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Mr. Controversy Excavates the Layers of Ike Pius

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Greetings everyone!  The Review Board here with our second author spotlight for September, Ike Pius.  This interview was conducted by our very own Mr. Controversy.  Let’s see what he finds out while exploring the writing layers of Mr. Pius.

1. At what age did you discover your love for writing?
I think I started writing at about 16. And they were war memoirs.

2. What did you first write, and did it give any indication that writing was the path to traverse?
I started with poems. I do not know exactly why I started with poems but I remember a particular poem I wrote to a friend when his father died. I also remember that he showed it to some friends and I became popular in class. The poem highlighted the young boy’s plight, and guaranteed him that he was not alone in this world.

3. How important is it to you to have extra eyes on your work, in order for your art to flow flawlessly?
It is very important. It could affect the acceptance of your writing. Some reviewers could bash the hell out of your writing just for a misspelling. Trust me, I know!

4. Who or what inspires you to write in the style that you write?

Sunset at Dawn by Chukwuemeka Ike

Chukwuemeka Ike. I read his book Sunset at Dawn. The book is a story highlighting the Nigeria-Biafra war, and the little known genocide that took place in Nigeria during that war. It was satirical, and very brilliant! The book was however, banned from circulation in Nigeria-a thing which I found depressing. That book shows that it is possible to laugh at/or during a war. I immediately started playing with the idea of doing something similar, but of course, in a contemporary way.

5. I noticed on your Amazon Author page that you have two more books available. Would you like to describe them a little to us all as far as what they are about?

Check it out here.

Sure! The first one: “The Paradise That Was” is a contemporary story about life in Nigeria, especially as it relates to religious conflicts which almost always have political undertones. The book looks at things through the eyes of a man who becomes religious for material gain at a time of deep political trouble. He gets rich, but loses everything shortly after.

The second one “Hunting Down Mr. Right and Keeping Him” explains itself. Anybody who wants to check it out may do so here.

6. I enjoyed reading your book “Bomber Boy”! Seeing the times in which we are living, how do you believe that your story would impact your readers?

bomberboyCheck it out here.

First, I hope Bomber Boy will make readers laugh. But after that I really hope it will help them reflect on the happenings in the world today but if the reader is African, I hope that the book will help them to ACT. Africa just cannot cope with being turned into a battlefield of religious warfare.

7. Do you think and/or believe that your surroundings gave you a bit of insight into writing “Bomber Boy”, and has it given you an understanding of what is going on currently in the events that are unfolding around the world?
I would not call myself an expert in the subject of terrorism, but yes. I think it has given me some insight, especially as I had to do some research while writing.

8. Do you have any books that you keep close to your person that you enjoy reading often?
I read the Bible. But there is one book I have read even more than the bible it would be Gaius Julius Caesar’s “The Conquest of Gaul”.

9. Do you have any other writing projects that you are working on currently or in the near future?
I am working on a charity project right now– The Ike Pius Foundation. Maybe it will help me atone for all the evil I have done in my life. *laughs*

10. What advice would you offer to writers, young and old, who are looking to make a name for themselves?
It won’t happen unless you bend down and write. Every moment counts, so better get started.

Thanks so much for your time, Ike!  It is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks to all who have read this interview and visited The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment.  Have a terrific day!


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One comment on “Mr. Controversy Excavates the Layers of Ike Pius

  1. Nicola J. McDonagh
    September 15, 2014

    What a great interview! Really enjoyed it.

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