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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on The Kutters

DR.Card-CDThe Kutters (part of the Continuous Drips anthology)

Genre: Dark Drama

Note: Although there are nine short stories in the Continuous Drips anthology, I will not be covering Misfortune, Afro Shock or Útil but will only focus on the other six works in the collection one at a time.  This is part of a challenge in which each author of this anthology would give their honest assessment on the others contributions in the collection (and it would be a bit biased if I reviewed my own works on here).  None of the authors have seen the others’ works prior to their compilation and live presentation.

No Labels
Unleashed Speaks

No Labels here! Last month I began discussing stories that were a part of the Continuous Drips anthology. Today I will share my thoughts on the third and final story by Da’Kharta Rising entitled “The Kutters”.

This is the story of author Jonas Rowen. His publication “The Kutters” established him as a best selling author. When his attempts to pull away from the genre that put him on the map ring unsuccessful, Jonas’ contract with his publishing company risks being on the chopping block.

Literary agent Nora Gavenchy proposes the idea of doing a new version of the very publication that gave him fame which he highly opposes. The rest of the story involves the race to get Jonas to change his mind and ultimately save his career.


All I can say is … wow!

From an author’s perspective I can definitely relate. There can be pressure on an author to stick with one genre (read: what is popular and what sells). The struggle that Jonas experienced when trying something new felt very real to me. When people are accustomed to a certain writing style or one writing in a specific genre, it can be hard for them to adapt to transition. The lukewarm reception can leave a bitter taste on the tongue.

thumbsupIn addition to Jonas, I also liked the literary agent. Nora was very no nonsense and not the typical prototype of a female as it pertains to body image. I also had a soft spot for Sharpe, her dialect and her desire to be just a normal person, despite the tragic accident that  led to her disability. To be honest, this is one of the few writings I have read where I have not had a dislike for any character, just characters that stood out more than others.

The banter between Jonas and some of the other characters, particularly Dulle, gave me the most enjoyment. It was like I was in the room, seeing Jonas’ reactions and hearing Dulle’s thick accent. Remnants of this (minus the comedy) make me think of a combination of two of Stephen King’s works: “Secret Window, Secret Garden” (movie Secret Window) because of the twang of John Shooter, antagonist of Mort Rainey and “The Dark Half” (where one encounters someone he once believed was a mere figment of the imagination).

The cadence of the read kept me invested from beginning to end.


The only thing a reader may consider a flaw in the story was the ending. Some may desire more polish as it pertains to what truly caused the final scene. This didn’t deter me, as I enjoy a hint of mystery in my reading. Plus, in my previous experiences with Miss Rising’s short stories, this has become her signature: present an ending and let the reader decide on what could have happened.

For me, “The Kutters” is the strongest showing out of Da’Kharta Rising’s three works in Continuous Drips. Character development, pacing, dialogue and plot were all in terrific sync.

10starsUnleashed Verdict: 10 out of 10 Stars

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