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Truth Unleashed on Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies

soccertommiesSoccer Tommies Baseball Mommies
G. Mitchell Baker
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Hello!  Mini Truth and No Labels here to share our thoughts on Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies by G. Mitchell Baker.  This reading is a combo of Truth on the Side and Kindle App Random Robin.

First up, Mini Truth:



Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies is truly a joy to read. I loved this short story.

Let me start with the premise, then I’ll continue with some bullets of pros and cons.

Paternal Twins Teddy and Terri Fabiano as sports lovers to the bone. The only difference between them is that one favors baseball while the other favors soccer.
Like any real brother and sister that love each other, they also can’t stand each other and are constantly playing pranks on one another. Until the unexpected happens. Old Luke, a tornado, sweeps through the town and leave destruction in its wake. The entire town is devastated by the tornado and most of it comes crashing down, including one of the fields–more specifically the soccer field.
Forced to confront the reality that they must now share the baseball field, the town is even more angry. What true sports fan wouldn’t be at the realization that they must share their beloved field?

In its entirety this story will make you laugh, giggle, sigh and pout, and at times talk out loud to the characters.

Let’s start with the one and only Con:

1. At the very beginning of the story (the first chapter) I was a little confused because the 3 characters in that chapter all had T names. So since I was just becoming familiar with the story, I was a tad befuddled as I couldn’t remember which T named character was who.
This however, clears up by the second chapter and all if fine after that.


1. The story is well written and super engaging. And while written for youth, any person (or sports fan) of any age can appreciate it.

2. There are real human emotions nicely weaved thoroughly through the story and it makes you connect to it in a special way.

3. The characters come to life, and you can almost hear their voices and accents as you read along. This is the sign of a well written book.

4. The twins were fantastic and I loved their genuine sibling connection-slash-rivalry. One on my favorite characters was the mayor.

5. The imagery is there and you feel like your in the town, with the town’s people.

All in all this story did have a lesson to teach, and that is, that when push comes to shove, people that really care about each other stick together. Moreover, when they DO stick together they can get marvelous things accomplished.

A Plus read. I highly recommend it!

10 Stars!





Now, No Labels:


The uniqueness of the title not only had this work stick with me but also gave me a bit of the giggles.  The cover is also in alignment with the content of the story which was also a plus.

Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies is a wonderful combination of competition and collaboration. When tragedy strikes in the form of a tornado, there is tension when the Old B has to be shared. G. Mitchell Baker does a nice job of interweaving very important lessons in terms of healthy sports competition between others in a very realistic way. The writing style is very engaging and did inspire a chuckle or two from each and every chapter. I can see quite a few of the events happening from the small town I grew up in.

Unleashed Verdict: 10 out of 10 TRB Stars

This is an easy read for kids and a wonderful tool for teachers.  I highly recommend!

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