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TFTS: Unleashed Speaks on iCraig Tablet CMP749


Greetings!  Unleashed here.  The following experience I’m about to share shows that when it comes to certain items, it is much better to invest in the more expensive item than the least expensive item.


iCraig Tablet CMP749

I received this tablet as an appreciation gift. This is the first tablet I have ever owned. I’m a bit old school in the sense that I’m used to the feel of a book in my hand. Since I am an avid reader and do book reviews, this was given to me to aid me in doing both.

For the first few months the tablet worked fine. Since I have an Android phone with all the trimmings, I used little to none of the extra bloatware that came on the tablet. However, I utilized the Amazon Kindle app because of my reading and reviewing.


Along the way, the performance of the tablet became lackluster. The Amazon Kindle app kept freezing and would just shut down. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the Kindle app, the tablet would do the same thing. Even when I found an alternate application to do .mobi files, the tablet acted like it was unable to handle the application.

Another drawback to this tablet was how quickly it went through battery life. Literally, after turning it on, the battery life would immediately go down two percent, and that is without opening any applications whatsoever. It made it very frustrating the few times the Kindle app would work and I’m in the midst of reading something. The low battery indicator would end my reading journey way too soon, and it would take many hours to get it charged.

Unleashed Verdict (based on the non-writing scale)


2 out of 5 Stars

If it wasn’t past the warranty on this device, I would return it–even if it’s just to get store credit. I cannot recommend this product at this time. The reading app I need to use the most doesn’t have full functionality and the battery life isn’t prominent enough to deem it highly useful.

Guess this means a Kindle Fire may be in my future or some other tablet.  I’m just sad it didn’t work out because it was gifted to me.

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