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Unleashed Speaks on WWE TLC (2014)

TLC and Stairs BannerTables, Ladders, Chairs (and Stairs)

Greetings everyone! No Labels here to discuss my thoughts on WWE TLC 2014. Survivor Series did amaze, despite the card appearing less than impressive. Would the same magic repeat for what WWE calls its “Demolition Derby”? Before we get into it, Mr. Controversy and I did our predictions. This time, the Kickoff has been included.

Kickoff (The New Day vs. Gold and Stardust)
Mr. Controversy: The New Day
Unleashed: The New Day

Why 3 Black Men (I mean, The New Day): If WWE is enthusiastic about this new push, then the Dust Brothers will experience the shooting star of defeat.

Ladder Match (WWE Intercontinental Title Match): Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler
Mr. Controversy: Luke Harper
Unleashed: Luke Harper

Why Luke Harper: This was a tough one for me because I did think they took the belt from Dolph too soon. Yet it appears that Bray and his former Wyatt family are getting pushes at the same time. To go along with that trend was the reason I decided to stick with Luke to secure the victory.

WWE Tag Team Title Match (Miz and Mizdow vs. The Usos)
Mr. Controversy: Miz & Mizdow
Unleashed: Miz & Mizdow

Why Miz & Mizdow: With a hint at the Kickoff show that Naomi may end up choosing fame over her husband Jimmy, there could be some shenanigans that ensures Miz & Mizdow hold on to the gold.

Stairs Match (Erick Rowan vs. The Big Show)
Mr. Controversy: The Big Show
Unleashed: Erick Rowan (Dark Horse)

Why Rowan: This was actually one of my dark picks so I don’t have a set reason why Rowan apart from momentum. Also, it’s rare they actually let The Big Show win one on the big stage these days.

Tables Match (John Cena vs. Seth Rollins)
Mr. Controversy: John Cena
Unleashed: John Cena

Why Cena: I know, I know, I know … if Cena wins, then it’s he and Lesnar again at the Royal Rumble. But hear me out. It makes no sense for Seth Rollins to win this match because he has the briefcase anyway. Also, wouldn’t people prefer if let’s say Brock loses to Cena and just when Cena is celebrating, Rollins sneak attacks him, cashes it in and ends up being the champ at Royal Rumble? I like how that looks, so I’m going with Cena for the win here to prepare for a bigger win for Rollins later.

Chairs Match (Kane vs. Ryback)
Mr. Controversy: Ryback
Unleashed: Ryback

Why Ryback: I am still not sold on Ryback. To me, he is an imitation Goldberg. However, Kane is getting on up in years and has been serving more of a role similar to Undertaker in putting people over. Therefore, I think Kane will be the Big Red Pusher and put over The Big Guy.

WWE Divas Championship Match (AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella)
Mr. Controversy: Nikki Bella
Unleashed: Nikki Bella

Why Nikki Bella: As much as I love AJ Lee, WWE needs to quit acting spastic with this belt. Keep it on someone for more than a month. If you want Nikki to have it, let her have it. If not, let AJ win and keep it until you guys make up your mind. So for stability’s sake, let it be Nikki Bella. (although I can’t stand that Glitter Girl)

US Title Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger
Mr. Controversy: Rusev
Unleashed: Rusev

Why Rusev: If Big Show and Mark Henry couldn’t get the job done, I’m honestly supposed to believe that Daffy Duck (I’m sorry, Jack Swagger) can do it? WWE is so on again and off again with Jack that it’s just hard for me to get behind him. Yet this whole “fake winning streak” of Rusev is getting played out, too.

TLC Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
Mr. Controversy: Bray Wyatt (Dark Horse)
Unleashed: Dean Ambrose (Dark Horse)

Why Ambrose: I was torn on this one. On one hand, Bray Wyatt won the last pay per view (even though it didn’t look like it). On the other hand, Dean Ambrose hasn’t won a pay per view since June, plus it is in his home state of Ohio. Surely WWE will put the odds in Ambrose’s favor, so I’m going to go out on a limb and pick him.

Now that picks are out of the way, on with the show:

The New Day v Gold and StarDustConfession: I am still not feeling The New Day. The sad thing is that I should enjoy them. They are marketed to send messages of positivity and determination. Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be Bo Dallas, prior to his mean streak and getting injured? Yet before the repackaging, there were undertones of frustration to where they were to be more like the new Nation of Domination than the BBB (Bubbly Black Brothers) you see before you. I’m just saying.

Not much to sneeze at here, although I was definitely a fan of Stardust rocking the Green and the Gold. I was definitely excited when the Bizarre Ones themselves favored my tweet.

bizarreonesIt was a close call. Goldust didn’t make it in fast enough, but The New Day secured the victory with their new finisher.

Luke Harper v Dolph ZigglerOkay, once upon a time, wasn’t Dolph Ziggler billed from Hollywood, Florida? I know I am not the only one who remembers this, right. I have no problem with people saying he’s from Ohio, considering that is actually where he originates. What I do have issue with is WWE thinking that people have forgotten where he was originally billed from. It was only a few months ago when Ziggler was squaring off against Miz for the very title Luke Harper is holding where it was “Hollywood vs. Hollywood.”

This was the best match on the card. Dolph Ziggler was definitely in his element and Luke Harper was holding his own. Luke experienced a great fall that made me cringe.

The ending was a pleasant surprise to myself and Mr. Controversy.

Winner (and now 4 Time IC Champ): Dolph Ziggler

Miz and Sandow v UsosThis match made me upset for a number of reasons.

  • I love Mizdow’s shenanigans but I felt like there was more of that than actual wrestling.
  • The hinted betrayal in the Kickoff show didn’t pan out which could have added extra layers to this match.
  • Nor there was any show of the jealousy angle that was the main hype going into the match.
  • Because Miz couldn’t get the job done (Mizdow never really got into the match) he opted for the team to get disqualified.

Winners: The Usos (but still Tag Team Champions Miz and Mizdow)

Erick Rowan v Big ShowI know WWE at the time thought this was a cool idea. Seriously, how much can you really do with stairs? There’s only so much flinging you can do, since Big Show almost wiped out Cole, JBL, and the King with one segment of them. You can slam someone on them, and you can use the opening to pin someone with it, which is what The Big Show did to secure the victory with Rowan.

It’s just sad that this is the only type of match Big Show can win on the big stage now. Plus, with Luke and Eric both losing, does this mean WWE Creative is rethinking their initial push of these two men? I guess I will have to see in the coming months.

All I know is that I don’t want “Stairs” to be a stay put in this pay per view.

John Cena v Seth RollinsThe things that made this match so boring that I’d rather watch paint dry:

  • The five moves of doom
  • Cena positioning himself on a table so Seth can do his curb stomp
  • Paul Heyman NOT doing commentary
  • The referee getting knocked out and coming to just as (see next bullet)
  • Both Rollins and Cena going through the table at the same time

The things that kept me invested in the match:

  • J & J Security (they did more wrestling than Seth)
  • J & J gets wood
  • Restart of the match by the senior official (excellent call)
  • Appearance of The Big Show (plan Z or whatever you want to deem him)
  • Oh, and the appearance of this guy-

Roman Reigns ReturnsRoman ReignsBelieve in Roman Reigns

Which lead a Big Show getting speared, a Rollins getting punched, and a Cena getting the victory!

Like I said on my Twitter and in past correspondences, I do believe Roman Reigns is being prepped to be the next WWE Champion come next year’s Wrestlemania. Although his hernia injury did interrupt the momentum, I still think WWE is headed in that direction, no matter how much they keep smacking everyone upside the head with Seth Rollins.

Ryback v KaneThis match was going at turtle speed. At least it played out that way. I don’t think even Kane was interested in being in this match. Nor was the crowd and noticeably (in more matches than not) the commentators. Both this match and the Show/Rowan produced the same number of sighs of boredom.

Winner: Ryback

Nikki Bella v AJ LeeI did not know that Nikki Bella was auditioning for a role as a gold glitter stick because she had a lot of it on. I was glad this match lasted for over a minute (not like that crap we were subjected to at Survivor Series). Just as the referee was in the process of throwing Brie Bella out, Nikki pulled a move that I have not seen since the days of the Model Rick Martel.

Up to this point, we had Tables, Ladders, Chair, Stairs. Along with barricades. And now … spray.

Winner (and still the Champ): Nikki Bella

Rusev v SwaggerIt’s a sad day when the Divas Match lasts longer than the US Title Match. It makes you wonder if Vince went to Jack and like “You’ve gotta make this quick. I shortchanged the Divas at the last PPV. Now it’s your turn.” There were a few exciting moments here and there where Jack had a fighting chance but a few kicks to the face was all it took to switch the tide and place Swagger right where Rusev wanted him.

Winner (and still US Champ): Rusev

Dean Ambrose v Bray WyattWith Dolph Ziggler stealing the show earlier, it put even more pressure on Dean Ambrose (another native of Ohio) to come up big. In addition, with Cena not being the main event, this was a test to really see if Ambrose and Wyatt could pull all the stops.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t good. I just felt there was opportunity for more to be done with it. In too many spots, it just seemed that Bray was just waiting for Dean to punish him. It also looked like Dean was working twice as hard as Bray with all of the moves, especially those dives off the ladder.

Maybe I’m too old school but I believe that it is the heel’s job to carry the majority of the match and to bring out the best in the face character. It is tough to have a heel (that is adored like a face) to pull that out.

Bray just wasn’t doing it for me. He should not have won that match and yet, he did.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Predictions wise, Mr. Controversy emerged victorious with 7 correct while I ended up with 5 correct.

Now my verdict (based on the 5 Point Not Book Reviews Scale)

2.5_stars2.5 Stars out of Five

Besides the very first match and the very last match, this undoubtedly quenched the excitement felt after Survivor Series. Lackluster matches, head shaking endings, and less than present commentary by JBL, Cole and Lawler were a huge part of this rating.

Although it was great to bring in Roman Reigns, I’m not the only one who is missing Randy Orton. We expected Orton at Survivor Series (since it was in St. Louis) but got Sting.

Yet another prime opportunity to extract his revenge on Rollins (while it’s fresh in people’s minds), we end up getting Reigns to hype up Royal Rumble.

Not even Roman Reigns could save this Demolition Derby from being a Disastrous Dud.

Thanks for checking out the wrestling segment of The Review Board. Feel free to like, share, and subscribe. Have a great day!


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