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Seeing the Author with Devorah Fox (April Author Spotlight)


Devorah Fox
Website: Dee-Scoveries
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Greetings!  How are you?  Nikki Vision has returned to do another interview, this time with Devorah Fox!  Let’s uncover more with “Seeing the Author”.

1: To begin, could you tell us a little about yourself and your fiction books?

thelostkingThe Lost King
(Book One)


The King’s Ransom
Book Two

Nominated for Indie Authorland’s short list:
50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (Fantasy Category)

I’m currently writing in two genres. The Lost King and The King’s Ransom are Books One and Two of the literary fantasy series, The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam. It’s the saga of one man’s struggle to reclaim his life after a traumatic crisis completely changed his fortunes. I’m working on Book 3, The King’s Redress, with the goal of a Summer 2014 launch.


Naked Came the Sharks

Nominated for Indie Authorland’s short list: 
50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (Thriller Category)

I’ve also co-authored Naked Came the Sharks, a contemporary thriller set in the Texas Coastal Bend. That has been so well received that I’m co-authoring a spin-off.

2: I noticed that you have done lots of writing marathons, which one works best for you?

They all worked well because they were the beginning of novels that never would have gotten written otherwise. I work full time and find it hard to squeeze in working on a novel. The deadline of a writing marathon creates just the right amount of pressure to get it done. I plan to do two writing marathons in 2014: Camp NaNoWriMo in April and the National Novel Writing Marathon in November.

3:  Where do you find inspiration?

For me it starts with “What if…?” The littlest thing like a TV commercial or a billboard gets me thinking “OK, but what if…?” Before I know it, I’m drafting a novel.

4:   Do you do a lot of research before writing your books?

I do the research as I’m writing. With regard to The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam series I don’t know what I need to know until I start writing. By the same token, my research often inspires my writing. For example, in The King’s Ransom, I got King Bewilliam locked in a dungeon with no idea about how he was going to get out until I researched castle construction.

5:   Would you say that The Lost King was just fantasy, or does it have more to say about the world we live in today?

The Lost King—the entire series—is most definitely allegoric for contemporary issues. In The Lost King, Robin struggles with divorce, career displacement and post-traumatic stress disorder. Like present-day military service veterans, in The King’s Ransom he makes it home and finds that while he was gone life went on without him. In Book Three, The King’s Redress which I’m working on now, he struggles with parent/child relationships and the tug-of-war between duty and personal ambition.

6:  One of my favourite characters in The Lost King and The King’s Ransom, is the stray cat, Meeyoo, is she by any chance based on a real life kitty?

Meeyoo was definitely inspired by a real cat, a rescued stray who’s probably part Maine Coon Cat. The model for Meeyoo is a smart, sweet loyal feline with a strong personality. I’m a cat lover myself. I have three and they are such a delight. They’re the inspiration for another animal character in The King’s Redress.

7:  Do you have a favourite character from any of your books? If so, tell us what it is about them that you like.

I was surprised to find myself utterly enchanted by young Maxwell. I love his energy, enthusiasm and ingenuousness. He thinks he deserves his own book and he may get it.

8: How do you relax?

I’ve been told that I don’t. The closest I come to relaxing is curling up on the couch in the evening with my Significant Other and my cats and watching “Midsomer Murders” on Netflix. I’m also a member of the Parrot Heads of Port Aransas and a PHOPA function is always good for unwinding.

9: Looking at your bio I notice that you don’t just write fantasy, but other genres as well. I was intrigued to see that you write manuals, smartphone apps and columns, do any of these specific writing skills help you in your fiction writing?

I wouldn’t say that the nonfiction writing helped with the fiction writing. I might say the reverse. I try to use storytelling techniques to make my nonfiction writing lively and entertaining as well as informative.

10: Are there any authors that have inspired you?

In the 1990s I read Faye Kellerman’s first book, The Ritual Bath. I really enjoyed it and remember thinking, “I’d like to do that. I’d like to write a novel.” I did write a novel and then I put it aside. I still have it and I still like the story and plan to dust it off one day and get it out there.

11:  You also have an artistic side. I thought your sand sculptures were amazing. Would you tell us about your etchings and glass paintings, and what attracted you to these disciplines?

Some many years ago I bought a glass painting and etching kit from a discontinued craft line. I’ve always liked the look of frosted glass and etching creates that effect. I created my own etched glass panes for the upper cabinet doors in my kitchen. As for the sand sculptures, most of those aren’t mine, they’re the creations of Chip Cooper, aka DC Sandman. I did take a sand sculpting lesson from him. It was like art therapy that left me feeling relaxed and revitalized. Chip is a big fan of The Lost King and I was totally stoked when he sculpted Bell Castle as a semi-permanent installation. It was like fan fiction in sand.

12: What is a typical working day for you?

I’m usually up and at it by 4:30 or 5 a.m. I check email and see what’s happening with my friends on Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter. Then I go for a 3-mile power walk on the beach. It’s about the only time I’m not glued to my desk chair. Most days I’m busy running Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc. until 5 p.m. but sometimes I can squeeze in work on whatever novel I’ve got in progress. When I’m doing a writing marathon I task myself with writing 1667 words a day before I tackle anything else, which makes for a very long workday.

13:  Do you have a special place where you write?

I have an office in the home. It’s not as special as I would like and I keep telling myself I’m going to de-clutter and redecorate but I have yet to get around to it.

14: What future plans do have in regards to your fiction writing?

This year I hope to release The King’s Redress in the summer and then another thriller in the winter. I’m also collaborating with another author on short continuing adventures for Holly Berry and Rusty Burger from my contemporary thriller, Naked Came the Sharks. I’ve got plans for more thrillers for 2015, I’d really like to do a literary fantasy with Maxwell from the King Bewilliam series and I’ve been asked to write a play for our community theatre.

Devorah, thanks so much for stopping by.  We wish you much success for 2014 and beyond!

Thanks to everyone for checking out The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe, and comment!  Have an awesome day!


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