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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations

wordplayv4WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations
(Book #4 in the WORDPLAY Series)
Andrew Boyd
Amazon | Amazon Author Page

Howdy!  No Labels here.  The most awesome thing about KARR is that it is definitely random.  This means no one, not even people on the Board with me, is aware of when I’m going to post.  What can I say?  I like the mystery of it all.

I’ve been following the WORDPLAY series ever since the beginning.  Does one have to read the other three to appreciate this one? No, you can absolutely indulge in this one on its own.  However, to appreciate the full development of what the author is establishing with WORDPLAY, it is better to check out #1-#3, which are posted on the provided Amazon Author Page link.

Although the cover image itself gives no detail about the contents, the colors utilized are very telling.  Honesty operates in tones of black and white, so I think the usage of those two particular tones is quite effective.

When reading this work, I feel as if I am in a laboratory.  The author takes each issue that he finds flaw with and invites one a bit closer–to explore it.  Whether it involves other people or doing a deeper excavation into self, WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations is that jagged nail that cuts against the skin and draws blood, ranging from a light trickle to a somewhat heavy stream.

The author has shown tremendous growth in pattern formation: pinpointing stanza separations, giving that breathing room between print and white space.  Although he seems to cling on to exorbitant capitalization like an iron fist, I’m glad he is weaning the itch to upper case everything since that trait was a bit of a drawback to me in his very first book.

In his presentation, there were brief moments when the style of delivery became complex.  This all boils down to what type of audience the author believes will be reading his work.  Work overly stylish in dialogue and excessive word usage when only one or two words will do may alienate the “average” Joe Blow–the very one who may be able to connect with the author’s episodes of trials and tribulations the best.

Speaking as someone who has read the previous three, WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations wasn’t as strong as the rest–from a conceptual standpoint or a cover standpoint.


I’d give overall engagement to the first WORDPLAY (Poetry for the Soul), heart wrenching intensity to the second WORDPLAY (Damnation), and universal connection towards understanding and healing to the third WORDPLAY (Liberation of the Spirit).


WORDPLAY:Liberation of the Spirit is where concept and cover coincided the most and the biggest win for this author in this category.

WORDPLAY:Poetry for the Soul is a strong second.

The seriousness of the author’s own pose for WORDPLAY:Damnation was enough to connect the dots but may not hold water going into future works.

Unleashed Verdict: 8 out of 10 TRB Stars

In light of these observations, I still recommend WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations for the beauty of its development and the maturity of its progression.  The author just has to realize that all elements (big and small) blend together to make the work stand out as memorable for the reader. If a person usually gets an electronic copy of a book rather than the paperback, then all he/she has to go on is the power of the cover art, along with the blurb.  For some people, if the cover doesn’t get their attention right away, they may skip the work and miss out on the meaningful content inside.  Moreover, so much of what is revealed in this book (and the three before it) rings pertinent to everyday people yet the author must be careful to balance flexing his wordplay with this kinship to prevent some from getting lost in the cross hairs.

I do look forward to further installments of the series and keeping pace with this author’s journey.

Thank you for checking out the KARR segment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment.  Have a great day!


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One comment on “KARR: Unleashed Speaks on WORDPLAY: Honest Conversations

  1. aboyd228
    July 18, 2014

    Thank you so very much for your Honest Review!

    I am ALWAYS Thankful and Open to hearing what you have to say about my work, esp. seeing that you have followed my poetry since 2013! ❤

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