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Mr. Controversy Gains Greater Insight into June Author Spotlight Stevie Turner

Greetings everyone!  The Review Board is here to honor our second June Author Spotlight Stevie Turner.  To conduct this special feature will be our very own Mr. Controversy.  Mr. C., you have the floor:


Stevie Turner, in my opinion, is a brilliant author whose talent and love for writing is reflected in her 4 books. Her incredible eye for detail coupled with her ability to draw the reader into her literary world makes her a truly amazing author!

I have had the Honor, Privilege, and Distinct Pleasure to sit with Mrs. Turner and learn more about how she is at the point she has reached today.

1. Thank you for taking time out to sit with us at The Review Board! We are VERY Excited to have you! At what age did you discover your love for writing?

ST:  I was about 11 when the headmistress of my junior school came into my classroom and told the children that out of several schools taking part in the area, it was I who had won the writing competition.  I had written about my pet budgerigar some weeks previously, entered it for the competition, and had promptly forgotten all about it.  I was brought out to the front of the school in assembly and given a certificate.  I still have it, albeit a little yellowed around the edges.  After that you couldn’t hold me back!

Cover A House Without Windows
Unleashed Review

2. Now THAT is a Moment when you Realise that you are going in the Right Direction! What and/or who inspires you to write?

ST: I took inspiration from a news item for ‘A House Without Windows’.  ‘The Porn Detective’ was written from personal experience; likewise ‘The Pilates Class’.  I have 56 years of memories of various places and events in my life.  When I go for a walk in the countryside around my home I dredge all these memories up as I walk around, and decide which ones I’m going to weave into my stories.

3. Certainly sounds like you have and had MANY Stories to tell! When you write, do you take notes, go with your gut, both, or other? 

ST: I know I should take notes, but I tend to have a gut feeling and type away as the inspiration takes me.   I then get to about 30,000 words and need to look back at something, and then realise too late it would have been better to make notes at the beginning.  It happens with every book, and I am determined to change next time.

4. How many writings (short stories, novels, etc.) have you written?

LilyLily: A Short Story
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ST: Apart from The Porn Detective I have written ‘A House Without Windows’, which is a novel telling of the escape from captivity of Dr. Beth Darrah and her daughter, and of Beth’s attempts to rebuild her life afterwards.  Also I have written ‘The Pilates Class’ which is a humorous look at different characters attending a Pilates exercise class for the first time, and my latest publication is ‘Lily: A Short Story’.  This is a Victorian novel set in my beloved Isle of Wight.  I’m now working on another humorous novel dedicated to middle-aged women everywhere (of which I am one).

5. Sounds like you have been busy! Do you remember the very first thing that you have written, and if so, what was it?

ST: The essay for the writing competition when I was 11.  I remembered how terrified my grandmother was when I used to let my pet budgie out of its cage.  She would flap her arms in horror as the bird soared over her head, and I remember writing about her and the effect the budgie had on her equilibrium.  Dear Nan; she’s gone to a better place now where there are no flapping birds and mischievous granddaughters.



6. *Laughing Out Loud* How important is it to you to have extra eyes on your work?

ST: Other people see your work through different eyes, and might suggest changes that you possibly would not agree with.  One agent wanted me to re-write the whole of ‘The Porn Detective’ and only mention one or two episodes and really draw them out.  In my opinion that would have made the book as boring as hell, and so I chose not to take her advice.  Whether I was right or wrong in that decision I will leave up to the reader.

Porn Detective cover
The Porn Detective
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7. The way that you have been received, it sounds like you made an EXCELLENT Decision! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE “The Porn Detective”! What inspired you to write such an intricate and well told story?

ST: I lived with somebody who had an addiction to porn, and suffered the nightmare of being a porn detective for many years; initially telling myself that it wasn’t happening to me, but then realising that I had to do something about it if I was to remain true to myself.  I’ve found out the hard way that unless you’re true to yourself and live how you want to live, you can never really be happy in this life.  I didn’t want to live with the spectre of porn always hidden in the background.  I sorted out all my problems in two terrible years that I never want to go through again.

8. I understand your Logic and Reasons. I have heard through the grapevine about a Book Club that you have. Could you please tell us about it and what your goals are with your Club?

ST: I started it earlier this year on my website.  It’s for myself and other Indie authors to obtain reviews and learn about each other’s work.  Each member agrees to buy, read and review four of the books on the list.  At the moment the book club is quite new and there are only 6 of us, but I’m ever hopeful it will grow.  Contact me on the website if any Indie authors out there are interested in joining.  Reviews are added to Amazon and Goodreads.

9. Congratulations! I am confident that you will have a Great Following in the Days, Weeks, Months, and Years to Come! How important is it to you to have extra eyes on someone’s writing, including yours as far as editing and proofreading?

ST: Providing the aforementioned editing and proofreading is affordable, then go for it.  I have edited all my own books as I cannot afford the cost, but I read through several times after I finish just to make sure I’ve not missed anything.  Luckily the only thing I’ve ever been good at is reading, writing and spelling!

PilatesClassHighResThe Pilates Class
Smashwords | Amazon

10. Absolutely! Reading, Writing, and Spelling are Key Components that should never be taken lightly! How can people find you and your amazing work?

ST: Details of all my books are on my website and on Smashwords.  They are also on and I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter @StevieTurner6 and at my blog on WordPress.

11. Terrific! Do you have any other items in your Think Tank?

ST: Not sure what you mean by this, but I’m working on another humorous novel about a middle-aged woman who is dumped by her husband in favor of a younger model.  It should be ready to publish round about July time.

12. That is a Great Answer to me! What Pearls of Wisdom do you have for those who are looking to publish?

ST: I used to think a literary agent was the be-all-and-end-all, but I must admit I now want to keep the rights to my books and am quite enjoying building my own author platform to get my work noticed.  I would say don’t worry about being rejected by an agent; your work will be liked by lots of readers even though an agent says ‘no’.  It’s all subjective; one man’s meat is another man’s poison so they say…………

**Thanks Mr. Controversy for conducting such a wonderful interview with Stevie, and thank you, dear readers for stopping by The Review Board to check out the 2nd June Author Spotlight.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment.  Have a terrific day!**


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2 comments on “Mr. Controversy Gains Greater Insight into June Author Spotlight Stevie Turner

  1. Stevie Turner
    June 15, 2014

    Thanks Mr Controversy for featuring me this month!

    • aboyd228
      June 15, 2014

      *kissing your hands*

      I am TRULY Honored to have read as well as interview an Incredible Young Lady! I Thank YOU!

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