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TFTS: Unleashed Speaks on P.F. Chang’s (Princeton, NJ)

Name: P.F. Chang’s
Location: Princeton, NJ
Address: Market Fair Mall (3545 US Hwy 1)
Date: September 14th
Time: Between 7-9 pm

Hello everyone!  Unleashed here!  Not sure if many of you know this but I just recently celebrated a birthday.  I treated myself to one place, which I will speak about a little later (and in a separate entry).  A few days later, my Sweetie took me to P.F. Chang’s and I wanted to share my dining experience with all of you.

My following rating will be based on these factors (rated from 1 to 5) and then divided to give my overall score.

Quality of Drink
Quality of Food

Ambiance (5): It was a bit crowded than anticipated for a Sunday night (Sept. 14). Despite the noise, we were seated in an area that was quite intimate.  I liked the overhead lamps, the low candle lighting and the exterior.  It was great that I did not have to wait for long: we were seated right away, even without a reservation.

Price (3): Although the food was delicious, one is paying more for ambiance than portions.  Don’t expect to come here and spend less than $40-$50 for two people.  That isn’t including the drinks, unless you get water (which is free).

Quality of Drinks (5): My husband suggested that I try the White Zinfandel.  I did not realize that the brand was actually a blush but once I gave it a sip, I was in love with it–fruity but not overbearing.  My husband indulged in the red Sangria, followed by the mix of Kettle One vodka and cranberry.  He felt the bartender did a wonderful job at portioning of alcohol, which says a lot since my husband is picky about his alcoholic beverages.

Quality of Food (5): We decided to get the P.F. Chang’s for two $39.95 special.  Both of us ordered the egg drop soup, along with the fried dumplings.  My husband opted for the beef lo mein while I got the chicken lo mein.  For dessert, I chose the tiramisu and my husband got the cheesecake.

The only complaint was that there weren’t more dumplings.  The presentation was great and was finished in no time!

Service (5): I’m not sure whether it was because it was so crowded but we experienced phenomenal service on this visit.  There were actually three different people serving our table but each one was very knowledgeable about the dishes and the type of alcohol available. Stopped by without being overbearing to gauge our enjoyment of our food and drinks. (I’m not a fan when servers stop by too often)


So taking all of those factors into account and dividing by 5, it gives an overall score of 4.60, which rounds up to 5 on The TRB Non-Book rating scale. I would definitely go here again.

Thanks for checking out The Fame and The Shame installment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share and subscribe.  Have a great day.


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