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Shame Spotlight: Game Stop (Ewing, NJ)

Greetings, No Labels here!

I’m back with another The Fame and The Shame flashback.  This time focusing on Game Stop in Ewing, NJ.

Location: Game Stop
1632 North Olden Avenue
Ewing, NJ

Old Is Always Better (when it comes to games, that is)

My name is No Labels (xbox gamertag–N0Labels; ps3-nolabels1977) and from time to time, I play Video Games. I’m not a hard core gamer, like the Sweetie. I don’t get lost to where I can play a game for more than four hours at a time. I admit, I have too much other stuff going on in life and gaming isn’t the top priority.

However, I do have a weakness for fighting games, wrestling games, and games which involve a level of learning and strategy. I’m also a sucker for video games which mirror what I see on TV, like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, things like that.

For a long time, I have wanted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I do admit, I hadn’t looked at it too much since Regis stopped hosting it, so I was used to the old style of it.

Each time I came to this particular Game Stop, which I use because it’s the closest one to the apartment, they would be sold out of it. However, last week, as luck would have it, it was finally in stock.

The Sweetie wanted to do something nice for me, so he was like, “Let me go ahead and buy you the game.”

I looked at the price, and it was around $30.00 or so. Usually, that would be the price you’d pay for one of the older games, since a new game can go between $40-$60 easy. If you get the deluxe, limited edition, some can go up to about $100.

So the sweetie went ahead and purchased that game, along with some more used ones he wanted, and a new charger for the Xbox controller. This purchase occurred on Saturday.

Later on in the day, I decided to try out the game and I was highly disappointed. This game was based more on the new set up of Millionaire rather than the old. I didn’t want to keep a game I wasn’t going to thoroughly enjoy playing. I figured I could return it, and since I hadn’t kept it long, then I could get my money back. I told the Sweetie about it, and since he thought it was used (cause I overheard him request all of them be used, not new), he was like, “Since it’s used, they should give you a full refund as long as it’s within the 7 day time frame.”

Yesterday, after I got off from the day job, I swung by there.

"What the hell you want now?"

“What the hell you want now?”

First off, I’m not sure what is going on before these guys get to the job, but each time I have gone there, they always seem to be stressed or cranky. I rarely see them smile, and they seem annoyed to have to even serve anyone. Giving the look like, “What the hell does this person want?” You know what I mean.

I finally go up to the counter and I told him I’d like to return the game. He takes one look at it and told me he could only issue me a store credit for another game. I did express to him (and I had the receipt) that I had only purchased this game two days ago.

Then, he told me there are no returns on new games, just store credit. I’m like, “No cash refund?”

He’s like, “If you want cash, I can only give you $2.60 for the game.”

I’m confused because then I said, “ Weren’t we given a used game?”

He says, “No, whoever assisted you that day gave you guys a brand new game. Nothing I can do except give you $2.60 or the store credit. The policy is on the back of the receipt”

I grudgingly took the store credit.

When I arrived back at the apartment, I informed the Sweetie of what happened. Needless to say, he was highly ticked off and says he won’t be dealing with Game Stop any time soon, especially since if they had given him a used game, like he requested, we would have gotten our full refund, no questions asked.

So many opportunities glaring….


1. I believe there should be a change in policy regarding returns. I do not understand why a person can get a full refund on an old game within 7 days but are stuck with getting store credit ONLY with the return of a new game.

2. I think it’s an OUTRAGE that you get so little cash back, even on a new game. You can almost understand with an old game, especially if it’s not that popular or if it’s been out for a while. But only $2.60 cash back on a new game? I can’t get half?

3. The employees need to act like they actually want to be there to serve the customer. It’s bad when you can tell they don’t want to be bothered.

4. The selection at this particular Game Stop is very limited and also, not easy to find at all. Sometimes, the games aren’t even in order. Other times, they will say they don’t have a game, but it’s there; they just put it in the wrong place. Even on the website, it will say they have a game, then when you get there, the game isn’t there because the inventory wasn’t updated in a timely manner.

This Game Stop needs to get in gear or they are going to be left for dead when it comes to repeat business.

Unleashing on your Poor Service and Wack return policy!

Unleashing on your Poor Service and Wack return policy!

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