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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Delectable Things

delectablethingsDelectable Things by Synful Desire

Update (12-4-14): I was notified by the author that the work is going to be relaunched via word from the publishing company.

Note: There are same sex erotic episodes in this read.  If it is not your cup of tea, then feel free to pass.

Genre: Same-sex erotica

cropped-nolabelsunleashedGreetings!  No Labels here to heat up December.  This week Kindle App Random Robin is going to crank up the heat when I share my thoughts on Delectable Things today with Handy to follow a few days afterwards.  Both are by a newcomer to the writing scene Synful Desire.

Wow! I hardly know where to begin, so I will just dive in.


Cover: The idea for the design is quite fresh. At first, I couldn’t understand the lettering but then once it started talking about the sign, then the neon made sense. I had to give a double take because at first glance, I thought it was a rocket instead of a jumbo jet (representing the flight to get away).

Characters: One of the things I found engaging about this work was the mixture of characters. There are characters that I really liked (Evianne and Vicki), some I outright disliked (Mr. Torrance and Veronica), and a few I was on the fence about. One of the “fencers” was the main character. In one instance, Sabrina acted inappropriately while in another instance, she didn’t act quickly enough (with Rachel). The mix of emotions kept me reading.

Action Kept on Coming: There was not a dull moment in any of the chapters. Each one provided new information and a level of excitement. The major players in this novelette had a back story that was conveyed with a combination of dialogue and narrative. It can be a tedious balancing act, but I believe this author did a wonderful job.

Not Just About Sex: I was so invested in the back story and some of the conflicts that one would almost forget this is a work of sensual proportions. The author took great care with describing each ladies’ features as well as their executions of erotic acts. It bordered on scientific yet I think the author’s aim was for it to appeal to the novice erotica reader.

If there were any type of suggestions, it would be these:

1. The last chapter felt slightly rushed. I believe the author could have extended it just a little more.
2. Vicki the owner was my favorite character yet she is the one I didn’t get a good look into.  I also wanted to know a bit more about Amber. Maybe they weren’t that pivotal but it would have allotted a nice balance.
3. Although I am sure this novelette can stand as is, I wonder if the author has plans of talking more about Sabrina in the future.  Some of the narrative about her past almost suggest we haven’t seen the last of her.  Also I wouldn’t mind there being a side story about some of the other characters, such as Amber & Evianne’s relationship along with Vicki and how she became a store owner.


Unleashed Verdict: 8 out of 10 TRB Stars

For conflict and story mixed with sensual heat, I do recommend Delectable Things.

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