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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Handy

 handyHandy (short story) by Synful Desire

Genre(s): Erotica, Comedy, Romance

Greetings!  The Unleashed One here with another episode of Kindle (in this case, Smashwords) App Random Robin.  This time around, I revisit Synful Desire, to give my thoughts on “Handy”.

I was first exposed to this author’s writing in her microshort “Kona”. I decided to check out a few more of her writes, such as Simmer Sweet and Delectable Things. Noting that she was more of an erotic writer, I thought I had a good feel for her style.

Then I got thrown a curve ball.

First off, I love the brightness of the cover as well as the hands being incorporated on the internal material. I was confused to their meaning until I read the contents. You just have to be patient and wait for it.

Darbi is someone quite a few women can identify with: one who is looking for love but has encountered some lousy luck along the way.  However, her adventures show that a person should never judge a book by the cover and at times it does pay to do a little extra research before getting overly excited.

Yes there are bits of erotica in here but the wacky situations Darbi ends up in makes these episodes more laughable than sensual. I was totally all right with that!

10starsUnleashed Verdict: 10 out of 10 TRB Stars

Extremely strong story line and that amazing twist at the end. This is by far my favorite by this newcomer! Kudos to her for tickling my funny bone.

Thanks for checking out the KARR segment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, and subscribe.  Have a terrific day!


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