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Unleashed Speaks on WWE Money in the Bank (2014)

Should that poster have served as a spoiler? (I’ll let you be the judge later)

Reminds me of another poster I saw via Amazon (who has since taken it down).  Someone’s head is going to roll for that one.  Luckily I caught the poster and have it here.

Leaked Poster for Summer Slam 2014 (pre-order DVD)

Leaked Poster for Summer Slam 2014 (pre-order DVD)

Article about the leak can be found HERE.

Let me not get too sidetracked!

Hello! Unleashed here to give my thoughts on 2014 Money in the Bank.  Apologies on this going out so late, but official TRB business (book reviews and interview already scheduled) came first.

I did not get a chance to catch the pre-show but as it stands, Daniel Bryan may need a little bit more time than previously anticipated to recover from his neck surgery, so there is a strong possibility he may not be cleared in time for Summer Slam.

I will try and do these in close to order as possible.  (Apologies in advance if the time line is off)

The Wyatt Family (Harper and Rowan) vs. The Usos (for the Tag Team Championships)

At first, I wasn’t completely sold on The Wyatt Family.  You have to have a little more going for you than just being big and intimidating.  Yet the amount of moves that Harper and Rowan were able to demonstrate (either because they were just added or didn’t have a chance to showcase them) put a smile on my face.  Big men who are quick as well as powerful–that I can get behind.

The team of Harper and Rowan have shown their endurance and the ability to dial it up on the bigger stage.

Despite their showing, I do think WWE made the right call in not taking the belts from the Usos just yet.  The changing may take place at Summer Slam (or if WWE really wanted to make things interesting, Survivor Series).

I just think once Harper and Rowan get the belts, it should be on a larger PPV.  Give the crowd time to get use to the pair, whether they are with Bray or without him.

Paige-Naomi-MITBPaige vs. Naomi (for the Divas Championship)

I do like the fact that Paige fights all comers.  I’m not quite sold on her entrance music and wishes that she’d hold the belt right side up instead of upside down.

I am an advocate of #TeamThickums (ahem, I mean Naomi) but let’s keep it real.  She still has quite a bit of work to do in terms of her comfort level as a solo competitor.  If I had to choose between her or Cameron, Naomi wins hands down.  I find Cameron incredibly annoying–reminds me of how haughty Alicia Fox was when she first debuted in wrestling.  Nothing about Cameron (besides sound uber fake when she talks) stands out.

There were quite a few botches in the match.  Chalk it up to inexperience or not being able to cover up when you’ve done a botch. (Botch= messed up a move)  One of the most telling is when Paige lost her footing on the rope when attempting a high risk move with Naomi.

I agree that it wasn’t time for Naomi to get the belt.  Yet this was a perfect time to let the drama escalating with Cameron to go further.  I was anticipating Cameron interfering in the match, causing Naomi to get distracted and for Paige to get the win.  This didn’t happen and makes the outsider wonder, “Where is Creative going with this story line?  If you are going to break Naomi and Cameron up, have it be for a good reason–something deeper than Cameron thinks she’s the bomb.”

Guess we will have to see what happens?

Impromptu Match: Paul Revere (aka Damien Sandow) vs. Adam Rose

Why couldn’t this have been in the pre show?  I’m saying this more because of Adam Rose rather than Sandow.

I don’t want to spoil why WWE felt like they had to throw this match in but all will become clear later on.

Match wise, I could give two tears in a bucket, but I include it because I’m so upset at how they are treating Damien Sandow.  You can call me delusional or even accuse me of “hating Cena”.  Yet anytime someone on the rise “Rises Against Cena” they “Fall into Career Purgatory”.


Sandow may be doing it so that he continues to be seen on TV but why is he the  “Chosen One” getting buried?  Why someone who is a wonderful talker on the mic and is a great combination of quickness and wrestling ability?


Yet someone thinks that we want to see a bouncing bunny, a bunch of groupies and someone talking about “lemons” and “rosebuds”.  I’m weary of being “gimmicked” to death.

**Roses bloom from shit so that’s how I feel about Adam Rose’s gimmick right now.**

Moving on.

Traditional MITB Ladder Match: Kofi, RVD, Ziggler, Rollins, Ambrose, and Swagger

Yes, the skip over of Barrett was on purpose.  Clumsy ass (aka Swagger) caused an injury to Barrett after Barrett’s match with Ambrose during the Smackdown taping prior to MITB.  As a result, Barrett wasn’t able to compete in the PPV.

This was the most exciting match on the card.  Every wrestler (Swagger included–giving the Devil his due) contributed something to this match.  When you see a match as awesome as this one, it would have been so sweet to see a clean finish.

But Triple H was probably freaking out with the amount of punishment Seth Rollins was taking, so a certain Big Red Monster had to spoil the party.

I was cheering for some of the dark horses (like Kofi and Ziggler) because for the longest, the losses for both of these guys have far outweighed the wins.  RVD should continue to make the younger talent look impressive.  Swagger, in my opinion, shouldn’t have even been allowed to compete since this is the second time he’s done something like this (he caused Ziggler to get a concussion and cut Ziggler’s WHC reign shorter than it needed to be).  Rollins and Ambrose are just breaking out so you would think WWE wouldn’t keep making the same mistake in pushing the brand new guys way too early.

**It just goes to show if you roll with the Authority, none of that matters.  So I guess that cover with Seth holding the briefcase was a spoiler after all–go figure!**

Goldstar (Goldust and Stardust) vs. Rybaxel

Side Note: It’s pretty cool that I predicted almost every additional (besides the ladder matches) showing that was going to be put on this PPV.


Also, Stardust shall be renamed
“WWE’s version of Jim Carrey’s The Riddler”

WWE, please make up your mind.  Are you going to keep them together or break them up?  If Cody and Goldust were going to get back together anyway, why even do that spiel of Cody feeling “unworthy” of being his partner?

Goldust is still in great shape, and I’ve followed Goldust since his debut (remember Marlena and that big cigar she would smoke at ringside?), yet is he retiring or not retiring?  Is Goldust buying WWE Creative time to decide whether they are ever going to give another singles’ push to Cody again?

I’ll put it like this: I’d rather see Cody still be placed in tag team than this dumb shit they are doing with Sandow.  Or be almost nonexistent like they are doing with Tamina Snuka.

Rusev vs. Big E

Side Note: How many of the same style outfits does Lana have?

Highlights: Big E’s flag waving skills have improved.  Also Rusev had to work very hard for this victory.  He even bled a little.

Layla vs. Summer Rae (Fandango as the special guest referee)

Confession One: I don’t think Summer Rae is all that pretty.  She’s a hybrid between Michelle McCool and Maryse if you ask me. (Don’t know who they are? Consider that Google/Bing homework.)

Confession Two: Layla constantly mispronounces Fandango’s name, and if that is his pet peeve, why are they together?

Confession Three: This match bored me and Summer Rae doesn’t know how to do a convincing cry worth a damn.

Enough time on that!

Main event time: Kane, Sheamus, Del Rio, Cesaro, Reigns, Cena, Orton and Wyatt for the WWE WHC Belts

shocked-smiley-face-EEKChallenge: To sum up performances in twenty words or less?  I’ll give it a try.

Wyatt: He should have gotten a lot more spotlight due to his growing momentum. (13 words)

Del Rio: Wait? He was in the match? (6 words)

Sheamus: Fella was looking fierce.  Hasn’t been that fired up since he first debuted in WWE. (15 words)

Cesaro: High five! He definitely held his own, particularly the square offs with Sheamus. (13 words)

Orton: Strong performance and has the staples to show for it.  Twelve, to be exact. (14 words)

Orton-staplesSource: Daily Wrestling News

Kane: Remained on Authoritative duty. (4 words)

(In other words, didn’t stray the course of being the Authority’s pet monster.) #whataletdown

Reigns: Highlight reel on replay. #impressivemf (with hashtag inclusion, 5 words)

Cena: Same Super comeback story shit. #predictable (6 words)

Okay, I guess I should give further expansion now.

Besides the whole comparison with Nature Boy Ric Flair’s record, why put the belt on Cena for the 15th time? Mainly to set up the narrative for Cena vs. Lesnar.  That was why when the poster was accidentally leaked as the DVD cover on Amazon, it spoiled the possibility of anyone daring to entertain any other outcome.

Sure, it would have been a bit too soon for Reigns.  But what does that say about Rollins?  Reigns has been breaking out since Survivor Series; Rollins is just now stepping out and rolling with it.  Why must Dean be the only one beefing with Rollins; Rollins betrayed Reigns as well. (just saying)

As far as Cesaro, how cool would it have been to add the belt as a further feather in his cap?  How intriguing would it have been to have Heyman’s newest client go against his oldest and longest client (Lesnar)? Who would Paul have chosen? (So it may not have drawn in as much money as a Cena/Lesnar show down but it would have made people think for a brief millisecond that WWE could do something out of the box.)

Del Rio?  Each time Del Rio has secured the belt, he hasn’t really done much with it during any of his runs.  Then creative would have to hunt up a believable rivalry and WWE doesn’t want to do a whole lot of work in the long term thinking department, so…yeah.

As far as Orton, I honestly don’t think the company has ever had as much faith in Orton’s ability to bring in people as they have in Cena’s ability to bring in people.  I’m disappointed with what Randy’s run turned into.  Yes, Orton was finally given the belt but it was micromanaged by the whole Authority story line.  Then this whole thing with Evolution.  Why turn him back into a heel when he’s a bitch ass heel? #grr

In my opinion, Orton is a better wrestler compared to Cena.  Want a man that’s going to push merchandise off the shelves and have the kids go crazy? That’s John Cena.

I could go on and on about the discussion of “heels” vs. “faces” but I will save that blog for another day.

Verdict: How did I feel about 2014 MITB?

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Things that kept it from ranking higher:

  • Adam Rose actually being worthy of a PPV spotlight (with Sandow as his lemon)
  • The bits of sloppiness in the Divas Championship match
  • The ending to a wonderful traditional MITB ladder match
  • The lack of “Bad News” (in the form of Wade Barrett)
  • The predictability of the MITB championship match

Things that kept it from ranking lower:

  • The traditional MITB ladder match (all participants)
  • The tag team titles match
  • The stretch out of the Big E vs. Rusev match
  • Great showing by Goldstar
  • Good performances by Cesaro, Sheamus, Kane, Orton, and Reigns

Thanks for checking out the Unleashed segment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share and subscribe.  Have a terrific day!



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