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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Shattered Reality

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In this installment of Kindle App Random Robin, I take a look at “Shattered Reality” by Brenda Perlin.

Shattered Reality by Brenda Perlin
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I first heard of this book under another name “Homewrecker”.  The straightforward nature of the title made me want to check it out. I was slightly taken aback when the title got changed.

I was thinking to myself, “Maybe the changed title fit better”.  I’ll let you know towards the end of the review if it were truly the case.

This read was mainly focused on Brooklyn-from her childhood to her marriage with Gerald and how the deterioration of that marriage led her to be with Bo.  In addition, it deals with the challenges of Brooklyn and Bo’s union due to outside forces.

Shattered Reality was definitely rich in conflict and tackled a lot of issues (a combination of individual issues, relationship issues, and controversial issues):

* The price of happiness (and the aftermath it can cause)
* Infidelity
* Love (reality vs. illusion)
* Age differences
* Security

I also like the balance in chapter length.

With all of that being said, there were certain components I felt could have made this a smoother, more stirring read.

Formatting:  Towards the end of the book, there were some formatting issues.  There were great variants of font size between and within some of the ending chapters.  (This is more to make the author aware in case others bring it up in their reviews)

Lack of emotional engagement: I wanted to see the love between Gerald and Brooklyn.  I wanted to see the love and passion that later developed between Brooklyn and Bo.  Instead it was told to me rather than painted to me in the story.  (Where’s the fire?)

Repetition and rambling: The main instance was when the author was talking about Gerald- his parents divorcing and the trauma it caused.  The author kept circling back to this as if she feared we would have forgotten it.  The same type of repetition and rambling was present when describing Ruth.

Character disconnect: The lack of emotional engagement left me unable to fully connect with the characters or find any of them likable.  Even Bo, who I felt was way too complacent in the battles between Brooklyn and Ruth.  He was the main cause of the dissension so it was his responsibility as the catalyst of the conflict (and as a man) to have been more proactive when things reached a boiling point.  In many ways, Brooklyn was on her own with the court debacle.

Is this really a novel?  This didn’t feel like a novel to me due to the detachment.  This reads like someone who was trying hard to tell her story and justify the actions that took place.  I expected this to go beyond the “side piece” narrative and really make me feel how special Bo was to Brooklyn.  What were their kisses like, for example? Even inklings of the “hot sex” between them, apart from what was discovered in the e-mails, would have been helpful to convey passion.  Passion and love can’t just be told to someone; it has to be shown.  It just seemed even in the telling of the narrative, it was too overly guarded.  I hope this is rectified with the next installment.

Verdict on the changed title: I actually like the original title better, although I do see where “Shattered Reality” might make sense.

Survey Says:  I award Shattered Reality a coddled 7 out of 10.


This is a good book to read if you want a different perspective on a complicated relationship-just don’t expect a lot of passionate moments or steamy sequences.

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