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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Unrest

DR.Card-CD“Unrest” (part of the Continuous Drips anthology)
by Da’Kharta Rising

Genre: Short story (dark drama)

Note: Although there are nine short stories in the Continuous Drips anthology, I will not be covering Misfortune, Afro Shock or Util but will only focus on the other six works in the collection one at a time.  This is part of a challenge in which each author of this anthology would give their honest assessment on the others’ contributions in the collection (and it would be a bit biased if I reviewed my own works on here).  None of the authors have seen the others’ works prior to their compilation and live presentation.

nolabels-tftsWhew!  That was a mouthful.  Now that we have all of that out of the way, I can get started on my thoughts with “Unrest”.

The mini description of “Unrest” did not give me a lot to go on.  All it mainly said was that a young lady was to go through some changes.  Of course, that could be a number of things but I suppose Da’Kharta Rising was vague on purpose.

With all types of thoughts swirling in my head, I proceeded to read and take in the changes of Spywrit the main character.  One was a haircut, then a change in what she would normally wear (from color to style).  At one point, I did start to wonder what the big deal was.  It just sounded like Spywrit was preparing for a date and wanted to make a phenomenal first impression.

shocked-smiley-face-EEKOh how wrong I was!  For me to even try to describe how wrong I was would result in me giving away a huge spoiler, and I definitely don’t want to do that.  All I will say is that it’s not anything you would see coming, no matter how much you go back and try to look for indicator or context clues.  You won’t find them.  (Believe me, I tried.)

Yet, for me, that is where the beauty of “Unrest” lies.  In a lot of modern writing, even those that are supposed to have layers of mystery, there is pressure to just spell out everything.  In this work, there is a bit of rebellion—as if the author wants the reader to use his/her imagination in conjunction with her own.

Food for thought: I’m beginning to think that Miss Rising wants to adopt this mannerism in her writing as a staple, since this tendency appeared in another one of her short stories, Vocal Remedy.

If you are looking for very detailed characters, you won’t find it here. Natas in particular is quite blurred.  Is he man, reincarnation, figment of someone’s imagination, or a monster?  At the end, I came up with one answer, yet another reader may come up with a different answer based on the conclusion of the story.

“Unrest” is more action centered and psychologically driven.  Although I’m more of a past tense reader, the present tense of “Unrest” makes things seem significantly more urgent, like I was in the thick of Spywrit’s emotional angst.

The action also has a bit of abstractness to it.  Sexual snaked in with ritual, promise mixed in with pain.  With each read of this work, I found something different to appreciate about it.

8starsUnleashed Verdict: 8 out of 10 Stars

I am a person that likes a read where things aren’t always fully presented.  However, when it comes to different readers, there may be other expectations, particularly with a short story.  Da’Kharta Rising may lose a few with this one since the end raises more questions than answers, so I can’t fully recommend this to those “must have answers now” and “concrete characters” fanatics.

**Yet if some of you are more like me, then I encourage you to check out “Unrest” and weave your own ending.**

Thanks for checking out this special KARR edition of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, and subscribe.  Have a glorious day!


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