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Warning: Baby spoilers as examples of certain things pointed out in the book.

Note: This is based on the copy purchased from Amazon.

Hello!  Unleashed here to give my take on Harsh Decisions, the second installment to the Decisions Series, by Casey Harvell.  I gave my thoughts on the first book, Righteous Decisions, as part of The Review Board, which can be found here if you’d like to reference it: Righteous Decisions

The Updated Cover

First let me give you some of the things I liked about the story:

  • There were a few lovable characters in the book.  My favorite were the parents, particularly all of the moms.
  • I definitely appreciated the growth in Chase’s character.
  • The pace in the story was quite steady.
  • I noticed that the cover had been updated.  The new cover definitely draws the eyes more.
There are some things that I think need a bit of polishing in Harsh Decisions.
  • Yes, I do like the presence of conflict but I feel as if way too much had gotten squeezed in (saving Gabe, stopping an ongoing war, more layers of her past get revealed, birthing a revolution, pregnancy –just to name some of the many)
  • Lots of new characters are introduced to the fold.  It bordered on almost being too many to keep up with.
  • Main character development: Lettie has grown in power (think super god on Steroids) but still reverts back to previous behavior in the form of avoidance and being very judgmental.  Part of my disdain with Lettie is how she treats Chase.  Like in the first book, she is way too quick to believe the worse in him, after he is the main one who sacrifices time after time.
  • Where the author has accelerated growth in Lettie, she has remained content for Gabe to be the same, which I cannot understand in reference to the trauma he went through.


  • Despite the cover, I wish I knew more about what Lettie physically looked like.  Shay keeps saying that Lettie’s irresistible.  Show me in the physical description.  Make me believe it because I still can’t grasp (besides her powers) why these men are captivated by her.
  • Formatting is extremely flawed (font changed size in a number of places)
  • In many spots in the text, the long dash should have been used instead of the hyphen.  Also, there were some words that were hyphenated where the hyphen was not needed.
  • Excessive spacing in words in a number of chapters
  • Misplaced words or wrong word usages
  • Tense inconsistency (slipped from present tense to past tense) on a few occasions
  • Too much repetition over the urgency to save Gabe at the beginning.  It was almost as if the author thought we would forget about him.
Unleashed Verdict: 6.5 out of 10

Like the updated cover, I think the inside needs updating as well.  The author tried to cram too much conflict when only just a little would have sufficed–even if it meant extending the series beyond a set number.  The danger in presenting so many events is the author is going to have to keep track in getting this resolved in the third segment.  The core characters have exhibited growth but it is fragmented: Lettie–accelerated too much in some ways, not enough in others while Gabe hasn’t really gone beyond being super overbearing and at times, needy.  Another visit with the editor would benefit this book as well.  Editing, the overall story and characters must reflect smoothness from beginning to end so this can be a series worth continuing.

Thank you for checking out the Unleashed Speaks segment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like share and subscribe. Have a great day.


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