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Truth on The Side Speaks on Andrea’s Demon (Night Dreams Episode 2)

nightdreamsAndrea’s Demon (Night Dreams: Episode Two)
A. Lopez, Jr.
Amazon |Goodreads

On this installment of Truth on the Side, Mini Truth gives her take on Andrea’s Demon.


Truthful Takes:

This was an interesting read for me. I enjoyed it very much.

Joseph, a psychiatrist find’s out that his wife, whom he adores, has a very similar problem as his mother once did. A recurring nightmare of a demon (the devil) that threatens to kill her in her sleep as it once did her sister.
Joseph decides that he must help his wife with the gift (or cures) which he’s been bestowed.

Some of the things that I’ve learned to love about this author are as follows:
* Simple and alluring form of writing. I like to call it “easy going”. The author has a way of easily painting a picture in the readers mind without using too many or too little words.
* The work, although scary, is not gory.
* Great pace and form in the story. The narration keeps a steady beat.
* Good character growth.
* Being that this is a short read (a novella) the author does a great job of summing up the story in very little words.

Some of the things I enjoyed about the story:
* The characters seemed real and believable. Although there is not real physical description of them, your mind seems to form a vivid image of each character simply by the way the prose are written.
* The love story behind the horror. Jo’s and Andrea’s love rings true and it makes the story even better.
* The horror bits. They were well written and came to life in your mind.
* The relationship between Andrea and her sister Jessica.

My only protest:
* The ending. It was a bit of a cliffhanger without any real resolution. However the author does offer a peak into the next installment at the end. This IS an episode so the cliffhanger makes sense. My only complaint is that I was knee deep in the story when it cuts off.


TRB wise, I grant this 8 out of 10 Stars.  Thanks for stopping by.  Like, share, comment and subscribe!  Have a wonderful day!


About nolabels

I have an appreciation for the unique, love for all types of art, and fierce attractions to brilliant intellectuals (from book smarts to street smarts). Lover of humanity but feel humans have lost their way, just trying to stay true to myself as conformity threatens to take me away. Simply one head, many crowns: Author. Reviewer. Columnist.

6 comments on “Truth on The Side Speaks on Andrea’s Demon (Night Dreams Episode 2)

  1. K. A. Brace
    February 6, 2014

    I was curious about something and perhaps you might give me your take. I don’t read much indie fiction, if that can be classified as a genre. I was trained in literature and I have a firm foothold in contemporary fiction, particularly historical fiction which by chance lends itself to serials of having the same characters etc. But what is it about indie writers. It seems to me most,
    particularly the fantasy group, have a predeliction for continuing series. Always the story continues without that sense of closure one gets from a single book. Is it the sense of grabbing a reader and giving them more of the same, lack of independent(from their own previous work) ideas? It is less of a criticism more of a querry. >KB

    • nolabels
      February 6, 2014

      Well, I’m just speaking for myself and not for Mini Truth, who did the review. I don’t like to see generalizations about indie authors and continuing series, for there are some indie writers out there that do this amazingly well. The lingering effect can serve two ways: it can leave you wondering what happened next, which leads you to grab the next installment. Or it can have the opposite effect to where you are annoyed that you have to get the next installment to enjoy the work. It all boils down to what type of reader you are and how invested you are in the work. If it is a pleasing work then the suddenness of the ending is not strong enough to override the enjoyment; however if it’s not pleasing, then the suddenness only adds to the agitation.

    • Y. Correa
      February 6, 2014

      I can understand where you are coming from Mr. Brace. And, although you are not asking this question in the form of criticism, some may take offence in it simply because of your generalization. Mostly those indie authors whom do know how to execute a proper resolution of a story, or indeed do have stand alone books.
      Truth be told, this isn’t some epidemic that is found ONLY in the Indie world. I’ve found the very same situation in traditionally published works. In all actuality, what this is–the “cliffhanger effect”–is a trend. Many authors, indie or otherwise are doing the very same thing. For marketing reasons perhaps? Possible for exposure? The answer can be a wide array of different reasons.
      As it pertains to “Indie Fiction” there is no such genre. “Indie” refers to a method of publishing, not a genre. The genre would be “Fiction” and can go right up on a shelf along with any traditionally published fiction work.
      So to answer your question Mr. Brace, this isn’t some sort of trend found only in the Indie world, and it isn’t a lack of independence. What it IS however, (at least in the author’s mind, who practices these methods) is a form of getting a larger fan base, a marketing tool and a form of exposure: indie & traditional.

      • K. A. Brace
        February 6, 2014

        That’s what I thought. Just checkong. Thank you for your thoughtful and candid answer. I appreciate that. And yes, it is prevalent in the “Published” world (no offense intended) I just wonder that there isn’t some one in the independent world thast isn’t writing the rreally great single novel, which I so enjoy much more–though thewre are serials I am very fond of. Thanks again. From the ‘tone’ of your reply I get the feeling you thought I meant to offend. I did not in any way. I only thought that as reviewers you see a great deal and I was curious. Best.>KB

    • Y. Correa
      February 6, 2014

      Not at all Mr. Brace. I was just giving an unbiased, objective response to your question. I do appreciate your question and hope that the reply that I gave helped somehow.
      I’ve been lucky enough to have seem books written on each side of the spectrum, so my reply was of an informal nature.
      Thank you so much and all the best. 🙂
      Y. Correa (AKA Mini Truth)

      • K. A. Brace
        February 6, 2014

        Very Good Mini. Thank you. Please call me KB in the future. Mr. Brace makes me feel old. Smiles. >KB

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