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Nikki Vision on The Echoes of Love

theechoesofloveThe Echoes of Love
Hannah Fielding
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Hello!  The Review Board here to give thoughts on The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding.  What does Nikki see in the story?  Let’s find out:

This book started quite well. The establishing of the character and the tone of the novel was good, and there were some rather nice descriptions of setting, to uphold the romantic feel of the piece.

However, right from the first paragraph clichés slipped in. “Heart skipped a beat.” And a ghostly figure reflected in a mirror that when she turns around is gone. Oh, I thought, I was actually excited about reading a well-written romance with a bit of originality.

Well, it is well written, with excellent formatting and lay out, although I’m not sure why it is brown.I didn’t notice any typos or glaringly obvious grammatical errors. Thinks to self, if I were really into this book, I wouldn’t be talking about how good the layout is in the second paragraph of my review.

Yes, I was a little bit bored by this novel.

toomuchdetailponySo there’s a tourist guide and a cookbook. Great, but where is the story?

Hannah Fielding is great at physical descriptions. Her attention to detail is staggering. I did feel that there was perhaps too much description in minute detail, as I wanted the story to get going and not know who eats what and exactly what they eat. Unless pertinent to the plot, such descriptions hinder rather than help. I know the author wants to show us Venice, and descriptions are useful, but practically every paragraph was just a list of what they are eating, wearing and where they are located.

The plot is fairly typical of the genre: girl leaves troubled life behind her travels to the romantic city of Venice and falls for a handsome troubled man with a dark secret past. She likes/not likes him because he is a bit arrogant. They are drawn to each other and…well you get the picture. Venetia and Paolo seemed to gaze at each other for unrealistically long periods of time. Paolo comes across as stereotypical: he is suave and handsome and all knowing. “The shadow of dark stubble over Paolo’s jaw enhanced the masculinity of his bronzed face…” I’m sure that people who like romances in exotic locations will probably enjoy reading this rather predicable novel.

I felt that the book could use a bit of editing to make the narrative pacier and more enjoyable to read. Each chapter is so very long, I found myself wanting to skip long passages in order to get to the next chapter. I found the dialogue rather stilted, and often there purely to explain the history, or the plot.

 rabbit sexfrom

The sex scenes were so clichéd. Volcanoes erupting, throbbing climaxes, crescendos and wait, there’s more: “Venetia soared and swooped, crying out her ecstasy, sobbing and convulsing under the shattering power of the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.” Blimey! Towards the end of the book, they go at it like rabbits, only with more perfect climaxes. (I imagine, knowing nothing about rabbit sex.) He does some odd things to her like “Showered butterfly kisses down her throat.” I don’t about Venetia, but I wanted to gag at that point.

I really did want more of a complex plot line to keep me engaged and caring about what happened to the main characters. It seemed for most of the book that Paolo and Venetia just want to engage in the perfect sexual act. But it is a romance book so I shouldn’t really expect anything else. But, really, just what is “The secret core of her femininity”? Oh It’s her “…moist, silken pink petals” that he does things to so well that – “Venetia could feel her loins trembling; soon she would be flooded.” Just like Venice itself does every year.


Sorry, but, bleh. Then we’re off again with page after page of detailed descriptions of where they are going, what they are wearing, eating, and where they are dining. Story please – plot anytime soon?

There is a lot of sex and then long passages of expositions explaining either back story or giving history lessons about Venice, which is okay, but again, where is the plot? There was a bit of action, besides the lovemaking, Paolo and Venetia have a car accident. Suspected foul play. Then more descriptions. giggles
The so-called twist at the end was laughable I’m afraid. So silly and utterly far-fetched. The final sentence, well – yeuk –‘nough said.

5starsVision Verdict: 5 out of 10 TRB Stars
Nice Description. Daft Ending.

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