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Like Gorilla Glue (featuring Mr. Controversy)

Board Spotlight

Greetings everyone! For the month of January, each member of The Review Board has been asked to do a feature in reference to their assigned reads. It can cover highlights (books they loved). It may cover what a read needed to do to stand out. Or it some cases, a combination of both.

In this “Board Spotlight”, Board Member Mr. Controversy expounds on what works lingered so long that one can say they are stuck “Like Gorilla Glue”.

Mr. Controversy

Controversial Thoughts

Three books immediately came to mind when I was posed this inquiry.

nickthesaintThe first book is a very good book that caught me by surprise due to my readiness to quit the read after a couple of paragraphs. That book is “Nick the Saint,” by Anthony Szpak.

Mr. Szpak wrote a book about an Industrial Revolutionized Nick Klaus growing up and residing in Manhattan as a former Child Laborer. The story itself is incredibly compelling which has kept the pages turning for me. The detail as to the locations, the sights, the sounds, the smells took over my senses (did I mention that I was READING this book?). Mr. Szpak’s book, in a nutshell, is one of those reads that I have specifically requested for the next Chapter of Nick Klaus’ adventures.


The second book is actually a 3-part series (SO FAR) entitled The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight of which I have been a fan since its first chapter in the first book: “Knightfall,” by Robert Jackson-Lawrence.

Mr. Jackson-Lawrence honed his writing abilities to deliver a story set that has many pop culture references, a solid story line, and surprising twists and turns that kept me hooked. I immediately saw potential in his works and there is a possibility that, if placed in the right hands, the “Chronicle of Benjamin Knight” series could become an amazing big screen blockbuster set.


As with everything that has good and potential, there is ALWAYS that ONE BOOK that makes you want to throw up where you sit, stand, walk, run, bathe, eat, take a crap, have sex, shower, and sleep. That book is “Phantasy,” by Marlowe.


Not only could I not get into the book, I had to battle a gauntlet of ignorance, misspellings, misplaced punctuation marks, expletives, LOCKED CAPS, underutilized italicization, and all out utter disrespect to those who TRULY work hard on their books to make it meaningful, ONLY to have someone who wrote a turd of a book JUST to say that he published something in order to troll and flood the online bookstores so that could get paid.

Gordon-RamsayTo make it even worse about this “book,” his Author’s Note is less than useless and shitty, he included an index chock full of nuts (figuratively, yet at the same time I could have sworn that one stain in the middle of the book…) where he EXPECTED US THE READERS to look shit up which he should have looked up HIS GOD DAMNED SELF, and the ULTIMATE EYESORE is “Marlowe’s Story” which STILL resonates in my mind: “Well, I don’t have much to say about myself.”

Less is More in this situation, the less being that Marlowe should have NOT included his story because we had TOO DAMN MUCH to decipher in “Phantasy”.

I have NEVER been MORE embarrassed by a read than I am with that sorry excuse of a collection of pages that he calls/called a book.

dividerThanks for taking the time to stop by Mr. Controversy. May your stack of 2015 reads stick to you (in mostly a good way).

Thanks to all of you for stopping by The Review Board. Shares, likes, and subscribes are always welcomed. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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