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Nikki Vision on Can’t Go Home


Can’t Go Home by Angelisa Stone

Greetings everyone!  The Review Board is here with our take on Can’t Go Home by Angelisa Stone.

Warning: Slight Spoiler alert.

Let’s incorporate some Nikki Vision:


Not my thing.YA sexy turn-off. 




Right from the start I was not convinced by the ‘voice’ of this book. The first person male narrative didn’t really come across as authentic, in my opinion. I just didn’t believe that a man was talking. I found the beginning alittle bit dull, despite the fact that there are lots of physical descriptions of Dre stalking Kathryn and wanting to have sex with her. I wanted to scream at the pages, “Where is the storyline!”  We get a hint or two that Dre has a secret, hooray! At last some plot, but there was so much slobbering and perfectly wonderful sex, that this small snippet of storyline, was lost.



What story there is, is told mostly using backstory and rhetoric, interspersed with some tongue swallowing and moaning. Oh and a few bits of swearing to keep it ‘edgy.’ The narrative switches between Kathryn and Dre, but to be honest, Kathryn’s voice is not that dissimilar from Dre’s and vice versa. I wasn’t overly keen on having both sides of the story told from different viewpoints, it can work, when the author is trying to shed a different light on events in the plotline, but here, it was just re-telling the same thing but from another’s perspective. I didn’t learn anything new about either of them in regards to plot or character development.The two voices just weren’t dissimilar enough to make this work.




I did not engage with the characters as they came across as stereotypical and shallow. As a result,I did not want to continue this read. But, I can see how some people who enjoy sexy romances without a strong storyline to interfere with the unconvincing sex scenes, would like it. So I read on. I was bored. This is just my opinion. I am not keen on novels, romantic or not, that are more genre than actual story.




Is there a plotline? I asked myself on page 102. If by plotline one means: will she have sex with him or not? Then yes, there is a plotline. Not much of one though. I’m sorry I just don’t get books like this. So, I looked for the good points. Okay, it is easy to read and has a young voice that could appeal to a YA audience. There are lots of detailed physical descriptions of sex, again, readers who like this kind of book, would enjoy it as it ticks the boxes for a steamy read. The language may appeal to a younger audience, as it uses some slang-style words. Erhm…can’t really think of any more, sorry.




I hung on waiting for the great revelation that would give some meaning to this tale. I was disappointed to say the least. The so-called secrets that are mentioned again and again aren’t even that interesting or dramatic. When we do discover his “terrible secret” I just thought to myself, oh, is that it? Then it gets all so very sentimental and I completely tuned out. The scene in the hospital and the blood donation thing was really cheesy. Call me cold and cranky, but seriously? Blood transfusion? In the language of the novel, ‘Barf!’ The ending was far too cliché-ridden for me.




As for the ‘epilogue’ well, don’t get me started…why have it? It’s from a different point of view from a character that comes in at the end. It didn’t add anything to the unoriginal storyline, which is basically this:Boy sees girl, boy stalks girl. Girl likes having sex with boy, and vice versa. He has a past and secrets he doesn’t want her to find out about. He keeps things from her, she wonders if they can be together, but when his secret is revealed, she forgives him and they end up together. Oops, spoiler alert.

The Verdict:


4 out of 10 TRB Stars.

There was too much exposition and backstory and very little action, except for lusting over each other. I think that Angelisa Stone, could improve the book by cutting out some of the repeated viewpoints, and maybe try to move the narrative forward by showing Dre’s backstory as remembered scenes, rather than just telling it via conversation. Also, maybe, she could pace it better by not leaving all the drama to the end; by giving more interesting hints and clues that would come to a more satisfying conclusion.

I’m sure this book will appeal to a lot of people, just not me.

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