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Casey Prism on The Glade



The Glade by Harmony Kent


Here is Casey Prism with her take on The Glade:


~Beware, for it is what you cannot see that you should fear~

WARNING: Slight spoiler

A chilling romantic paranormal-esque mystery, The Glade will keep you on your toes. Helen Wenstrop leaves on a vacation with her husband, a getaway that they hope will rejuvenate both Helen’s health and the strain that’s been plaguing their marriage.

During their stay in the English countryside, they stumble upon a meadow while hiking through the woods. Feeling an instant connection, they decide quite impulsively to purchase the meadow and build their home there, despite the many warnings they get from the locals. Before they’re able to complete building their new home, Helen’s health takes a serious dive.

I really enjoy a good thriller when it’s unpredictable, and The Glade definitely fits the bill. After Helen’s decline in health, the series of events that follows ranges from horrific to seemingly miraculous, and back again.

I understand that the style it was written (with each chapter jumping from one point in time to another) was important to the story, and although this typically isn’t something I’m a fan of, the author did a pretty good job at it, and there was only one or two times where I had to take a quick look back to remember which point in time I was reading.

Another point that I found odd was that Helen’s age was never stated. At one point we’re told that her marriage has lasted 20 years, so the math doesn’t quite add up to other pieces of the story.

There’s also quite a bit of violence throughout, which by no means takes away from the story (quite the opposite actually,) but may not be for the faint of heart. What didn’t thrill me was after being raped, Helen seeks the comfort of not one, not even two, but three different men, which I felt was overkill. And it also seemed as though almost every man Helen encountered fell in love with her, which seemed a little unrealistic.


Overall, despite a slight overuse of colons and repetitive phrases, the story was well thought out and I enjoyed it. I give The Glade 8 out of 10 stars!

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