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Unleashed Speaks on The High Sky of Winter’s Shadows



The High Sky of Winter’s Shadows
W. Jack Savage

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Hello everyone!  It’s the Unleashed one.  Next up for TRB is The High Sky of Winter’s Shadows.

Genre:  Non-fiction/memoir


Before I go on, just an observation (didn’t deter me from the read, however):  The cover doesn’t seem to quite fit the content inside.  I’m not surmising it’s a bad cover, just that if one were to go by cover alone, he would think it is about nature.

On with the review!

The climate of this read is very engaging.  I felt as if I were invited into the author’s home and offered something to drink while he talked of his memories and experiences.

If one is particular about chronological order and structure, this memoir may drive one nuts due to the jumps in various parts of his life.  For me, these leaps in time provide an extra conversational like feel.

Case in point:



I think of the morning ritual I would have with my grandmother.  I would make a pot of coffee, and we would sit outside on the porch.  When she would talk, she could talk about something in the present, and then following that exchange, there would be an entirely different conversation that may go back to the past, even before I was born.

This read put me in that same mindset, and it was why these vast shifts of time did not bother me.

Despite this being an autobiography, it was presented in a very non-conventional way.  The journal approach definitely worked, and I was made part of the author’s memories:

  • I wanted to grab a malt to discover the difference between a malt and a milkshake.  I smiled and nodded in understanding (as well as sympathy) when the author spoke of the decline of true radio as it relates to the way things are now.
  • I got a glimpse of situations during times of war, and this piqued my interest, since my late grandfather is a veteran of World War II, and there was a section of comparison between how the WWII vets are looked at versus the Vietnam Vets.

The presentation of the material made it easy to read, and just when you are eagerly awaiting the next tale, you are at the end of the book.  It’s just that smooth of a sail.


Through this whole write, there is an underlying message: to learn and grow from your mistakes.  This is a message that never gets old, no matter its form or its deliverance.

Survey Says:  I award this work 9.5 out of 10 TRB Stars.


I thank the author for allowing me access to his life through this write, and I highly recommend this book—a wonderful balance of memoir, storytelling, and creative candor.

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