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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Angel Avenue


Angel Avenue by Sarah Michelle Lynch
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Greetings everyone!

The Kindle App Random Robin has paid a visit.  This time, Unleashed takes a look at Angel Avenue by Sarah Michelle Lynch.

If there is one song that could sum up the overall ambiance of Angel Avenue, it’s “All of Me” by John Legend.  Sure there are other songs that can play with different scenes in this book, but for an overall statement, it is definitely this one.

When I read the beginning lines, it seemed the stage was set up for a working girl on the prowl, yet the interesting twist at the very beginning made me stick around.  The rest of this “had me”, like the end of Jerry Maguire “had me at hello”.

The emotional development of the two main characters, Jules and Warrick, was beyond great.  It was expertly placed, pleasingly methodical.  Both characters had their sets of challenges, and the author goes above and beyond to paint out the progress as they both go beyond the pain in order to achieve happiness.

These characters were universally engaging and it’s one of the many things I appreciated about this work.

I saw so much of myself in Jules: a few scenes made tears well in my eyes because her agony was so sharp and so vivid.  Although I have never adapted her technique to fill the void for companionship, I can wholly empathize with being drawn to someone’s admiration of me when my self-esteem has been dragged through the mud by others who were supposed to consider me sacred.  I can understand how a moment can feel magical and one-of-a-kind to Jules; to make her feel safe and carefree, just to have that all crashing down by someone who couldn’t care less.  I’d be more than a little relationship shy; I’d be downright petrified at the thought.

Warwick wants to be Jules’ hero.  He doesn’t want to see her suffering, yet he doesn’t want her to know about his own kryptonite.  It is this very defense mechanism and Jules’ own inhibitions based on past experiences that causes bumps along the way.

In Warwick, there are bits and pieces of this guy I know.  He came into my life during a time when I was going through my own struggles with relationships-ranging from trust to abandonment.  At first he and I were just going to keep things as friends, but along the way, we became something more.  Currently, he’s my husband.

In addition to the pacing of conflict, character engagement, and passion throbbing throughout the story, descriptions of locations were suffused in such a way that you felt as if you were actually there-sipping beer at the pub, going sightseeing, or volunteering at the different locations.

Unleashed Verdict: I award this 10 out of 10 TRB Stars.


If you want a rich story that has just enough–central characters with each supporting character serving a purpose-

If you want romantic scenes with the right mixture of spontaneity, tenderness, primal urge, and sensuality–

If you want a modern day tale of the challenges that can occur when two people are trying to find true love–

If you want a read that puts your spirit as well as your mind at each and every scene–

If you want a true testament to the statement, “Love is the result of ALL things conquered” (quote from MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis, by Y. Correa)–

Then you must not hesitate in getting Angel Avenue by Sarah Michelle Lynch.  This is a must win: all across the board.  This has the makings of a modern day romantic classic.

Thank you for tuning in to the KARR segment of The Review Board.  Feel free to like, share, subscribe, and comment.


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