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Unleashed Speaks on The Heart Has Its Reasons



The Heart Has Its Reasons: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
by Ignatius Fernandez
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Genre: Nonfiction, self-help, spiritual

Note: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Greetings! The Review Board here to talk about one of three books by Ignatius Fernandez. Here to share her thoughts, the Unleashed One.

Unleashed Speaks

Before diving into my thoughts, let’s check out the blurb:

The Heart Has Its Reasons, Looking Back Looking Ahead. What if we could look ahead while still looking back? What if hard-won insight was ours to use when we needed it? This short book puts such possibilities within our reach. In a series of brief articles, the author explains important thoughts in relating to God, oneself and others. These insights, gained with age and experience, nudge us to find a new path. Then the rest of our journey becomes transforming. With God back in the center, others in their rightful place, and we striving harder, our relationships could regain the luster they once had. The heart, the seat of love, looks back to learn lessons and looks ahead in hope. When lessons of the past become sentinels for the future, we gain peace and joy. To attain that state we must learn to open our hearts to God and others. The theme on the heart throbs in the two parts of the book: One, Love yourself and bleed for others; two, Love God above all else. Twenty-two chapters, a Prologue and an Epilogue pump love-loaded blood. Here are some drops from that blood: * Reflections on the year gone by * Does evil serve a purpose? * Does pain heal? * How do we respond to those who offend us? * A crusade for healing * Why do we treat God so badly? The author does not stop at asking questions. In a simple and direct style he answers them – without preaching. Journey with him to look upon a new horizon!

I am going to address this from a few different perspectives.

(1) As a person who is strong in his/her spiritual journey

(2) As a person who has faith but lost his or her way during some type of mishap

(3) As a seeker of a religious home, overall guidance, or other readers

I’m going to combine #1 and #2 because my statement does address both of them. I think for both of those groups, the author’s book serves a great purpose. It uses statements from other great philosophers and writers, along with Bible verses, to tackle real life scenarios and situations that can be challenging to the overall spirit.

Now on to perspective #3.

Please keep in mind that my thoughts on this work does not serve as advocacy for or against any kind of spiritual or religious teachings.

Presentation wise, I would have preferred the start of the chapters actually begin on a brand new page. Also, there were opportunities for better sentence structure and improved comma usage.

In addition, I would have liked a bibliography page to show references to a few of the great quotes used throughout the book that were not in the Bible.

For me, the lessons provided in the author’s work ring not so different that what I have read in other works, such as the writings of Iyanla Vanzant (my favorite being “In the Meantime”). The only variation is that I do not see enough of Mr. Fernandez’s own personal testimonies to correspond with the depth of the content. It would have provided a deeper resonation had he done so. In addition, for those who are not familiar with the Bible or have not read the contents, sharing the trials associated with his heart could serve as a further beacon of light to bring new followers to the concept of Christianity.

To elaborate on this point, I will talk about one of my books Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes. One of the things I tackle in the book is the subject of domestic violence. I could have easily just talked about what other people had gone through or generated some type of case study to go along with my overall views. However, I decided to share my own experience with this very topic. It not only served as empowerment for me; it also let other people out there they were not alone, so when I provided information on how to get help, they knew it was from someone who had experienced that type of pain first hand.


Unleashed Verdict:  6.5 out of 10 Stars

I applaud the author for what he is trying to do with The Heart Has Its Reasons. I was just looking for a bit more of the author’s own heart in this work and for it to be more of a blend between teaching and testimony, as opposed to being heavily self help told with a outsider like ambiance.

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