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Unleashed Speaks on WWE Night of Champions 2014

Greetings everyone!  Unleashed here to give my take on WWE Night of Champions 2014.  Before I get into it, however, Mr. Controversy and I had a pow wow as to who we thought would win:

Tag Team Championship Match (Usos vs. Gold and Stardust)
Controversy: Usos
Unleashed: Usos

My pick rationale:  Gold and Stardust are definitely on their way and should wear the gold but thinks they should earn it on a more prominent pay per view.

US Championship Match (Sheamus vs. Cesaro)
Controversy: Cesaro
Unleashed: Sheamus

My pick rationale:  It is similar to my thoughts on Gold and Stardust–I’d like to see Cesaro capture it on a larger scale, similar to the Andre the Giant trophy achievement at Wrestlemania.  In addition, I fear that WWE still doesn’t quite know what to do with Cesaro so they may not be ready to put gold on him.

Intercontinental Championship Match (Ziggler vs. Miz)
Controversy: Damien Mizdow
Unleashed: Ziggler

My pick rationale:  I just never like it when Miz has the belt.  Besides, I want WWE to let Ziggler hold on to the belt for just a little while longer.  Each time Ziggler gets a title, he’s not allow to hold on to it for any amount of time.  True, one instance wasn’t entirely his fault (because of Jack Swagger) but it also makes you wonder if WWE doesn’t know what to do with Ziggler either.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
Controversy: Rollins
Unleashed: Rollins

My pick rationale:  Not saying Reigns can’t beat Rollins but Rollins needs the victory more, for credibility and story line purposes.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev
Controversy: Rusev
Unleashed: Rusev

My pick rationale:  For Rusev’s push to continue, it makes sense for Henry to lose.  It will set up for a Henry rematch or for The Big Show to step in next to challenge Rusev.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
Controversy: Jericho
Unleashed: Orton

My pick rationale:  Randy may have been doing what was best for business with the last few pay per views but I think it is time for him to go into business for himself.  Nothing can be gained from him losing to Jericho, and if he wants to revitalize his character, he has to win this match.

3 Way for Divas Title Match (Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella)
Controversy: Paige
Unleashed: Nikki

My pick rationale:  Not that I’m a fan of Nikki but I want to see if any more is gained from this whole Nikki and Brie sibling rivalry angle.  Plus, how invested is The Authority in Nikki anyway?

WWE Championship Match (Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena)
Controversy: Lesnar
Unleashed: Lesnar

My pick rationale: For Brock’s dominance to maintain impact, he has to come through with a clean win.

So how did Mr. C. and I do?  Find out at the end.


Okay now that the picks are all set, let us get to the action.

Tag Team Championship Match (Usos vs. Gold and Stardust)
At the last pay per view, I felt as if the Usos were losing their steam–mainly because of the number of times they had faced the Wyatt Family (Luke and Erick).  However, the rivalry with Gold and Stardust brought a renewed vigor.  Plus, I did appreciate the heel turn with Gold and Stardust.  I always felt both of them, particularly Goldust, were at their best being heels.  For me, this was the best match of the night.  Even the commentators had a bit of trouble keeping up.  Yet it was the ending that was the biggest shocker of them all.

Winner: New Tag Team Champions Gold and Stardust

I’m very happy for their victory but not sure whether giving it to them at this pay-per-view was best.

US Championship Match (Sheamus vs. Cesaro)
This match was a beauty to see.  Sheamus and Cesaro match each other beautifully in brute strength, and I was glad to see more of Cesaro’s arsenal as opposed to the Cesaro swing.  At one point, this looked more like brawling and a boxing match but it suited both of their styles.

Mr. Controversy deemed it the best match.  I say it came in a close second next to the Tag Team match.

They took each other to the limit, but in the end there could be only one winner.

Winner (and still champ): Sheamus

Although Mr. Controversy (and a lot of others) aren’t pleased with this verdict, I believe WWE is doing the right thing.  If they are really building up Cesaro for better, then it’s best they not put the belt on him at this time.  Yet, if it is the situation where they are in limbo on what to do with Cesaro, then that would definitely be a sign of another missed opportunity by WWE.  I’ll reserve further judgment until I see how things build for Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series.

mizvsziggler-nocPicture: courtesy Cageside Seats

Intercontinental Championship Match (Ziggler vs. Miz)
I feel like the announcers were not the least bit interested in this match because they were too busy talking to Florida Georgia Line about the album and the tour.

FGL_Hi-Res_Photo_8.29.12these guys

I should have realized that was the warning things weren’t going to go my way as far as my prediction.

It wasn’t the worst match I’d seen but it could have been better.  I expected R. Ziggler to get a bit more involved in the fray.  Although it was entertaining when Damien Mizdow got hit by Florida Georgia Line and chased to the back by R. Ziggler, it was quite disappointing when R. Ziggler didn’t make it back in time to assist Dolph when it counted.  In addition, the tights grab was so obvious that if it weren’t for the camera angle, one could see Ziggler’s full moon.  Seriously?

Winner (and new IC champion): The Miz

That’s my response and I’m sticking to it.  Really WWE?  You couldn’t let Ziggler hold on to the belt any longer than that?  Miz with the title is a frigging joke.  He’s got a lot of mouth but can barely wrestle.  His stunt double deserves the title more than him.  Let me go on to the next match.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
The day before the pay per view, Roman Reigns had to have emergency surgery to operate on an incarcerated hernia.  Therefore, Reigns was unable to compete for Night of Champions.  It is predicted he will be out for several months, so don’t count on him for Hell in a Cell either.  I want Reigns to be at one hundred percent, so if that means not seeing him until Royal Rumble, I’m good with that.  A hernia is nothing to play with.

Winner (by forfeit): Seth Rollins

What I am getting tired of though is this “forfeit” business.  Before WWE would just find another opponent rather than to call for a “forfeit”.  Yet Runaway Rollins (that’s my new name for him since he seems to spend more running than fighting) comes out once again and gets a win by forfeit.  Then he wants to act all big and bad to call out someone to wrestle.


Then, it’s a miracle!  Dean Ambrose has risen from the dead (finished filming a movie) and a repeat of Battleground ensues.  I say they should have just made it an impromptu match, but once again, missed opportunity by WWE to salvage a prime match between Rollins vs. Reigns for another prime match with Rollins vs. Ambrose.  All of this forfeiting= bad for business.

rusevhenrynocMark Henry vs. Rusev
Lilian Garcia has such a lovely voice on her.  When she was singing the National Anthem, I got chills.  When I saw Mark Henry shed tears, a part of me really wanted him to win.  Mark Henry looked rather impressive and was giving Rusev all he could stand until the mishap with his back.  Then it was all over but finishing up the last bit of popcorn.

Winner: Rusev

The only thing I have to say is “Who’s next?”.  I am sure that Mark Henry will want another shot at him but who will be next after Henry.  It would make sense for The Big Show to be next in line.  If the World’s Strongest Man couldn’t get the job done how about the World’s Largest Athlete?  Eventually the US vs. Russia angle is going to get played out, and when it does, what will be next for Rusev?

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
The story line of this is flimsy at best.  Randy wanted to make a statement.  The Jericho/Wyatt feud had run its course.  There was nothing about the match that really had me excited.  Don’t get me wrong.  Seeing Orton and Jericho work with each other is a lot better than say Orton and Cena working with each other.

There has been talk that Randy Orton feels disenchanted with the direction his character has taken.  I have to agree.  When people wanted Randy to go back to being a full heel rather than a tweener (face/heel mashup), WWE granted it but put him in this whole Authority angle–that would have worked had the Authority not recruited Seth Rollins to be “their future face”.  Then, before Batista left, Evolution got temporarily rebuilt.  So WWE did the switch but Randy’s back in the same limbo he was in before.

So the best way to NOT make it seem like this with Randy was for the outcome to be in the Viper’s favor, which it was.

Winner: Randy Orton

Perhaps Jericho’s purpose in being brought back is to help other wrestlers–that is becoming more and more apparent.  Yet, real talk, Jericho could have so won the match.  He just took too much time on that top rope.

3 Way for Divas Title Match (Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella)

divaschampionship-nocLesbian lover type antics and a sister trying to get out of her twin’s shadow collide.  Or were supposed to.  The only reason why I gave a miniscule fig about this match was to actually find out if the airtime of family dirty laundry (Nikki and Brie) would actually be worth the while.  Also if Nikki and the Authority really had a deal, or Nikki just happened to get tired of Brie right at the moment Brie was beefing with Stephanie.

(sighs)  What a sorry excuse for a match!  I didn’t know whether Paige and AJ were going to hug, kiss, fight or a combination of the three.  The only two highlights were the torture rack action that Nikki performed and when she sneaked behind Paige and AJ while they were both on the rope and they came tumbling down.

No interference from the Authority or Brie, which would have given some type of credence to the segments on Raw leading up to the match, particularly the Jerry Springer one.

In the end, this match did end up just being between Paige and AJ, where Paige once again taps to the Black Widow.

Winner (and new Divas Champion): AJ Lee

As far as my reaction, it is as follows:
(1) Second worst match of the card
(2) Paige in limbo–I really felt like they put the belt of Paige too quickly to begin with, yet if they made a bad choice why not try to improve her once they put the belt on her instead of deciding it was just going to go back to AJ, anyway
(3) Best friend/lesbian angle: overplayed and stupid
(4) Nikki/Brie/Authority angle:  Did WWE creative forget what they wrote?  Seriously.  All of that promo cutting with Nikki and Brie should have been placed towards a match.

wthNow on to the main event.

nocbrockcenaWWE Championship Match (Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena)
We didn’t get to see sixteen German souplexes.  It wasn’t the massacre of Summer Slam.  But WWE sure knows how to mess up a main event.

SMH Ramsay
Let me explain.

It sure would have been nice if the whole premise, “to conquer a beast you must become the beast” would have been followed.  Similar to those teasers in Cena’s matches with Wyatt, it would have been nice to see some of that in his match with Lesnar.  Yet it didn’t happen.

Brock should have been able to give a clean decisive victory times two.  Yet that didn’t happen because of what I deem a #fail at the end of the match.Guys are you seeing this

Cena lands an AA to Brock Lesnar.  Just as the referee is doing the count, Seth Rollins hits John Cena with the MITB briefcase.  Then he gives a gay ass curb stomp to Brock Lesnar and says he wants to cash it in.  Just before the bell rings, John Cena hops up and starts beating up on Rollins.  Rollins runs like a scalded dog.  While Cena is watching Rollins run away, Lesnar gets up and hits him with a F-5.

Winner: John Cena
Yet still WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar


  • Could WWE not bear to see John Cena look pathetic a second time?  Sure seems that way.
  • Also, what sense would it really have made for Seth Rollins to cash in on Brock Lesnar?  Particularly since Paul Heyman had gotten Brock Lesnar to be Option C for the Authority, so why the hell is Option A (Plan B, whatever the hell he is calling himself) trying to take advantage of Option C?  Guess we forgot that particular part of the story line prior to Summer Slam.
  • Even then, you mean to tell me that Paul Heyman was asleep and wasn’t going to try and stop the cash in…that really didn’t make sense to me either.  By that time, the match was over and Paul could have done what he wanted.
  • And let’s say I buy this whole Seth Rollins cashing in B.S.  (insert sarcastic tone here) Why in the name of sixteen German souplexes did he not hit Brock Lesnar with the briefcase?  He really thought that soft ass curb stomp was going to get the job done?  If one looks closely at the tape, Brock Lesnar was about to kick out of that AA anyway so he wasn’t nearly as weakened as people thought.

I’m sorry, the Authority dude trying to cash in on my dude means the former arrangement is null and void.  If Seth Rollins hadn’t made a run for it, I would have 16 German souplexed and 2 F-5’d his ass.

Guess WWE’s tag line should read:
Forget our own storyline

So taking the rating scale of all things other than books, and subtracting one star for the Main Event, and 1/2 a star for the Divas match I have my verdict:

3.5outof5Unleashed Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 TRB Stars

Other than those two match, the majority of the matches were rather good.  Yet, failure on storyline delivery and hype (particularly on one of the most pertinent matches) is what hurt this pay-per-view.

So how did Mr. C. and I do on predictions?
Mr. Controversy got three correct, and I got four correct.  We were both wrong in our predictions for the Main Event, the Divas match and the Tag Team Match.  We were both right with our pick for Rollins (by default since Reigns couldn’t compete) and Rusev.

Thanks for checking out The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment.  Have a great day!


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