr. Controversy) Speaks on WWE Payback 2015

Payback Poster

Greeting everyone!

The Unleashed One and Mr. Controversy here to speak about WWE Payback.

As always, Mr. Controversy and I will do our due diligence: making our predictions, offering our observations, and scoring World Wrestling Entertainment’s Payback at the end of this write.

In doing my review of Payback, I’m going to base my rating on two things:

(a) The overall quality of the matches
(b) The ending

Of course, it is NEVER a WWE Pay-Per-View UNTIL we shamefully plug Payback as being viewable on the AWARD WINNING WWE Network for the LOW LOW  PRICE of $9.99. Also, the WWE Network is/was free for the month of May (an oddly recurring theme on the end of WWE…).

Take Note

Note: The Predictions below are not in order of how the matches will appear on the show.

The Ascension v. Axelmania and Macho Mandow (Kickoff Show)

Unleashed: The Ascension
Controversy: Axelmania and Macho Mandow

Unleashed One’s reasons: Not fully behind the idea of Axelmania and Mandow. The Ascension need to be relevant again after being in the dark and on the back burner.

WWE World Heavyweight  Championship Match (Fatal 4-Way): Seth Rollins (incumbent champion) v. Randy Orton v. Roman Reigns v. Dean Ambrose

Unleashed: Seth Rollins
Controversy: Seth Rollins

Unleashed One’s reasons: I honestly do not think that Kane is losing his job. They’ll keep the belt on Rollins for storyline purposes, despite my thinking that Seth MIGHT lose on purpose (cutting off his nose to spite his face mentality).

Dolph Ziggler v. Sheamus

Unleashed: Dolph Ziggler
Controversy: Sheamus

Unleashed One’s reasonsI think that Dolph will get some payback on Sheamus. That is about the only reason I can come up with.

Ryback v. Bray Wyatt

Unleashed: Bray Wyatt
Controversy: Bray Wyatt

Unleashed One’s reasons: Bray NEEDS to win this PPV match to stay relevant and not relegated to another bout of purgatory and backstage vignettes. He is doing more talking than wrestling, and tha tis bothersome.

WWE United States Championship Match (“I Quit” Match): Jon Cena (incumbent champion) v. Rusev

Unleashed: John Cena
Controversy: John Cena

Unleashed One’s reasons: The John Cena Effect is apparent for the SIMPLE FACT that John Cena is UNDEFEATED in an “I Quit” scenario.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match (2-out-of-3 falls): The New Day (incumbent champions) v. Cesaro and Kidd

Unleashed: The New Day
Controversy: The New Day

Unleashed One’s reasonsI really would love to see them really give Cesaro a chance on his own. The team feels like Cesaro (featuring Tyson Kidd). Also, I want to see how long WWE is going to trust The New Day with the belts.

The Bella Twins v. Naomi and Tamina Snuka

Unleashed: The Bella Twins
Controversy: The Bella Twins

Unleashed One’s reasons: Naomi still needs to develop more. I’m not sold on this whole new attitude of hers because she was massively talented before it. Plus, with Tamina only coming in as the heavy doesn’t make me feel at ease either, although I am glad to see her back. For that, although I have never been big on the Bellas (heel or face), I will stick with them.

King Barrett v. Neville

Unleashed: Austin Aries… I mean Neville
Controversy: King Barrett

Unleashed One’s reasons: WWE has put a lot of faith into WWE’s Austin Aries and Tarzan hybrid. He has gone over well with the crowd during the transition, unlike The Ascension. I believe that King Barrett’s role in the company is different now and that they are using him more to get the newer talent over than anything else.


Ascension v Axelmania and Mandow

The Ascension v. Axelmania and Macho Mandow (Kickoff Show)

 Winners: The Ascension

Unleashed One: I know that this was done for nostalgia’s sake but some things need to be left alone. Would Macho Man be flattered by this? I would hope that he had a sense of humor but he was also a very intense individual and he had an on again, off again relationship in real life with Hulk Hogan. No one really knows whether they worked things out before he died in his car accident. Needless to say, I didn’t expect much.

Also, it could be just me but at first they were calling Axel and Mandow “The Meta Powers” but by the time the Kickoff show began, they became “The Mega Powers”. 

(a) Quality of match: Low
(b) Ending: As expected


Surprise Match before Advertised Match: R-Truth vs. Stardust

Winner: R-Truth

**Note: There is no prediction for this match because it was an impromptu one.**

Unleashed One: (a) The story line in relation to this match is a very weak one. R-Truth cost Stardust a chance to be King of the Ring, so he still has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder about that. It was funny that Stardust didn’t bring out the spiders in the bag, since he picked up that R-Truth is afraid of them. Despite the flimsiness of the beef, the two of them carried on a good match.

(b) The ending was a bit disappointing. Both R-Truth and Stardust have been with the company for many years. Yet, the WWE seems at limbo with what to do with Stardust after deciding to break up the tag team featuring him and his brother Goldust. For me there is nothing to gain from having R-Truth be victorious.

Mr. Controversy: I didn’t see this match but to hear about R-Truth winning makes it seem like affirmative action is at play.

Ziggler v Sheamus

Dolph Ziggler v. Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

Unleashed One: I really enjoyed all of the action in this match. Dolph really held his own against Sheamus. He did mess up by delivering that aggressive head butt, though. So very pleased with the level of performance, and although my prediction proved incorrect, this ending with Sheamus victorious ensures that this feud is going to continue.

(a) Quality of match: high
(b) Ending: high (despite being wrong)

Mr. Controversy: Sheamus continues to impress with his facelift, shaved sides of head, and braided beard (MIGHT BE an interesting look for me…). Sheamus may be going up higher at this pace.

Cesaro and Kidd v New Day

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match (2-out-of-3 falls):
The New Day (incumbent champions) v. Cesaro and Kidd

Winners and STILL WWE World Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Unleashed One: Another high performing match, and it also shows that WWE still has the ability to surprise with the trickery of Xavier Woods. The New Day are really holding their own as the team one loves to hate. Similar to Mr. Controversy, I am not happy we had to go the stereotypical route in order for The New Day to get some gold. Now, if only the Prime Time Players would start wrestling again; they haven’t done much of it since they got back together.

(a) Quality of match: high
(b) Ending: high

Mr. Controversy: No surprise: VERY glad that WWE did something right for once in regards to their African American wrestlers. Still not happy that it took them to be in this stereotypical lighting to GAIN this opportunity.

Ryback v Wyatt

Ryback v. Bray Wyatt

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Unleashed One: YES! YES! YES! Wait, that’s Daniel Bryan’s line. Bray has all the tools to really be a major player but I do think they put him in the feud with Cena too early, slowing down his momentum. Then, they had losing frequently at the PPVs, even in the whole calling out the Undertaker. I want his tirades to mean something. If he’s supposed to be the “New Face of Fear” then he can’t keep losing consistently at the PPV. He has to stay dominant and keep winning. In this case, WWE did the right thing in letting him secure the victory.

Quality of match: medium-high
Ending: high

Mr. Controversy: A very impressive and cunning showing from Bray Wyatt. Let’s hope that this signals more good things to come for him.

Cena v Rusev

WWE United States Championship Match (“I Quit” Match):
John Cena (incumbent champion) v. Rusev

Winner and STILL The United States Champion: John Cena(?)

Unleashed One: This was a bit longer than the typical John Cena match but filled with quite a bit of excitement, including Rusev being AA’d into some pyrotechnics. Can we cue a “My God he’s broken in half”? Yet, it was also a match that could go on and on and on, until the very thing Mr. Controversy made mention of happened. Was Lana really concerned about Rusev or getting her own payback for him acting like a jealous bitch when he didn’t get all the attention? We will have to see how it all plays out on Raw.

(a) Quality of match: high (but a bit too long; you’ll see why I think that in the next segment)
(b) Ending: high

Mr. Controversy: The word we NEEDED to hear from Rusev is pronounced “Napuskam” in order for “I Quit” to be valid AND translated by Lana. THIS may very well be a loophole: “I Quit” was spoken in Bulgarian. Does “I Quit” needed to be spoken in English for this match? Is that legitimate and/or passable in this match? We will find out soon enough…

Bellas v Naomi and Snuka

The Bella Twins v. Naomi and Tamina Snuka

Winners: Tamina Snuka and Naomi

Unleashed One: I am shocked yet also disappointed. They could have done more in these six minutes. The Bella Twins were clearly distracted and not on their A Game. I think Cena and Rusev ate up a bit too much time. Nevertheless, despite the not so stellar nature of this match, let’s see where Tamina and Naomi will go from here.

Quality of match: low
Ending: medium

Mr. Controversy: SHOCK. PURE SHOCK. I ACTUALLY WATCHED THIS MATCH! Did the Darker Desires WIN? Is WWE ACTUALLY going to give African Americans a Shot? Let’s keep an eye on this development…

Barrett v Neville

King Barrett v. Neville

Winner: Neville

Unleashed One: All I have to say is Ball Drop. The King said screw this match and Neville won via count out. Seriously? I, along with other people, thought WWE had forgotten about the match. It has happened before where a match has gotten cancelled without no explanation whatsoever, and most thought it was the case this time. With the way it turned out, maybe it should have gone that way.

(a) Quality of match: Low
(b) Ending: #Bullshit

Mr. Controversy: #ShortAndFastMatch #Disappointed #EmbarrassedForBarrettAndNevilleForThisBullshitMatch #WhatJBLDid


Fatal Four Way

WWE World Heavyweight  Championship Match (Fatal 4-Way):
Seth Rollins (incumbent champion) v. Randy Orton v. Roman Reigns v. Dean Ambrose

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins

Unleashed One: That Shield Moment was a highlight reel. Chaos all over the place. They did what they could with the match, but I also think that if Cena’s match had been shorter, then they could have gone a bit longer with this main event. Towards the end it really felt rushed. The ending didn’t surprise me, although people speculated whether Kane was going to get fired as part of the story line because he’s starring in a movie or what not. I feel like either way, Kane still being in WWE is #BestForBusiness even if Seth Rollins still being WWE Champion is not.

(a) Quality of match: medium-high
(b) Ending: medium (no real surprises, besides the brief Shield togetherness)

Mr. Controversy: The Fatal 4-Way became a 7-Man Free for All with Kane AND J&J Security entering the fracas! Shield came back JUST ONCE for a Triple/Cerberus Powerbomb on Randy Orton through the Announcers’ table!

MAN… I DAMN NEAR peed myself seeing that! For a SPLIT SECOND, WE ALMOST had them back together in a MAJOR WWE Swerve! Then Seth got a BIT TOO CHUMMY. Sorry kid: not tonight.

At the end of the night, ONE MAN stood tall.

Predictions Wise
Unleashed One: 7 Correct
Mr. Controversy: 6 Correct


Unleashed Verdict (on the other than books scale): 3.5 out of 5 Stars

The things that kept this from getting the full five stars
(1) When people won’t let Nostalgia have several seats (The Mega/Meta Powers)
(2) When Stardust is treated like pixie dust (despite it being an excellent match)
(3) When Divas are Done in Seven Minutes or less
(4) All Boo King Barrett (match was some #Bullshit)

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